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Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education

Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education
What is a Podcast ? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a podcast is a " digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio payer." in other words, it is a digital audio file that is created, shared and heard. Podcast can also be in the form of videos streamlined online, however, video podcast is known as vidcast or vodcast. Educational Uses of Podcasts Podcasts can be used for several educational purposes. Here are some of them : 1- Recording for this you will need a microphone and an audio recording software like the ones mentioned below. 2- Test your Podcast Always make sure you listen to your podcasts and redo the parts that you dont like until you finally get the vesrion you want then move on to the next step 3- Publish your podcast You can use online platforms for publishing your podcasts. Tools to create your podcast Here are some of the softwares you might start with to create your podcasts . Related:  Podcasts: paths to learning and interaction.Create, How to...

50 Educational Podcasts You Should Check Out How to ‘Chop’ a YouTube video and embed it into PowerPoint Posted on April 11, 2011 by davefoord Addition to this post made on 20/11/12 – if you are wanting to embed a cropped YouTube video into Moodle then visit YouTube is a wonderful source of videos that can be used very effectively within education, but quite often we only want to show a certain part of the video rather than the whole thing. There is now a free and very easy to use method for doing this called TubeChop, and the output from this can be embedded easily into PowerPoint. Here is a screencast showing how easy this is to use. Here is an example of a Example Of TubeChop In PowerPoint. Although not shown in the screencast, TubeChop will also give you some embed code, so you can embed the chopped video into a blog, VLE or webpage. TubeChop (at the moment) doesn’t use iframes, so works well with Blackboard. Like this: Like Loading...

Free Podcast Hosting, Best Podcast App | Podbean Teaching With Podcasts Home › Professional Development › Strategy Guides Strategy Guide Podcasts are serial recordings, posted regularly online. Robert Rozema describes a podcast as "a blog in audio form" (31). Basically, producing podcasts is the technology-based equivalent of oral storytelling. Podcasts can be used for any purpose a text might serve-they can tell fictional stories, share and comment on recent events, inform listeners about a topic, and persuade listeners to take an action or adopt a stance. Students can produce podcasts that fit any genre, including audio diary entries, analytical commentary on readings or current events, informational recordings that explain concepts, and persuasive and argumentative statements. Review your district's appropriate use policies to determine the requirements for a podcasting site that students can use.

How to Make Copies of Google Documents Shared With You As "View Only" Have you ever come across a Google Document or Google Presentation on the web that you wanted to have a copy of for yourself but discovered that it was shared as "view only?" Most of the Google Documents and Presentations that I share on this blog are marked "view only." Even if the document or presentation is marked "view only" you can still create a copy for yourself. The directions below show you how (the directions apply to Documents, Presentations, and Sheets). Step 1: Step 2: Step 3:Applications for Education Sharing Google Documents and Presentations as "view only" is a good way to distribute directions for assignments or templates for completing assignments.

Wikispaces Creating Podcasts with Your Students Preproduction Before students even think of stepping up to the microphone, much planning must be done. In fact, I've found in creating Radio WillowWeb that preproduction takes over three-quarters of the time to produce a podcast. The podcast will need a name. In preproduction, you must also decide upon the format for the podcast. Sample ideas and uses for a podcast: Weekly classroom news broadcast Document a field trip Record a class discussion Share book reviews Conduct interviews Review curricular content Segment Planning Booklet: Download the planning sheets used for Radio WillowWeb. When planning, consider the length of your podcast. If your podcast is involving an entire classroom of students, the teacher should find ways to involve everyone in preproduction. It's really helpful for students to practice what they are going to say out loud to others. Apple has lesson plans for using iPods in classrooms. Recording Macintosh Users PC Users Postproduction Publishing

Adventskalender 2013 - Thinglink Eftersom det börjar närma sig jul så börjar tankarna kring den digitala adventskalendern dyka upp, både i mitt huvud och diskussioner i FB-grupper. I år har jag tänkt att använda mig av online-sidan Thinglink I Thinglink kan man skapa interaktiva bilder genom att ladda upp en bild och sen lägga dit olika taggar på den med hänvisningar till olika webbsidor. T ex kan man länka till olika Youtubeklipp, en googlesite med en uppgift, bilder eller musik, så länge det finns en webblänk så fungerar det. Hur gör man då? Man går in på och skapar där ett gratiskonto. Nu är det dags att välja foto. Har du fixat en bild du gillar? Först väljer du högst upp vad din bild ska heta, det gör du i rutan över bilden. Nu är det dags att lägga till taggar, det gör du genom att klicka på bilden där du vill att taggen ska ligga. Då får du upp en ruta där du lägger länken till det som du vill att den ska visa, t ex Youtubevideor, bilder, texter eller musik. Eller varför inte en exitticket på veckan?

Latest features roundup: Spreadsheets, voice chat, event-planning, calendars, & video upload | PBworks Official Blog 26 Jun PBwiki has become a full-fledged platform with amazing third-party widgets that you can drop into your wikis. Here’s a demo video of how it works: Just last week, we announced these new features. Spreadsheets directly on your wiki (more info here) Video upload to your wiki, or embedded from YouTube (more info here) Event planning with the Eventbrite plugin (More info here) Voice chat with the YackPack plugin (more info here) Shared calendars on PBwiki (more info here) (scroll to the middle of the video) And finally, the new beta of the PBwiki Installer, which lets you share Word documents right from MS Word. Third-party widgetmakers and companies: We want you! For our users: Tell us what you want to see We’re working to make PBwiki better and better for you. Like this: Like Loading...

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