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Information Skills Lesson Plans

Information Skills Lesson Plans
Resources for School Librarians - Index Menu for This Page: General Collections of Lesson Plans | The Dewey Decimal System | Reference Books and Web Sites | Worksheets | Research Methods and Reports | Miscellaneous and Holiday Lessons General Collections of Lesson Plans Library Skills Lessons - by Katy Punch on Pinterest Scholastic's Lesson Plans & Reproducibles - Lesson plans for grades K - 12. Many of these are internet based. Yearly Curriculum for the library Library Lesson Plans - By Jennifer Francis of the Powell County Schools. Introduction to Library Use How to Care for a Library Books - This article from WikiHow includes many good points that you may want to include in your talk on book care. The Dewey Decimal System and the Catalog Huey and Louie Meet Dewey - A lesson plan from Education World. Reference Books and Web Sites All About Words: Dictionary Activities - Dictionary lesson plans from Education World. Worksheets and Online Tools Library Research Methods and Reports Up to Top Related:  Curriculum and Elementary Lesson Plans for Library MediaCOLLECTION: Lesson Plans and Instructional Resources

Media Center Log in to the library catalog to see what you have checked out, to write reviews, place holds, or create lists of books you want to read! Click Login in the upper corner of the catalog screen. Your username is your 9-digit student ID number. (It's on your report card.) Your password is your birthday in this format: yyyymmdd. If your birthday is May 15, 2010, your username is 20100515. Do you need books at a specific reading level? See Mrs. Lesson Plan Ideas For Teaching Information Literacy Fake news has been around since the founding of our country, as seen in Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton. In a recent conversation with seventh graders, I asked the students how many of them in the past few days had read a news article on one of their social media sites. Almost every hand went up. Information literacy has taken on a vital role in 21st-century education. The following abbreviated lesson ideas can be incorporated into middle school and high school library collaborations, and can be customized as part of units in any subject area: Responsible Information Gathering Using Search Engines Use the search engines Google, Google Books, and Sweet Search to foster critical thinking about the origin, credibility, and usefulness of sources.Have students get into groups and search a given topic, using one of the provided search engines. Understanding the Concept of Format in Information Creation Identifying the Idea of Fake News as a Tool Through Which People Can Deceive Others Like this:

EX Lesson Plan: Shopping with the Dewey Decimal System 1.)Set up 4-5 tables in the library media center containing a variety of grocery store items on each one (12-15). 2.)Divide the class into 4-5 small groups. Have each group circle around a table that contains grocery store items. 3.)Discuss the items on the tables with the class and talk about how a grocery store is designed so that specific products can be found easily. Have students share their own experiences. 4.)Have each small group organize the items on their table according to similarities. 5.)As a whole class, walk around the tables and discuss each group's items and they way they have been sorted. 6.)If time allows, combine all of the store items together and have students arrange them on the floor to resemble aisles in a grocery store. 7.)Come back together as a whole group and discuss the fact that a library media center is arranged in a similar way so that people can easily find the books they are looking for. 8.)Introduce the ten main categories of the Dewey Decimal System.

The 12 Most Important Things to Do . . . in the First Week of Your New Job By Carrie Marting and Julie Marie Frye Congrats on your new position! Whether you are just starting in this awesome profession…or starting over in a school that is new to you, you may be wondering: “What now?” And “How do I prioritize the one million things I could possibly be doing with my time?” We’ve been there! When we first started our library careers we were bursting with ideas from library school and best practices from books that we devoured the moment we were hired! To help you in your transition, we’ve outlined what we find to be the 12 most important things to do in the first week on the job. Meet as many teachers as possible. Enjoy your year and know that it gets easier. Have we missed something? Like this: Like Loading... Categories: Blog Topics, Community/Teacher Collaboration Tags: Collection, Displays, New job, Novice, Priorities, School culture, school library orientation, Signage, ubuntu

Free Printables and Online Games - Elementary Librarian Worth more than I paid! "I am so glad I found the Elementary Librarian lesson plans! The fact that these plans were easy to use and were aligned to both the AASL and Common Core ELA standards made them worth far more that what I paid for them!" - Mikki All the work is done for me! " This will be my 7th year and until your plans I have been spinning my wheels trying to come up with solid plans each week. My students are engaged! "I was thrilled to discover your treasure trove of resources. My principal was impressed! "Your lesson plans with the Common Core and AASL 21st Century Standards were a life saver!

Ten Search Strategies Students Should Try Students often think that because they can type a phrase into Google or saying something aloud to Siri they know how to search. Of course, any teacher who has heard a student say "Google has nothing on this" or "there's no information about my topic" knows that students don't inherently know how to search despite growing up in a world filled with Google and Siri. When your students need help formulating or refining a search, have them review the following ten tip. Better yet, have them review these tips before starting their next searches. Ten Search Strategies Students Should Try 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Advice to New Librarians As the school year begins, some of you may be starting as a school librarian for the first time. With my position, I am able to work with new school librarians in my district. Whether the librarians have just a few or many years as a classroom teacher, they step into this new role feeling overwhelmed with the common question, “Where do I begin?” The following hopefully answers that question and more. Build Relationships: When I go out and speak to groups and advocate for classroom teachers working with their building librarians, I sometimes hear a comment or two about how they don’t feel comfortable approaching their librarians. Get to know the staff. Dive into the Content: Grab the curriculum guides for all content areas. Be Patient: When you enter your library, you may want to rearrange the space and make it “your space.” Become Familiar with the Collection: Get to know your collection by walking the shelves. Ask Questions: Ask questions of the library community. Like this:

Powell County Schools Easy Fiction Shelf Order Spine Labels - A book's address - Locating books on the shelves in the E section Students will: listen attentively and respond to a story. State in their own words how fiction picture books are arranged on the library shelves. Students will be given a paper plate with a letter on the alphabet written on it. Optional challenge - Line up by their own last name in alphabetical order (first letter only). Planning to use that Info? – Presentation by debschi Home Designed in Planning to use that Info? by debschi Share Share Link Design anything. Get the Canva App

BHS Media Specialists Honored by South Carolina Association of School Librarians – Millennium Magazine Columbia SC News Education Published on April 10th, 2018 | by Millennium Magazine Staff BLTYEWOOD– The South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) honored the Blythewood High Library staff for Outstanding School Library Program professionals at the 43rd annual South Carolina Association of School Librarians conference held at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Greenville, SC. Blythewood High School received the Outstanding School Library Program of the Year Award. BHS Media Specialists Crystal Smith and Amy Whitfield are this years’ recipients and received a $2,000 grant for books and $500 monetary award for instructional materials from Gumdrop Books! “Since our school opened in 2005, we have strived to provide our students and teachers with best practices in library services while also providing quality materials and innovative teaching and learning experiences,” Whitfield said. Former BHS principal Dr. Tags: Blythewood High School

Powell County Schools Review - What is the Library and what are the rules/procedures? Students will tour the library and learn that the library is the place to come for books to read and to find information about things (research). They will be introduced to rules and procedures and how they relate to our "Be your BEST" motto. Use inside voicesWalkShare/take turnsTake care of materialsShow repect to others Students will be given assigned seat to aid librarian in identifying students who are both present and absent (for safety and record-keeping purposes). Evaluating the Interwebz with Designated Skeptics Short Description: This is a short, engaging activity suitable for learners of all levels. In it, students evaluate web sources that are provided by an instructor using the acronym CRAAP (currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and purpose). Students work together in groups and explore evaluation processes aloud, with guidance from the CRAAP cards and the instructor. This is an adaptation of various evaluating sources activities available in LIS literature and professional resources. Additional Instructor Resources (e.g. in-class activities, worksheets, scaffolding applications, supplemental modules, further readings, etc CRAAP Cards print 2 sided for criterion (ex: Currency) on one side and questions (ex: What date...?) Learning Outcomes: Course Context (e.g. how it was implemented or integrated): This is implemented in one-shot library instruction sessions at a state college. Potential Pitfalls and Teaching Tips: This activity is engaging, student-centered, and metacognitive.

New school librarian? 10 things you should do first... point you in a direction, but now, you are it. A team of one. Uno. Solamente. Honey, we have all been there. This post was actually inspired by a question posted on Elementary Librarian's FaceBook page, as well as several similar questions I've seen recently on LM_Net. Hang in there--it will get better! 1. Librarians wear many hats, but let's face it, when most people think of librarians, they think of book circulation first. Free equipment sign-out sheet shared by University of Washington-Tacoma Institute of Technology. Free download from TPT seller Totally Teaching: SaveOrganized Classroom2K+Brandy CorreiaActivities to try at school.... 2. Your library will change much in your time there, and you will want to document that. If you are really feeling adventurous, take a video as you walk through the library, commenting on what you like and don't like. From my first middle school library opening... 3. The library handbook may be difficult to find. 4. 5. 6. Are they hooked up? 7. 8. 9. 10.

Powell County Schools Review - What is the Purpose/Layout of the Library and What are the Rules and Procedures? Students will tour the library and learn that the library is the place to come for books to read and to find information about things (research). They will be introduced to rules and procedures and how they relate to our "Be your BEST" motto. They will see these expectations modeled and will practice them. Use inside voicesWalkShare/take turnsTake care of materialsShow repect to others Students will be given assigned seat to aid librarian in identifying students who are both present and absent (for safety and record-keeping purposes). Orientation - Using a map of the library floor plan, students will review the major sections of the library and what they can find/do there.