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Information Skills Lesson Plans

Information Skills Lesson Plans
Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu for This Page: General Collections of Lesson Plans | The Dewey Decimal System | Reference Books and Web Sites | Worksheets | Research Methods and Reports | Miscellaneous and Holiday Lessons General Collections of Lesson Plans Learn North Carolina - Searchable lesson plan database which includes information skills units. Library Skills Lessons - by Katy Punch on Pinterest Library Media Lesson Plans - For all grades from the Utah Education Network. Elementary Library Routines - This is a place for elementary librarians to share ideas for curriculum and library management. Yearly Curriculum for the library Lesson Plan Book - Lesson Plans to complement the Hanover County Library Media Curriculum. Introduction to Library Use Put It Back Where It Belongs - A lesson for primary students on replacing picture books in the right place. The Dewey Decimal System and the Catalog Huey and Louie Meet Dewey - A lesson plan from Education World. Up to Top

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Media Center Log in to the library catalog to see what you have checked out, to write reviews, place holds, or create lists of books you want to read! Click Login in the upper corner of the catalog screen. Your username is your 9-digit student ID number. (It's on your report card.) Your password is your birthday in this format: yyyymmdd. If your birthday is May 15, 2010, your username is 20100515. YA Authors on Instagram I adore Instagram. In the couple years I've been a member, I've loved the way it's encouraged me to think about my day a little more visually, and enabled me to share those (jazzily filterized) images with friends. Best of all, it's missing all the clutter and noise of Facebook. Just pretty pictures, captions, a handful of hashtags -- and authors. Just like with Pinterest and Tumblr, we've gathered as many YA authors as we could find with Instagram accounts.

Book Club Games and Icebreakers Try these fun book club games to liven up your normal routine or break the ice for newcomers! 1. Extreme MakeoverUpdate a character or two from a book set in thepast. Best Free Reference Web Sites 2015 17th Annual List RUSA Emerging Technologies Section (ETS) Welcome to the seventeenth annual “Best Free Reference Websites” list. It is hard to believe that this project has been around since the late 1990’s. In 1998, the Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS) of RUSA appointed an ad hoc task force to develop a method of recognizing outstanding reference websites.

Identifying Reliable Sources and Citing Them This may not sound like the most exciting topic for a post, but I can assure you that it is a critical one. If your students complete ANY research online at all, then you will be interested in how I collaborated with our librarian to teach my students to identify reliable resources and to properly credit them. After helping my 1st grade son create a poster for school last year that required online research, I know this information is applicable to grades 1–12.

Free Printables and Online Games - Elementary Librarian Worth more than I paid! "I am so glad I found the Elementary Librarian lesson plans! The fact that these plans were easy to use and were aligned to both the AASL and Common Core ELA standards made them worth far more that what I paid for them!" - Mikki All the work is done for me! Choosing the Right Book: Strategies for Beginning Readers ReadWriteThink couldn't publish all of this great content without literacy experts to write and review for us. If you've got lessons plans, videos, activities, or other ideas you'd like to contribute, we'd love to hear from you. More Find the latest in professional publications, learn new techniques and strategies, and find out how you can connect with other literacy professionals.

Mr And Mrs Vinegar - An English Fairy Tale Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar, a worthy couple, lived in a glass pickle-jar. The house, though small, was snug, and so light that each speck of dust on the furniture showed like a mole-hill; so while Mr. Vinegar tilled his garden with a pickle-fork and grew vegetables for pickling, Mrs. 5 Steps to Subject-based Library Classification If your library has not been heavily weeded lately, take this as an opportunity to do so. Books that are not being checked out are taking up valuable real estate in your library and may be keeping students from finding the books they want to read. You’re taking the time to lay your hands on each and every book; make the most of that process and decide if that book should still be part of your collection. For many books, the genre is obvious based on the cover and title. The subject headings on the copyright page (or in your library catalog) are a great tool for determining a book’s genre.

Tips for Keeping Students Engaged By far, my most popular blog post is my 5 Tips for Engaging Students in the First Five Minutes of a Lesson. It has been viewed over 117,000 times since I posted it. At first that surprised me – like, fell-off-my-chair surprised me – but the more I think about it, the more I get it: good teachers deeply want to engage their students – especially teenagers. And this is no simple task. So, consider this my follow up post. Powell County Schools Easy Fiction Shelf Order Spine Labels - A book's address - Locating books on the shelves in the E section Students will: listen attentively and respond to a story. State in their own words how fiction picture books are arranged on the library shelves.

Library Patch: If the Book Fits .... Read It Each and every year, I present a lesson on "Just Right Books." Each and every year, I feel that it falls just a little bit flat. I continue to see kids choose those GIANT books that I just KNOW are not a good fit. The Book Bug: Share and Share Alike In the past couple of days I have gotten a few, very sweet emails from other teachers and Media Specialists about the ideas and programs I have shared here on The Book Bug. Although I do come up with a great deal of my own programs and ideas for the Media Center, I must admit that a few of the programs I am using in the Media Center are not 100% my original ideas. I have borrowed from some wonderful, more experienced Media Specialists and tweaked their ideas into my version of their original.

For The Love Of Reading - Debbie Ridpath Ohi (Twitter: @inkyelbows) Back to WHERE ARE MY BOOKS? Bonus Page Ideas, Resources and Activities For Encouraging Lifelong Reading Habits In Young People

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