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Transcending the Matrix Control System

Transcending the Matrix Control System
Latest Updates Jan 7, 14 – Updated the Philosopher’s Stone article. Oct 10, 13 – Updated the links section and made some hardcover versions of the Transcending books. Aug 7, 13 – Three radio interviews with Sienna Lea on Illuminating the Shadowland – and the associated transcript (expanded, paraphrased) posted here as its own article called Wising up to Alien Interference. Jun 27, 13 – Three new YouTube videos. Jan 23, 13 – Free ePub edition of this website now available.

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How to Criticize with Kindness: Philosopher Daniel Dennett on the Four Steps to Arguing Intelligently By Maria Popova “In disputes upon moral or scientific points,” Arthur Martine counseled in his magnificent 1866 guide to the art of conversation, “let your aim be to come at truth, not to conquer your opponent. So you never shall be at a loss in losing the argument, and gaining a new discovery.” Of course, this isn’t what happens most of the time when we argue, both online and off, but especially when we deploy the artillery of our righteousness from behind the comfortable shield of the keyboard. That form of “criticism” — which is really a menace of reacting rather than responding — is worthy of Mark Twain’s memorable remark that “the critic’s symbol should be the tumble-bug: he deposits his egg in somebody else’s dung, otherwise he could not hatch it.” But it needn’t be this way — there are ways to be critical while remaining charitable, of aiming not to “conquer” but to “come at truth,” not to be right at all costs but to understand and advance the collective understanding.

Earthfiles Earthfiles is an award-winning news website where experts, eyewitnesses and viewers share the latest updates in earth and astronomical mysteries. Beginning in 1999, Earthfiles now has more than 2,000 science, environment and Real X-Files reports in chronological sequence that include more than 20,000 images and documents in the growing Archive and ever-increasing current news. The in-depth reports go beyond the 6 o'clock news. Earthfiles Reporter and Editor, Linda Moulton Howe, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer, investigative reporter for radio and internet and author who goes directly to the men and women at the forefront of science and environmental breakthroughs and to firsthand eyewitnesses of high strangeness. Howe has received two dozen TV production and journalism awards for excellence.

untitled by Michelle Walling, CHLCEditor, Many people on the planet are having a more difficult time surviving and staying balanced and centered than others. There are several individual reasons for this, and there are some patterns that are apparent as to why some people are targeted by over others for implants or tags. It is important to have the information on this in order to have the power to recognize and get rid of mind control implants and tags that may exist within yourself as well as in others around you. What is an implant? Emotional Intensity Do you consider yourself an emotional person? If a potential friend candidly described you that way to your face, would you be flattered or disturbed? Compared to most people you know, are you stronger in the intensity and range of your feelings, milder, or somewhere in between? Whereas for centuries astute observers of the human condition have noted that people vary remarkably in this dimension — it's been the theme of many great novels — only recently have psychologists come to understand that this difference is already apparent on our first day of postnatal existence — and continues strikingly unchanged ever after. Emotional Intensity clearly plays a major role in love relationships, yet has oddly been all but ignored professionally. The vast realm of our feelings is clearly experienced differently by people across cultures.

UFOs and Alien Abductions in Los Angeles: The Court of Owls Owls..... In older Western myths owls are associated with Wisdom, Helpfulness, and Prophecy. In the middle ages they were viewed as evil and harbingers of doom. In New Wold they are viewed as powerful entity... either one of great evil or protection. Intellectually-honest and intellectually-dishonest debate tactics – John T. Reed Copyright by John T. Reed This Web site is, in part, a debate between me and others with whom I take various issues. I welcome intellectually-honest debate.

The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) Note: The history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia (KM), the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books. The present day KM knows that it cannot operate or exist without abject secrecy, and therefore has spent a lot of money having its history excised from the history books in order to prevent citizens of the World from learning about its “Evil beyond imagination”, that empowers this World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal. The authors of this article have done their best to resurrect this lost, secret history of the Khazarians and their large International Organized Crime Syndicate, best referred to as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and make this history available to the World via the Internet, which is the new Gutenberg Press. The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia by Preston James and Mike Harris

Reptilian Sex War on Planet Earth Addressing the Roots of Strife & Abuse Between Women & Men By Marguerite (Dove) Rigoglioso, Ph.D. Founding Director, Seven Sisters Mystery School This article puts many puzzle pieces together in a deeply esoteric way to explain why human sexual relationships are so fraught with conflict. It also underscores the importance of the present moment in which women globally are rising up to call out and end predatory sexual behavior. This piece is the culmination to date of information I have received by applying academically derived knowledge to oracular states in meditation and medicine ceremonies.

Top 10 Deadliest Rampage Killers Crime We’ve seen plenty of movies, books and documentaries on serial killers, but not so many on those who are so efficient and deadly that they can murder dozens of people in a single day. Murder sprees seem to have become more prominent over time – notably the tragedy in Norway, which is as recent as July 2011. This evil act will no doubt happen again thousands of times in the future. What I have presented in this list is no more than the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Peace Mission: What It's All About PEACE MISSION: Volume 3 of OTHER WORLDS: The Series Peace-Seekers ... they come from every corner of existence. Their destination ... Earth. Galactic Connection Welcome to The Galactic Connection! If you landed on this page, then you are in for a ride of galactic proportion! With our continuous upward shift in dimensionality, we are inescapably entering the need to bridge spiritual consciousness with cosmic awareness. What was once coined as weird and paranormal, has now become a typical daily occurrence throughout the world . It is no longer extraordinary to hear of other beings physically entering our sphere. And these other beings are not from the next continent over, but from our surrounding solar system and the galaxies beyond.