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Python Mechanize Cheat Sheet has a new owner I am pleased to announce that this blog has a new owner. This week, my company Perceptive Minds acquired From now on I will be the main developer and author of this blog. I am a developer of high traffic websites, mostly Python/Django, and I do a lot of coding for fun too. My ...

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Submitting Form Using submit() Method Of Selenium WebDriver You will find many forms In any software web application like Contact Us form, New User Registration Form, Inquiry Form, LogIn Form etc.. Supposing you are testing one software website where you have to prepare Login form submission test case In selenium webdriver then how will you do It? Simplest way Is described In THIS POST.

Improve Your Python: Python Classes and Object Oriented Programming The class is a fundamental building block in Python. It is the underpinning for not only many popular programs and libraries, but the Python standard library as well. Understanding what classes are, when to use them, and how the can be useful is essential, and the goal of this article. Closures In Python You might have lived a long and happy coding life without ever needing to know what closures are. For one, many languages like C or C++ don't even support those (edit: C++ does support them via lambdas, of course. Sorry for any misinformation). Many functional languages rely heavily on closures. Others, like Python, support it, but it's not at the very core of the language (or the language philosophy, for that matter). Python, however, is a fine language for getting to know closures.

7.2. re — Regular expression operations This module provides regular expression matching operations similar to those found in Perl. Both patterns and strings to be searched can be Unicode strings as well as 8-bit strings. Regular expressions use the backslash character ('\') to indicate special forms or to allow special characters to be used without invoking their special meaning. This collides with Python’s usage of the same character for the same purpose in string literals; for example, to match a literal backslash, one might have to write '\\\\' as the pattern string, because the regular expression must be \\, and each backslash must be expressed as \\ inside a regular Python string literal.

Passing the torch of NumPy and moving on to Blaze I wrote this letter tonight to the NumPy mailing list --- a list I have been actively participating in for nearly 15 years. Hello all, There is a lot happening in my life right now and I am spread quite thin among the various projects that I take an interest in. Web Scraping Ajax and Javascript Sites Most crawling frameworks used for scraping cannot be used for Javascript or Ajax. Their scope is limited to those sites that show their main content without using scripting. One would also be tempted to connect a specific crawler to a Javascript engine but it’s not easy to do. Face Recognition with Python, in under 25 lines of code - Real Python The following is a guest post by Shantnu Tiwari, who has worked in the low level/embedded domain for ten years. Shantnu suffered at the hands of C/C++ for several years before he discovered Python, and it felt like a breath of fresh air. He is now trying to share his love. In this post we’ll look at a surprisingly simple way to get started with face recognition using Python and the open source library OpenCV. OpenCV OpenCV is the most popular library for computer vision.

The definitive guide on how to use static, class or abstract methods in Python Doing code reviews is a great way to discover things that people might struggle to comprehend. While proof-reading OpenStack patches recently, I spotted that people were not using correctly the various decorators Python provides for methods. So here's my attempt at providing me a link to send them to in my next code reviews. :-) A method is a function that is stored as a class attribute.

Regular Expression HOWTO Introduction The re module was added in Python 1.5, and provides Perl-style regular expression patterns. Earlier versions of Python came with the regex module, which provided Emacs-style patterns. The regex module was removed completely in Python 2.5. Regular expressions (called REs, or regexes, or regex patterns) are essentially a tiny, highly specialized programming language embedded inside Python and made available through the re module. Using this little language, you specify the rules for the set of possible strings that you want to match; this set might contain English sentences, or e-mail addresses, or TeX commands, or anything you like.

Converting XML to CSV with Python XML. The word “yay” doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. I recently found myself staring at a URL that returned a bunch of XML. It crossed my mind to stop there, but I really wanted this data so I pressed on. Luckily, like so many things, Python, by way of the lxml toolkit, makes dealing with XML pretty close to painless. What was the data? Introduction à *args et **kwargs Let's see here strong Python concepts practical and powerful. Packing andunpacking, and by extension via the operator "*" (splat), * args and * kwargs, are part of these little more Python we greatly simplifying life. The splat, the star operator, has several roles in Python. Basic, you know to achieve a multiplication, exponentiation, or duplication. print(2 * 3) print(2**3) ma_liste=[1,2,3] print(3 * ma_liste)

How to make beautiful data visualizations in Python with matplotlib It’s been well over a year since I wrote my last tutorial, so I figure I’m overdue. This time, I’m going to focus on how you can make beautiful data visualizations in Python with matplotlib. There are already tons of tutorials on how to make basic plots in matplotlib.

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