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Découvrez Koro, un petit lama que la gourmandise entraîne dans une drôle de m... Ce superbe court-métrage d’animation raconte la mésaventure de Koro, un lama sacrément mignon. Ce dernier cherche désespérément à manger une herbe qui se trouve de l’autre côté d’une barrière électrifiée… Mais la tâche ne s’avère pas être si facile que ça. Un fou rire garanti pour les petits comme pour les grands ! Caminandes est l’abréviation espagnole des mots : « caminar » (marcher) et « Andes » (ou Andes en français) qui est la plus longue chaîne de montagnes continentale au monde, habituellement désignée comme étant « la colonne vertébrale de l’Amérique du Sud ». Hurricane Sandy in Photos - In Focus Hurricane Sandy, which has already claimed over 50 lives in the Caribbean, has traveled north. It will soon bring heavy winds and floodwaters to the mid-Atlantic region, combining with other weather systems to possibly become what some are calling a historic "superstorm." Gathered here are images from Sandy's story so far, from the Caribbean to preparations along the East Coast of the United States. In the next hours, as Sandy makes landfall, I will continue to update this post with new images from the newswires and elsewhere. Update: See also the new entry: Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall, from October 30, 2012. [50 photos]

NAOMI KLEIN ET LA CRISE FINANCIÈRE – L’INTÉGRALE (1-2-3) Nous avons pu rencontrer Naomi Klein, cette journaliste et écrivaine canadienne, auteure du livre “No Logo”, et plus récemment de “ la stratégie du choc ” (2007, Actes Sud). Alors que la crise financière s’installe dans le monde entier, il nous a semblé utile d’entendre cette spécialiste du “capitalisme du désastre”. “ La stratégie du choc” à l’œuvre pendant la crise financière “La règle du néolibéralisme n’est pas le libre-marché, la règle c’est l’intérêt des multinationales” Dans cette première partie, Naomi Klein nous rappelle la stratégie de l’idéologie “néo-libérale”: profiter des crises pour installer un peu plus le système du “laissez-faire”. Un système qui fonctionne sur les bulles spéculatives et le secours de l’Etat en cas de problème.

The 6 Most Terrifying Features of Japanese Toilets You're probably already familiar with a toilet. If you're not, it's that poop-eatin' chair in the other room. When you think about it -- and most people, rightly, don't -- a toilet's got a pretty thankless task. With a job description that grim, few would have the nerve to ask much more of the poor toilet. The Japanese are those few people. Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall - In Focus Last night, Hurricane Sandy -- the largest Atlantic tropical system on record -- made landfall just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey, bringing winds up to 90 mph (150 kph), and pushing a massive storm surge onto beaches and shorelines. At least 12 deaths have been reported in the United States. These fatalities, when added to the previous toll in the Caribbean, leave Sandy responsible for more taking more than 80 lives to date.

video hosting comparison The following tables compare general and technical information for a number of notable video hosting services. Please see the individual products' articles for further information. General information[edit] Basic general information about the hosts: creator/company, license/price etc. Supported input file formats[edit] National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 Once again, National Geographic is holding its annual photo contest, with the deadline for submissions coming up on November 30. Beginning on September 1, the society started gathering and presenting galleries of submissions, encouraging readers to vote for them as well. National Geographic was kind enough to let me choose among its entries from 2012 for display here on In Focus. Gathered below are 50 images from the three categories of People, Places, and Nature, with captions written by the individual photographers. [50 photos] Use j/k keys or ←/→ to navigate Choose: Butterfly at sunset: Photographer Toni Guetta submitted this macro shot of a butterfly with the sunset in the background near Hod ha'sharon, Israel. (© Toni Guetta/National Geographic Photo Contest)

Video aggregator A video aggregator is a website that collects and organizes online videos from other sources. Video aggregation is done for different purposes, and websites take different approaches to achieve their purpose. Some sites try to collect videos of high quality or interest for visitors to view. The collection may be made by editors or may be based on community votes. Another method is to base the collection on those videos most viewed, either at the aggregator site or at various popular video hosting sites.[1][2] Some sites exist to allow users to collect their own sets of videos, for personal use as well as browsing and viewing by others. How to Search Twitter – the Advanced Guide inShare24 You might be tired to see Twitter-related posts every single day but this shouldn’t prevent you from using the tool. To network using Twitter or not – is up to you. There are still many people who just don’t get the very idea of telling others what they are doing. What’s definitely should be taken into account: Twitter is a great marketing tool that can help you understand your audience and keep track of hot trends in your industry.

Capturing the Exact Moment of Impact Apr 24, 2012 Alan Sailer is an artist that specializes in high-speed photography. He has a penchant for shooting and blowing up things up like fruit, household items or stuff he finds at flea markets, thrift store and yard sales. The results are posted to his wildly active and entertaining Flickr page where he discusses his process and responds to questions and comments. Alan works out of his garage using a homemade high-speed flash device that’s based off an article from a 1974 volume of the Scientific American.

Nested Got it! This website uses cookies for ads and traffic analysis. Learn more Cookie Consent plugin for the EU cookie law ← Nested 0.3 © Orteil, 2011-2013 - hosted by DashNet + universe These Are The 15 Most Terrifying Places You'll Ever Visit In A Lifetime. #4 Creeps Me Out This building was tucked away in the Balkan Mountains. Upon entering, there's a description that reads, "On your feet, despised comrades! On your feet you slaves of labor!

42 Hilariously Inappropriate Children's Books You'll Want To Read Life Funny NEXT PAGE 42 Hilariously Inappropriate Children's Books You'll Want To Read by MichaelaSleeth from @FUN Here’s the perfect U.S. road trip Randy Olson, a fourth-year graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, previously used a genetic algorithm to figure out the fastest way to find Waldo. Now Olson is back and he's using that same algorithm to map out the perfect U.S. road trip. Actually he created two perfect road trips, with help from Tracy Staedter.

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