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TAP - Fireworks touch prototype tool for iPhone, iPad - UNITiD

TAP - Fireworks touch prototype tool for iPhone, iPad - UNITiD
This tutorial shows you how to use our method to make your Fireworks prototype work for the Apple iPhone and iPad. We call the method TAP. It is an updated version of our earlier work, found on our website, or at the Adobe Developers Connection. We added quite a lot of features. The most important being able to use page transitions, swipes (by using the jQTouch jQuery plugin) and caching of the application. Other very useful tutorials can be found on Smashing Magazine, part 1, 2 and 3. It is recommended to read through this article to understand what TAP is and what it can do. What is it TAP falls into the category of “Smoke-and-Mirrors”, where technology is used to create the illusion of a working product. Technically, TAP is a library of files containing custom developed PHP and Javascript (JQtouch & JQuery) code that makes the prototype come to life. What do you need Adobe Fireworks. Building the prototype the first time Rebuilding the prototype Devices Transitions Extra’s Gestures Timers 1.

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Free jQuery CSS3 Image Hover Effects This collection of CSS3 Hover Effects is a simple and effective solution to add some nice features to your website using CSS3 features. It’s made with CSS XHTML only, there is absolutely NO javascript tutorials. This item comes with 75 custom effects that you can combine and modify easily. The CSS markup is commented and you’ll get also a documentation file to help you start working with these hover effects. jQuery Slideshow Tip Cards Free Hover Effect Designing For The Multifaceted User Advertisement Designing with users in mind is a tricky thing. Not only does it require of us a sound understanding of who our users are, but the actual act of translating what we know about them into a well-designed product is not always an obvious or easy path.

Best Free PSDs of 2013 We started our “Best of 2013″ series with the Best Free Fonts of 2013. For this week, we’ve went back through all the UI PSDs that we’ve covered over the past year and picked the ones that really stand out. Because there are so many very good ones to sift through, it’s always a difficult choice, but here are the ones we think are the best of the best. iGravertical Screen Layers + iOS 7 Screen Converter (PSD) Responsive Typography: The Basics by Oliver Reichenstein When we built websites we usually started by defining the body text. The body text definition dictates how wide your main column is, the rest used to follow almost by itself. Used to. Until recently, screen resolution was more or less homogenous. Today we deal with a variation of screen sizes and resolutions.

Freebies: 10 Mobile App Mock Up PSDs + 10 Wireframing Tools EmailShare 8EmailShare The advent of smartphone and it’s impact is now not unknown to anyone of us. All are well aware how significant a smartphone and mobile apps are in today’s fast emerging tech savvy world. In order to facilitate the swelling number of app developers we have collected very useful freebies and presenting it in a bundle so that our designers and developers friends may use both mobile app mock up PSDs and free wireframing tools at one place.

15 Ethereal Examples of Ghost Buttons in Action Web designers, it would seem, “ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” More specifically, they seem quite fond of the transparent buttons which bear the haunter’s namesake, and the sudden explosion of immaterial outlines across a number of high profile, aesthetic-heavy websites makes a compelling case for their use. The name of the game for this trend is aesthetic appeal. Perhaps a counterintuitive emphasis, since these buttons stunningly eye catching while simultaneously aloof. Google Nexus Website Menu A tutorial on how to re-create the slide out sidebar menu that can be seen on the Google Nexus 7 website. View demo Download source Today I want to show you how to reconstruct the sidebar menu of the Google Nexus 7 page.

Trends in interactive design 2013 jQuery custom content scroller Last updated on Nov 17, 2015 Originally published on August 1, 2010 by malihu, under Plugins. Highly customizable custom scrollbar jQuery plugin. Features include vertical and/or horizontal scrollbar(s), adjustable scrolling momentum, mouse-wheel (via jQuery mousewheel plugin), keyboard and touch support, ready-to-use themes and customization via CSS, RTL direction support, option parameters for full control of scrollbar functionality, methods for triggering actions like scroll-to, update, destroy etc., user-defined callbacks and more. Current version 3.1.3 (Changelog)Upgrading from version 2 When upgrading from version 2.x to 3.x it’s important to use version 3 CSS and .png files. Version 3 is backwards compatible but it’s also a huge overhaul.

50+ CSS jQuery Graph Bar Pie Chart Script & Tutorials - freshDesignweb In tutorials you will see code an Interactive Graph bar chart pie using jQuery and CSS3. We will use the jQuery’s popular graph plugin. plugin is a pure JavaScript library for jQuery. Produces graphical of arbitrary datasets on-the-fly client-side. This plugin is simple but powerful enough to create some nice and interactive graphs. CSS Graph Box is a CSS-based graph component with distinctive and clean style.

How to design a vertical flyout menu similar to this using CSS? Comprar Gafas online en GafasWorld