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README.textile Emacs Major Mode for TODO.TXT files A major mode for editing todo.txt files. The mode provides commands for: toggling the done status of a tag setting, changing or deleting a task’s priority opening the default todo.txt file or add todos to the file archiving done tasks filtering/grouping by +project, #tag, or @person support for special markup to set dates filtering/grouping by status (overdue, due, today, upcoming) Classification of todos avillafiorita/todotxt-mode avillafiorita/todotxt-mode
TaskWorkshop - It's that simple Everything you need to run your project from idea, to business. #simple #fast #effective Create a Free AccountFree for Mac, Windows, Linux and Mobile TaskWorkshop - It's that simple
Online Project Management :: Free Redmine Hosting We are long-term users of Redmine. Hosting this service is part of our contribution back to the community. Welcome to BitBot Software's free service called Hosted Redmine. Online Project Management :: Free Redmine Hosting
Azendoo is a very useful online project management solution: we call it collaborative task management. Our web application allows you to easily organize and optimize your work and your collaboration with others. Stop wasting time sending emails, trying to find documents, chatting on the phone, or try to gather paper to-dos. The Azendoo collaborative task management software brings together all members of a project on the same collaboration platform. Project management is simplified, whether you belong to a very large company, a medium-sized business or a startup. Azendoo is also great for managing your personal projects: wedding, birthday, meetings ... teamwork has never been so easy.

Azendoo | Gestion de projet – Outil pratique pour vos projets

Azendoo | Gestion de projet – Outil pratique pour vos projets
Cheqlist - Desktop application for Remember The Milk
Getting Things Done with Semantic Notes — Abolish Me Getting Things Done with Semantic Notes — Abolish Me Let’s right away throw traditional string tagging out the window.* Formally adding content-related strings as “tags” for a note is, in my opinion, a recipe for a GTD breakdown. If you are capable of using (and reviewing) tags like “recipes”, “roadtrip”, “quotes”, and “read” on a regular basis, then hat’s off to you. But I’ve never found this solution to be 1., quick on the draw, and 2., uniform enough to recall and follow without error.
Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler Taskfile: A Tasklist Compiler Taskfile is aggregates task information from text files using GNU Make. Taskfile supports task tracking for a diverse collection of workflows and tools. Overview
Some stories that you, dear user, may encounter using this app : Organize your todos by lists (for example, one list per project you have) Work on one list with a scrum taskboard. Decide if you want a strong process or a flexible one (the last one offers drag and drop capabilities) Detail a todo item with rich text, optionnaly Send to your email inbox a list of todos Make a list public with a sweat url, and count your followers ! Be just like home because your gravatar will be there Feel good using this application because it's free and an humble developer is working on it almost every day Wait for it : collaborate with anyone you want. To be done To be done
A timesheet/timetracker calendar
stefanoverna/redpomo Redpomo: Redmine, and Todo-txt. Together. Redpomo is for you if... stefanoverna/redpomo
robcowie/SublimeTODO README.markdown Sublime TODOs A Sublime Text 2 plugin to extract and list TODO comments from open files and project folders. Take a look at this screencast (courtesy of Shannon Huffman) for an overview. robcowie/SublimeTODO
QuickCal 3 QuickCal 3 Natural Language Entry You've never been able to create events and reminders so quickly – tap a hotkey, and start typing! e.g. ”Lunch tomorrow at Johnny's at noon“, ”Cycling class at 6 for 1.5h“, ”Pay taxes before 4/15!“, ”Reminder: Order Pizza in 10m“… Autocomplete Autocomplete speeds data entry even more. QuickCal will suggest common terms as you are typing … and it will learn long words you use frequently.

Project Management and Collaboration Suite - Goplan

The best way to collaborate with your peers. Companies like Sony Music, Mozilla, Boxee and Digital Kitchen use Goplan to manage their projects. Find out why
mac os x — What Blag?
Here’s a few nerdy bits I’ve been working on lately in my free time – just a few scripts that I’ve been using to take care of things on my Mac automatically. The first is a one-line bash script that will automatically delete items from my Downloads folder that are more than a week old: #!/bin/bash find /Users/hepplerj/Downloads/* -mtime +7 -exec rm -rf {} \; The only additional change I want to make to the script is to log what was deleted to a text file, but I’ll work on that on another evening. I automate the script using launchd (the OS X version of cron). A Few New Scripts
sebastianbenz/eclipse-task-editor An easy to use textual todo editor for Eclipse You can find a general introduction here. HeapsTodo This is a project based on / derived from todo.txt: It comprises a library and set of utilities / programs for managing todo filesThe todo files are entirely text-basedMost of the utilities / functionality will work both with classic "todo.txt" format, and the extended HeapsTodo formatThe classic todo.txt format is documented at extended HeapsTodo format is documented below This project is AGPL-licensed, see the details in the section below and accompanying LICENSE.txt file. TaoK/HeapsTodo
Pocket Lists for iPhone
Collaborate projects in micro-updates & Dropbox integration - PandaDesk
NotifyMe - reminders on iPhone, iPad & Mac
noidentity - listbook
Task Management - Home
Syncing Tasks
Index of /~dgraham/ETM
Remind Me Later
iProcrastinate for Mac Login
Due: The Superfast Reminder App for iPhone & iPad
Action Method
Open Source GTD Style Productivity in a CouchApp
gTodo.txt | Michael Pohl's Homepage
Desktop timer for Pomodoro Technique users
Organize Task Manager - for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad