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Convierta de PDF a Word (DOC) — ¡100% gratis! FaceOnBody - Take your face to a better place Select a photo effect or try goodies application | BeFunky Photo Editor Need to crop, resize, or add a frame to your photo? We’ve got your back. Adjust the color, brightness, contrast, saturation, or sharpness? Welcome to BeFunky. Photo Effects A photo without effects is like a unicorn without a rainbow. Collage Maker Photos get lonely too sometimes, which is why we have the amazing BeFunky Collage Maker!

Body Switcher, Put Your Face On Another Body In A Funny Scene WORLD ATLAS - Index of Maps Continentes África América del Norte América del Sur Antártida Asia Europa Oceanía Océanos Antártico, Fondo océano Ártico, Fondo océano Océano Atl. del Norte Océano Atlántico del Sur Océano Índico Océano Pacífico del Norte Océano Pacífico del Sur Regiones Ártico Caribe Naciones Afganistán Albania Alemania Andorra Angola Antigua y Barbuda Arabia Saudita Argelia Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaiyán Bahamas Bahrein Bangladesh Barbados Belarús Bélgica Belice Benín Bermudas Bolivia Bosnia y Herzegovina Botswana Brasil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Bután Cabo Verde Camboya Camerún Canadá Chad Chile China Chipre Ciudad del Vaticano Colombia Comores Corea del Norte Corea del Sur Costa de Marfil Costa Rica Croacia Cuba Dinamarca Djibouti Dominica Ecuador Egipto El Salvador Emiratos Árabes Unidos Eritrea Eslovaquia Eslovenia España Est. Fed. de Micronesia Est. Unid. de América Estonia Etiopía Fiji Filipinas

RoboHash Dull day photography: what (and how) to shoot when the sun isn't shining No sun? No worries. There’s still opportunity for great pictures. In this tutorial we explain a few simple photography tips for making the most of dull days. Words and images by Mark Hamblin As humans we crave sunshine. But sunshine is not always as good a thing as you might think when it comes to shooting landscapes. Add water to your compositions Fortunately, modern digital cameras are exceptionally good at dealing with low light and are capable of producing exquisitely detailed images in the dullest weather conditions imaginable. Add to this the capabilities of post processing software that allows you to bring out the fine nuances of tone, colour, contrast and detail from your raw files and you have the tools to create amazing pictures irrespective of how bad the light might appear to be. Of course you have to choose your subject with care. This will form a more pleasing pattern and will show up more distinctively against the darker surroundings.

Scrapbook Generator, The Web 2.0 Scrapbooker For Free Online Digital Scrapbooking Insertar Java applet en pesentación de Powerpoint La inserción de controles es una característica importante de la que muchos de los usuarios de Powerpoint nos valemos para aumentar la estética de nuestras presentaciones. Controles ActiveX como Shockwave Flash Object, Windows Media Player y Microsoft Web Browser figuran entre los más comunes. Sin embargo, más de uno se habrá interesado por incluir un Java applet dentro de su presentación, percatándose de que no existe un control que permita hacerlo. Pero como todo tiene solución, menos la muerte, acá les daré los pasos a seguir para lograr insertar un Java applet dentro de su presentación de Powerpoint. Ante todo necesitaremos, obviamente, un appet de Java. En este ejemplo utilizaremos uno con el nombre applet.class, el cual guardaremos en nuestro Escritorio. El paso siguiente será abrir Powerpoint y crear una nueva presentación (lo haremos en una presentación en blanco para efectos del tutorial pero esto será aplicable para cualquier presentación, en blanco o no). . End Sub 1. 2.

Shutter speed and digital photography | If you want to capture still photos of fast motion (like pressing pause on your VCR or DVD) you have to use a fast shutter speed. Many sports use very fast shutter speeds to capture the peak moment and freeze it in time. If the subject of your photo is not moving, or you want to show the passage of time (with a running river or waterfall), then you can use a slower shutter speed. The Numbers of Shutter Speed There are two different types of shutters in cameras. Another type of shutter is called an iris, because it works somewhat like your eye. Either way, the shutter speed is the amount of time that the plate stays up or the iris stays open. Here is an example of shutter speed numbers, from fast to slow: Realize that 1/2000 of a second is incredibly fast and is not a shutter speed that you will typically use. Some of the new digital camera models offer an anti-shake feature. Digital Camera Shutter Speed Display The most common shutter speeds are measured in fractions of seconds.

Magic Mirror Tool - Cropping And Mirroring Of Photos Online Online Audio Converter (MP3, WAV, Ogg, WMA, M4A, AAC) – 5 Tips for Taking Better Travel Photos Camera set up I have always enjoyed looking at photos of beautiful and exotic locations, and of food, but photography is not something I was originally interested in doing myself. But the more I traveled and took photos with my little point and shoot, the more I wanted to record better, more emotional, and more eye-catching photos as I traveled. So a few years ago I finally made the jump from a point and shoot to a DSLR. A DSLR does improve the quality and function of a camera, but it doesn’t necessarily improve the subject or the scenery we all see when we travel. No matter what kind of camera you use, we can all achieve better results by learning some photography tips. After getting my DSLR camera, I purchased a copy of Getting Out of Auto, and it was a great introduction to photography and especially how to have an eye for taking better photos. I’m still learning a lot about photography (and want to learn more), but here are a few of the things I’ve learned over the years. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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