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Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education

Teacher's Guide on The Use of Podcasting in Education
What is a Podcast ? According to the New Oxford American Dictionary a podcast is a " digital recording of a radio broadcast or similar program, made available on the internet for downloading to a personal audio payer." in other words, it is a digital audio file that is created, shared and heard. Podcast can also be in the form of videos streamlined online, however, video podcast is known as vidcast or vodcast. Educational Uses of Podcasts Podcasts can be used for several educational purposes. Here are some of them : 1- Recording for this you will need a microphone and an audio recording software like the ones mentioned below. 2- Test your Podcast Always make sure you listen to your podcasts and redo the parts that you dont like until you finally get the vesrion you want then move on to the next step 3- Publish your podcast You can use online platforms for publishing your podcasts. Tools to create your podcast Here are some of the softwares you might start with to create your podcasts .

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Teaching With Podcasts Home › Professional Development › Strategy Guides Strategy Guide Podcasts are serial recordings, posted regularly online. Robert Rozema describes a podcast as "a blog in audio form" (31). Basically, producing podcasts is the technology-based equivalent of oral storytelling. Blogging in The Classroom: How to Get Started It’s no secret that blogging is more than just a hobby. For many people around the world, it’s also a career, but could it be even more than that? What about blogging in the classroom, is that an option? Could this practice benefit students across high school and college?

Incorporating Technology into the Everyday Classroom Name of Tool: Timetoast URL: Type of Tool: productivity tool Description: Timetoast is a free Web 2.0 tool which allows its users to create interactive timelines online! All that is required to sign up for this tool is a valid email address or a Facebook account, which will be used in order to create a log in for the web page. Once registered and logged in the tool is easy to use.

Latest features roundup: Spreadsheets, voice chat, event-planning, calendars, & video upload 26 Jun PBwiki has become a full-fledged platform with amazing third-party widgets that you can drop into your wikis. Here’s a demo video of how it works: Creating Podcasts with Your Students Preproduction Before students even think of stepping up to the microphone, much planning must be done. In fact, I've found in creating Radio WillowWeb that preproduction takes over three-quarters of the time to produce a podcast.

How To Use Blogs In the Classroom - eLearning Industry With the inception of Common Core standards and The No Child Left Behind Act, all educators require teaching literacy across the curriculum. Getting kids to write, especially the weaker writers, can be a challenge in itself but getting kids to write about math can be even more challenging – unless you use blogging as your literacy tactic. Blog writing is informal, unlike academic writing, which may be intimidating to some, if not all, of your students. How to Use Wordle On the official website, Wordle is defined as a “toy for generating word clouds”. Wordle is useful for: brainstorming or reflectingremembering vocabularystudying for an examsummarizing a chat or discussionadding a visual element to a blog postsharing thoughts or notes on a certain subjectexploring colour palettes or fontscreating fun thank you notes or greeting cards for friends or loved onesdisplaying creativity How to create a Wordle Go to (or start with the form on EnglishClub’s language tools page)Click on CreateType a bunch of words in the text box (to keep words together for phrases use ~ between each word). Click GoChange the font (letter style), layout (horizontal, vertical, etc.), and colour to suit your style.

The Moth Podcasts NEW: The Moth has a new mobile app showcasing hundreds of our podcast stories. The Moth Podcast features favorite stories from The Moth Mainstage, StorySLAMs and MothSHOP Community program. As a subscriber to the Moth Podcast you will receive one free Moth story every week to listen to on your iPod/MP3 player or your computer. About four times a year, we podcast a popular Moth show in its entirety. We hope you enjoy!

How to Use Animoto in the Classroom: Create Stunning Student Slideshows Creating Your First Video Once logged in to the site, you are ready to create your first video slide show. This is a simple 3-step process: Step 1: Select your pictures and/or video. You can upload images and videos of you own, select from the Animoto stock gallery, or import them from sites like Facebook, Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa, and Photobucket. Once selected, your photos and videos can be reordered simply by dragging and dropping them. It's Easier Than You Think Always wanted to make a WebQuest but not sure where to start? Education World has all the answers and can make the process easy for you. WebQuests are probably the most talked-about and widely used Web-based activities in today's classrooms.