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PythonLearn - Self-paced learning Python

PythonLearn - Self-paced learning Python

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Online Resource for Science Tutors This resource provides support for tutors and mentors working with primary and secondary teachers at the start of their careers - thus for everyone helping to develop the next generation of science teachers - tutors, mentors, researchers, and teachers too. Previously, Sci-Tutors was hosted on an independent URL. However, Sci-Tutors has now been incorporated into the ASE Site and all the resources have been moved here. Other resources available for members of the Association of Tutors in Science Education (ATSE) include: To view this section or to download files there is no requirement to log on. This site is a cooperative venture and includes useful material and suggestions from a wide range of science education tutors. The Sci-Tutors site was constructed by science tutors to share and support our work with science teachers in training, both primary and secondary.

Python Tutorial The Python tutorial is constructed to teach you the fundamentals of the Python programming language. Eventually, the Python Tutorial will explain how to construct web applications, but currently, you will learn the basics of Python offline. Python can work on the Server Side (on the server hosting the website) or on your computer. However, Python is not strictly a web programming language. That is to say, a lot of Python programs are never intended to be used online. Python works much like the two previous categories, PHP and ColdFusion as they are all server side programming languages. For a more tangible and better look into the Python language, consider reading the following book. Your code will execute in this window. Let's explore some more tutorials or topics! If you enjoyed this resource, support me by sharing this page with others.

Hackasaurus Look ahead Learn all about Firefox OS » Welcome to Webmaker! That username is taken You must choose a username Invalid username. All usernames must be between 1-20 characters, and only include "-", "_" and alphanumeric characters You must agree to our terms and conditions. X-Ray Goggles Remix and share web pages instantly Activate X-Ray Goggles See how Goggles work by swapping an image Copy this image URL (highlight the text below, right-click, then copy the link) The URL you just copied links to a new image! Share your remix When you're ready to share your remixed page, click the Publish button or press P on your keyboard. Help If you need help, make sure the X-Ray Goggles are activated, then press H on your keyboard. Remix any webpage! You can take X-Ray Goggles with you anywhere on the web: Make sure your web browser's bookmarks bar is enabled. Now visit any website on the internet.

15 Great and FREE Online Resources That Every Programmer Should Know About | Programming Tips For Versatile Coders As a computer programmer, you are probably studying lots of different areas of interest. Some of you may just be interested in programming, while others may also like to study about security, linux, operating systems, artificial intelligence and more. Therefore, it is more than likely that you are visiting lots of different online resources in order to gather knowledge. While i know that not all people follow or want to follow my computer related resources, i thought that it would be a good idea to write a post indicating what i think are my 20 best online resources about the different computer stuff i am interested in. At that point i would like to ask you that you post a comment with your top 5 or 10 online resources. In the end we will have gathered significant urls in this page. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Let us now read your suggestions !

Solar System - Homepage Learn Japanese with Free Japanese Lessons - Learn to speak the Japanese language online for free! swfk-es - Snake Wrangling for Kids (Edición en Español) "Snake Wrangling for Kids" es un libro electrónico para niños de 8 o más años que quieran aprender a programar. Cubre lo básico de la programación utilizando el lenguaje de programación Python 3 como base para aprender los conceptos. La versión original en inglés ha sido escrita por Jason R. Briggs y puede accederse en swfk. La versión en español está realizada a partir de la versión 0.7.7 inglesa que utiliza Python 3. A partir de ella, se han ampliado algunos apartados (indentado y ejercicios), se han introducido diagramas de flujo para explicar las setencias alternativas y los bucles, y se han introducido notas al pie para explicar el significado en español de sentencias y funciones. El libro lo está leyendo actualmente mi hijo de 9 años que me está sirviendo de test sobre la claridad de las explicaciones. Si descargas este libro (sección Downloads) puedes ponerte en contacto con conmigo José Miguel González para comunicar erratas o mejoras posibles. Gracias.

Python Programming Python Programming From Wikibooks, open books for an open world Jump to: navigation, search This book describes Python, an open-source general-purpose interpreted programming language available for a broad range of operating systems. Contents[edit] Intro[edit] Overview Getting Python Setting it up Interactive mode Self Help Basics[edit] Creating Python programs Variables and Strings Basic syntax Sequences (Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Sets) Data types Numbers Strings Lists Tuples Dictionaries Sets Basic Math -- redundant to "Operators" Operators Control Flow Decision Control Conditional Statements Loops Functions Scoping Input and output Files Text Modules Classes Exceptions Errors Source Documentation and Comments Idioms Advanced[edit] Decorators Context Managers Reflection Metaclasses Namespace Tips and Tricks Modules[edit] Standard library modules[edit] Standard Library Regular Expression External commands XML Tools Email Threading Sockets GUI Programming Tkinter CGI interface WSGI web programming Extracting info from web pages Math

Anatomy & Physiology Courses - Anatomy & Physiology Distance Learning Courses - Open Study College Our Anatomy and Physiology courses cover many exciting and popular career paths for people with qualifications in this field. Included in these are Ambulance Technicians and Midwives through to Massage Therapist and Fitness Instructors. You will gain an in depth knowledge of the human body and begin to understand aspects such as reflexes and the muscular system. Whether you wish to take a anatomy course or a physiology course for career progression of for your own pleasure, our home learning courses will provide you with nationally recognised qualifications that are sure to impress future employers. Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 This Anatomy & Physiology level 2 course is designed for students with no previous knowledge. Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 This Anatomy & Physiology level 3 course is designed for students with no previous knowledge. Anatomy and Physiology Level 4