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7 Incredible Chrome Extensions to Improve Google Calendar. At this point, Google Calendar, or GCal, is the king of online calendar services.

7 Incredible Chrome Extensions to Improve Google Calendar

It has amazing features and tricks that no free calendar offers. Naturally, more developers are keen to make GCal better, and have built some amazing extensions for it. Unfortunately, developers seem to concentrate on Chrome. Yes, if you’re an avoid GCal user, this is yet another reason that you’ll be stuck in Chrome even if you hate it. But let’s not worry about that. The 50 Essential Android Apps. The Google Play Store has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

The 50 Essential Android Apps

It’s no longer known solely for apps with viruses in them and illegal emulators—some of the best apps in the world live on the Google Play Store. We’ve put together a list of the apps that we think pretty much everyone needs to have on their Android devices. The range is wide—these apps cover everything from social media and productivity to custom launchers and podcasts. The only thing we’ve left are games, which is an entirely different kind of list. So assuming you have space on your device for these 50 apps, we highly recommend that you download these and keep them with you at all times. The 50 Essential Android Apps. Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android. Just a quick note Astrid was our top pick but it has had to be removed because it is no longer available.

Best Free Reminder and To-do List for Android

When I downloaded and opened To-Do Calendar Planner also known as IsoTimer I really was impressed at how quickly it loaded and how the app synchronized with Google calendar by itself without me having to anything. As Android devices are connected to a Google account to enable downloading apps in the Playstore, the app instantly connected to my Google account and therefore my calendar. If you don't have a Google calendar account you will have to add your events and tasks manually or import via CSV file which is the only file type you can import into the app.

Also be aware that backup and export data to file are both only available in the pay version. Pan Planner : Calendar & To Do. PanPlanner is a partner in this smart phone’s era that can change your lifestyle!

Pan Planner : Calendar & To Do

By looking at today’s schedule organized in a simple way, changes in life will begin. Plan today. Evernote 完美整合 Google 行事曆!就用 Sunrise 日曆. Home » Android, Chrome, iPad / iPhone, 教學, 網路相關, 行動 文/異塵行者 「 Sunrise Calendar 」是個值得好好關注的行事曆服務,他在符合主流簡潔美感設計的同時,還走了一條與眾不同的道路:把各種生活、工作相關雲端服務整合到行事曆上,你可以同步 Google 與 iCloud 日曆、結合 Facebook 朋友生日、加入 Fousquare 打卡紀錄,統一在一個行事曆上管理。

Evernote 完美整合 Google 行事曆!就用 Sunrise 日曆

我在電腦玩物推薦了「 Sunrise Calendar 」許多次後,今天又要再次來大力的推薦他,因為最新版的「 Sunrise Calendar 」全平台服( Android、 iPad、 iPhone、 Chrome App、 網頁版)今天開始正式加入一個新功能:整合 Evernote 的筆記提醒到行事曆上! 我不只一次遇到有使用 Evernote 的朋友問我,可不可以把筆記整合、同步在行事曆上管理? 尤其在 Evernote 已經具備時間提醒、時間管理的情況下: [!] GTasks: Todo List & Task List. ColorNote é um simples aplicativo de notas.

[!] GTasks: Todo List & Task List

Tenha uma experiência rápida e simples ao editar notas, lembretes, emails, mensagens, listas e mais. Escrever notas com ColorNote é mais fácil que com outros aplicativos. * Aviso *Se você não localiza os widgets, leia o FAQ abaixo. Não é um bug. * Recursos *-Organize notas por cor-Use widgets coloridos com notas na tela principal-Marque itens cumpridos/finalizados numa lista-Organize suas tarefas num calendário-Proteja suas notas com senha-Faça backup de suas notas para o cartão de memória-Faça backup online de suas notas-Faça sincronização entre dispositivos (smartphone, tablet, etc.) * Backup e sincronização online *-Suas notas serão criptografadas com o padrão AES antes do envio, o mesmo utilizado por Bancos. * FAQ *P : Como coloco um widget na tela principal?

P : Por que os widgets e o alarme não funcionam? (Vá em Configurações, Aplicativos, Gerenciar aplicativos, ColorNorte, mover para telefone) P : Onde os backups ficam no cartão SD? [!] To-Do Calendar Planner. [*] Todoist: To-Do List, Task List. TickTick - Todo & Task List. To-do List & Task List.

Cal - Calendar Google/Exchange. Google Tasks and Calendar All-in-One with Day by Day - xda-developersxda-developers. Difficulty: For those who rely heavily on Google Tasks and Calendar for Android, you may want to check out Day by Day, a feature packed app developed by XDA Forum Member appiens.

Google Tasks and Calendar All-in-One with Day by Day - xda-developersxda-developers

In essence, Day by Day combines a to-do list and calendar into one single app for your Android device. It does this with a pleasant Holo user interface with 2 horizontally sliding screens, one of which is a tasks list and the other is a calendar. The task screen lists all tasks drawn from your Google Tasks, and all calendar events planned with Google Calendar as well as any other calendar that may be synced to your device.

The calendar screen is quite standard, displaying the present month, and tasks and events of the selected date. Top Best Calendar Apps for Android 2013. Google Play has a large selection of calendar apps.

Top Best Calendar Apps for Android 2013

Here’s a list of our favorite calendar apps for Android. 1. Cozi Family Calendar & Lists Cozi is an easy to use color-coded calendar app developed by Cozi. With Cozi, users can keep their whole family organized. Top 10 Best Nexus 5 Apps Here's our list of the top 10 best Nexus 5 apps that you need to download. Click here to read more 2.