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Membrane Channels - Membrane Channels, Membrane Potential, Cell Membrane

NetLogo Diffusion Simulation Java Applet NetLogo Diffusion Simulator by Johannes Kottonau, PhD, Kantonsschule Frauenfeld, Switzerland Note: Due to persistent Java security problems, the applet has been removed from this page. How to run it Step 1: Download the NetLogo modeling environment, it is completely free. Step 2: Download the file NetLogo_Diffusion_Simulator.nlogo. Step 3: Install NetLogo. Step 4: On the menu bar, select "File" and then "Open…". Screenshot created with NetLogo, based on Wilensky, U. (2005): NetLogo GasLab Circular Particles model.

Paul Lewis Laboratory: Home Page Diffusion Applet Copyright © 1996 by Paul O. Lewis [Source code] Imagine the particles are perfume molecules trapped inside a bottle. Remove the lid of the bottle by pressing the button and watch the perfume molecules diffuse throughout the room. The perfume molecules that escape just happen to be moving in a (random) direction that takes them out of the opening. While this is a rather simplistic model of diffusion (well, ok, it is extremely simplistic), it does I think get across the main ideas in a way that is much more fun than reading the above paragraph. Back to Paul Lewis' Home Page.