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Audacity Wiki Home Page From Audacity Wiki Jump to: navigation, search Welcome to the user-editable wiki for Audacity ® - a free, award-winning open source program for recording and editing sound. Audacity runs on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. Find pages: by category, by popularity, all pages, user home pages For Users Manuals Help Resources Participation ...Everything for Users Top Tutorials and Tips Audio from... Audio to... Tips and Troubleshooting Operating System Help ...All Tutorials and Tips For Developers Developer Documentation Quality Development Activity ...Everything for Developers Retrieved from " Views Personal tools Log in Navigation Useful Links For Editors Toolbox

Related:  PodcastingPodcast by Jake Ludington 04/05/2005 In my previous article, I wrote about receiving podcasts. This time around, I'm walking through the steps required to record and post your own podcast using tools virtually everyone has or can easily acquire on a tiny budget. Navigation Tips This page explains how to how to navigate the waveform or tracks (including moving the playback position) identifying audio for editing, and how to find and mark edit points. It's about "Navigating and Identifying audio for editing For tips on how to view and adjust playback volume, and to achieve smooth playback quality, see Playback Tips. Contents Changing playback position Audacity does not currently have a drag bar like most media players with which you can drag the audio position as it is playing.

Video Podcasting - How to Make a Video Podcast - Although Apple had nothing to do with the podcasting technology, the iPod and podcasting quickly became linked. With the advent of the iPod Video, podcasting entered a whole new level. Now, more than the usual audio broadcasts, aspiring film makers can also share their work with the world. FAQ:Editing > Forward To: FAQ:Errors < Back to: FAQ:Opening and Saving Files |< Index of Frequently Asked Questions It's Not Working! Many menu items and other functions are disabled while playing, recording, or paused.

How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps How to Build a Video Podcast in 3 Steps Creating video podcasts is easier than you might think. Here’s a look at the basics, from production to posting to delivery.Tues., May 16, by Jose Castillo One would think that receiving Oxford English Dictionary’s "2005 Word of the Year" plus sharing a name with the hottest gadget in recent history would cause podcasting to rest on its laurels, but this delivery system continues to reinvent itself. Edit Menu The Edit Menu provides standard edit commands (Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste and Delete) plus many other commands specific to editing audio or labels. There are many commands available from this menu so some commands are grouped into a cascading sub-menu (as denoted on this page by a table of commands). Mac OS X users: CTRL = COMMAND and ALT = OPTION.

Educational Podcasting Not since the advent of the World Wide Web has such an easy and exciting communications medium been within reach of the masses. Podcasting offers educators and students remarkable opportunities for their voices to be heard in their local communities or the around world. One could think of podcasting as blogging without writing or as a way for every class to have its own radio station. Tools Toolbar Tools Toolbar allows you to choose various tools for selection, volume adjustment, zooming and time-shifting of audio. Click on the toolbar image below to see this toolbar displayed in context of the default upper tooldock layout. There are two keyboard shortcuts that enable you to navigate through the various available tools: D This shortcut cycles forward selecting each tool in turn, returning to the Selection tool after the Multi tool A This shortcut cycles backward also selecting each tool in turn. Selection F1 Click to select a start point for audio playback, or click and drag to select a range of audio to play or edit.

GuidesandTutorials: Podcasting in Education Email to a Friend This podcasting tutorial will discuss the ways that podcasting is being used as a tool in K12 education. Below you'll find samples. 6 Podcasts You Need To Listen To — Brainwash. HeyFranHey, Dustin Ross, and Assanté remind us every Wednesday that no one wants "a musty brain." With all the injustices happening around the world, it is important that we have conversations surrounding mental health and wellness on a daily basis. The trio welcome their listeners in with open hearts and open minds sharing their personal life experiences and giving us insight on how we can improve our minds, bodies, and souls. It is evident that this group of friends care about its listeners and care about their well beings as they tackle issues about finances and success to skincare and communication.

‘Bertie’s Children’: what the 18-year-olds of Ireland think Born into the boom but plunged into an economic bust during their teenage years, Ireland’s 18-year-olds will be able to vote in a general election for the first time in the coming weeks. They do so against the backdrop of a recovering economy. They could be termed Bertie’s Children, born in 1997, the year the former taoiseach took office and the beginning of a 14-year period of Fianna Fáil-led governments. Until they were 10 they lived in a country of plenty. But after the devastating crash and the international bailout many families experienced financial stress and hardship.

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