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Sports Stephane Béaud’s Traîtres À La Nation – Un Autre Regard Sur La Grève Des Bleus en Afrique du Sud (en collaboration avec Philippe Guimard) is perfect and great example of public sociology. It very nicely and powerfully shows what sociological analysis can do, especially with respect to a very high-profile event, such as the “strike” by the French football team during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. I really do hope that this book will get an English edition.

Cyborgology » humanity meets technology On Pharrell’s “Happy” by robinjames, 2 days ago at 05:00 am I find Pharrell’s massive hit “Happy” really, really irritating. And, for that reason, I love it. In the same way that The Sex Pistols were Malcolm McLaren’s massive joke on us, this song is, I think, Pharrell’s attempt to pull a fast one on the economy of viral “upworthiness”–an economy that, as David has shown, is really racist. (more…) Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales Revista de Investigación Social La Revista de Investigación Social publica artículos breves, claros y directos que presenten los principales hallazgos de investigación, o lastesis o enfoques fundamentales sobre un tema, una metodología o un debate de interés académico o público. Se busca que los artículos sean ágiles y oportunos, pero también que tengan el rigor, el formato y el lenguaje necesarios en toda publicación académica. Con esto, la RIS busca propiciar el diálogo entre distintas comunidades académicas en las ciencias sociales, especialmente las que producen sus textos en español.

The Public Intellectual Within the last few decades, the emergence of public intellectuals as important cultural and social critics has raised fundamental questions not only about the social function of academics, but also about the connection between higher education and public life, between academic work and the major issues shaping the broader society. Truthout's Public Intellectual Project will provide progressive academics with an opportunity to address a number of important social issues in a language that is both rigorous and accessible. All too often, academics produce work that is either too abstract for a generally informed public, or they separate their scholarship from the myriad of issues and contemporary problems that shape everyday life in the United States and abroad. Articles by Henry A.

Sociology Lens » news. resources. commentary. Nudge yourself better: how to become your own Choice Architect. by Roger Tyers, 3 days ago at 11:00 am By: Adam GaultCollection: OJO My PhD research is about changing people’s behaviour – how to make people lead better, greener, more sustainable lives. A key part of my outlook is how insights from so-called ‘Nudge’ theory might be used to foster change in individuals. Who better to use as an individual case study, than myself?

Publicaciones > Indicadores educativos > Indicadores InternacionalesInstituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa Los primeros indicadores del proyecto INES de la OCDE, se publican en 1992 con el nombre Education at a Glance / Regards sur l´Education y, desde entonces, se publican anualmente. La información que ofrece la versión española Panorama de la educación 2007, es similar a la de años anteriores. Los datos de esta edición corresponden, en general, al año académico 2004-05, y no a la situación actual, pero tienen el valor de permitir la comparación con los sistemas educativos de los países de la OCDE y facilitar el análisis de la evolución de los indicadores en cada uno de los países.

Danger Room - What's Next in National Security Danger Room What's Next in National Security From Threat Level Just another WordPress site Emigra Working Papers | EMIGRA Què és EMIGRA Working Papers EMIGRA Working Papers és una col·lecció que publica el producte del treball en curs dels membres del grup de recerca abans que aquests es converteixin en articles, capítols o llibres. És també l'espai on trobar articles presentats a congressos i trobades científiques organitzats per EMIGRA. Així mateix, convidem a altres investigadors en el nostre camp de la recerca (migracions, educació i infància) a presentar materials per formar part de la col·lecció.

Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog The structural vs. transformational debate is alive and well. I’m glad that Curtis and Cynthia have been dipping back into it over the last few weeks. It is good to start at the end: the answer is a both/and, it’s not a good idea to get stuck in binaries. The print pictured above captures it for me. It is Nelson Mandela’s drawing of the view from his cell at Robben Island, where he was imprisoned for 30 years. Take that in for a second.