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Michael Pohl's Homepage gTodo.txt is a todo list management application. It is based on the todo.txt format. This uses a simple plain text file to encode tasks, which is platform independent and future proof. This application is donation ware, which means you can fund the development by donations and you may freely use or distribute it. The g stands for graphical as well as for Groovy. The former because it is a GUI for todo.txt, the latter because the application was written in Groovy. Land of Ooo The Land of Ooo is the main setting of Adventure Time, and is the home continent of Finn and Jake, along with all of their friends and foes. It is divided into many different kingdoms, of which the most prominent are the Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, Castle Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Fire Kingdom, and Cloud Kingdom. There are also many geographical areas not known to be part of any kingdom, such as the Evil Forest and the Bad Lands. Map Frederator Studios released two different official maps of the Land of Ooo along with the original Adventure Time pitch documents: the black-and-white map and color map, both seen in the gallery below. Of these, the black-and-white one drawn by Ghostshrimp is probably more accurate for several reasons:

Your CRM is No Longer Enough All-in-one business management from $195/month We now have everything we need to set up your free trial. Please check your inbox for next steps. Our best customers are those people that really understand the power of WORK[etc] so we want to put in the time right now to understand your business and help you get started. Click below to book a question and answer session with someone that knows how to get WORK[etc] working for you. Login blog | faq | donate log in to don't have an account? sign up just a peek? Archives of Terror The "Archives of Terror" (Archivos del Terror) were found on December 22, 1992, by lawyer and human-rights activist Dr. Martín Almada, and judge José Agustín Fernández, in a police station in a suburb of Asunción (Lambaré), capital of Paraguay.[1] Fernández was looking for files on a former prisoner. Instead, he found archives describing the fates of thousands of Latin Americans who had been secretly kidnapped, tortured, and killed by the security services of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. This was known as Operation Condor. The "terror archives" listed 50,000 people murdered, 30,000 people disappeared and 400,000 people imprisoned.[2] They also revealed that other countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela cooperated, to various degrees, by providing intelligence information that had been requested by the security services of the Southern Cone countries.

For Project Manager, Project Team & your Clients. Comindwork: Serious Project Management with Gantt Chart, Workflow & Reports. For Company or Unit Inside the Enterprise Comindwork SaaS improves the knowledge work productivity in projects performed by workgroups in professional service firms (e.g. software, advertising & marketing, consulting, lawyers, NGO) and by divisions within enterprises (e.g. support, marketing, R&D, upper management). For Technology Companies Projects are managed in more predictable way and the team is more productive when working as part of technology companies: Software companies IT-outsourcing companies & projects Web designers SEO firms Freelancers

Remind Me Later Remind Me Later adds events to iCal in two clicks. Type "Buy groceries at 4pm tomorrow", and it will add "Buy groceries" to iCal at 4pm tomorrow. Download from the Mac App Store or here. WPC Winter Weather Forecasts Winter Weather Forecasts About WPC's Winter Weather Product Suite Winter Weather Product Archive View the official NWS 6-hour snow accumulation forecasts WPC Forecasts in GIS Format: Snowfall Probability Forecasts The following charts depict the probability of snowfall reaching or exceeding the specified amount. Current issuance cycle: 12Z (updated 0607Z, April 14, 2014)

Cyngor Gwynedd Cytundeb trwyddedu Cyngor Gwynedd sy'n berchen ar y map ac yn ei reoli. Isod mae'r telerau a'r amodau a fydd, ynghyd ag unrhyw hysbysiadau cyfreithiol eraill ar y map, yn cynrychioli'r holl delerau a'r amodau a fydd ynghlwm â defnyddio'r setiau data a gasglwyd ac a gynhelir gan Gyngor Gwynedd('Setiau Data'r Awdurdod'), sy'n gysylltiedigâdefnyddio'r Mynegai Tir ac Eiddo Cenedlaethol a'r Mynegai Strydoedd Cenedlaethol.Bydd parhau i ddefnyddio'r map yn dynodi eich bod yn derbyn y telerau a'r amodau hyn.Os nad ydych yn cytuno i gydymffurfio gyda’r telerau a'r amodau hyn, dylech roi'r gorau i ddefnyddio'r map. Mae'r telerau a'r amodau ar gyfer y cytundeb trwyddedu hwn fel a ganlyn: Mae setiau data'r Awdurdod yn gysylltiedig â defnyddio'r Mynegai Tir ac Eiddo Cenedlaethol a'r Mynegai Strydoedd Cenedlaethol. Diogelu data

Index of /~dgraham/ETM Making Getting Things Done easier is etm's goal. Getting Things Done, commonly abbreviated as GTD, is an action management method, and the title of a extremely popular book by David Allen. GTD rests on the common sense notion that with a complete and current inventory of all commitments, organized and reviewed in a systematic way, the mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that needs to be done, and can focus on actually performing those tasks. Three observations are critical: GTD thus requires convenient methods for: etm allows you to store and organize your commitments using a simple, intuitive format using plain text files.

The British Undercover Cop Who Went Too Far It was four o’clock on a Thursday afternoon, and Jacqui had just got home from work. She made a pot of coffee and took it out to the garden with the Daily Mail. It was the start of her weekend. The sun was out. 7 project management tips Is it any wonder that pressure in the modern work place had become a health issue in some markets? Just look at what you’re facing today: results-orientedprojects with tight deadlines, 24/7 working mentality and tight budgets. There’s no surprise that managers and teams are under a lot of stress. With more and more wide-scale projects involving multiple teams across many countries and time-zones, cloud-hosted management tools are becoming essential to effectively assign tasks and resources. To benefit from the advantages that these tools can provide, here are some top tips and best practices that can help stressed managers drive achievement in a fragmented workforce. Language: English Author: Projectplace

Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler Taskfile is aggregates task information from text files using GNU Make. Taskfile supports task tracking for a diverse collection of workflows and tools. Overview Taskfile, using GNU Make, compiles a tasklist from one or more directories of files, using keywords (i.e. “TODO”, “FIXME”, “FROZEN”) to identify tasks and then generate a task list. Basically, you focus on your own work, create tasks as you need to, and run “make” every now and then.

Inequality and Web Search Trends In the hardest places to live in the United States, people spend a lot of time thinking about diets and religion. In the easiest places to live, people spend a lot of time thinking about cameras. This summer, The Upshot conducted an analysis of every county in the country to determine which were the toughest places to live, based on an index of six factors including income, education and life expectancy.

Dèsla connexion on est mis dans le vif du sujet. On sait toujours pas bien à quoi ni comment ça peut servir mais on sait que c'est gratuit pour un usage non commercial pour 50Mo d'upload(ridicul biensûr),Buisness usage 5$/utilisateur et /mois lol pour 10Go d'upload !!! Mais c'est open source ! by vorobotics Aug 31

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digne succssseur de wave. communauté très dynamique, évolutions régulières. Par contre, en anglais!! by websurfer Mar 25

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