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Sequoia Capital : Venture Capital : US

Sequoia Capital : Venture Capital : US

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When saying no at work can be a good thing for your career May 26, 2015 6:00 am Dan LeFebvre If your first instinct is to turn something down, there’s probably a good reason for that. Before disregarding your instincts, try taking a step back and considering the impact agreeing to do whatever you’re asked can have on your work. It’s a common scenario in any studio: You’re in a groove and your colleague pops over to ask if you’ll give them some feedback on their latest work. How many times have you just wanted to say “no”? Partners - Mainport Innovation Fund The Mainport Innovation Fund is a partnership of Delft University of Technology, Schiphol, KLM, and Rabobank. Together with our partners we offer a launching platform, a large network and access to technical experts and market intelligence. Our partners support MIF to leverage their knowledge to engender a more sustainable and safer aviation sector.

Hummingbird Who we are Hummingbird Ventures buildsthe tech companies of tomorrow by empowering exceptional entrepreneurswith swift access to essential advice,radical candor, funding &organizational design expertise.Based in Ghent, London & Istanbul,the Hummingbird team participated in0->100m+ revenue startups in 9 countries. VIEW MORE PORTFOLIO TWEETS Google's Cloud Connect Links Microsoft Office and GoogleDocs Together Many of us at ProfHacker use GoogleDocs to collaborate with others on shared documents in our web browsers or to create and edit documents from our mobile devices. After using GoogleDocs, however, working in Microsoft Office feels awkward and not very social, especially when you need to collaborate with others in real time. That’s where a new piece of software from Google comes into play. Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office allows you to get all of the benefits of Google Docs from within Microsoft Office. It appears to be quite similar to the OffiSync plugin that Mark wrote about back in December, but it’s completely free.

Google Scholar Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Released in beta in November 2004, the Google Scholar index includes most peer-reviewed online journals of Europe and America's largest scholarly publishers, plus scholarly books and other non-peer reviewed journals. It is similar in function to the freely available CiteSeerX and getCITED. It is also similar to the subscription-based tools, Elsevier's Scopus and Thomson ISI's Web of Science.

Spain's Moyupi lets kids create their own full-color 3D printed monster toy designs Jun 23, 2015 | By Simon For many parents, one of the most important artifacts for documenting their child’s childhood has consistently been their child’s artwork - whether it comes in the form of a clay sculpture for the table, a watercolor painting for the fridge or even a more complex painting that is worthy of being framed. But as we move into an era that allows content creators to get even more creative with the ways that they document and share their work, could it be possible to use these options to help preserve a child’s artwork in new ways that leverage these new 3D technologies including 3D printing?

Endeavor Catalyst - Endeavor Endeavor Catalyst is a force multiplier for Endeavor. It provides a new source of capital for entrepreneurs, strengthens ties with investors, and accelerates Endeavor's growth plans. Nick Beim, General Partner, Venrock; Endeavor Global Board Member Endeavor Catalyst is an innovative co-investment vehicle designed to support Endeavor Entrepreneurs with their equity financing rounds and contribute to the long-term sustainability of Endeavor. Following a disciplined, rules-based investment process, Endeavor Catalyst invests alongside professional venture capital and growth equity firms into the equity financing rounds of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. In plain and simple English, that means:

The Power of Massive Twitter Accounts – Or Lack Thereof One of the most interesting and sensational aspects of Twitter are its mega accounts: Twitter accounts with huge numbers of followers. These days mega accounts have anywhere from 1 million to 3 million followers, but in the future they will boast much larger followings. Is a Twitter account with 10 million followers around the corner? Absolutely!

List of academic databases and search engines the general list of search engines for all-purpose search engines that can be used for academic purposesbibliographic databases for information about databases giving bibliographic information about finding books and journal articles. Note that "free" or "subscription" can refer both to the availability of the database or of the journal articles included. This has been indicated as precisely as possible in the lists below. This brave illustration project made a D&AD New Blood judge cry University of Lincoln creative advertising graduate Tom Watkins reduced a jury member to tears during judging for the D&AD New Blood Awards. His project, When I'm a Dad, is a highly personal response to a New Blood brief from WeTransfer: envision the person you'll be in 10 years time through illustration. Watkins illustrated a beautiful children's book to inspire future fathers and launched a website to help grow an online conversation around the project. "Such a brave, personal and unique take on the brief, with a beautiful sentiment and a maturity that belies the age of the author," said the judges. We covered the project back in March – you can read more here.

XSeed Capital About Us The diverse XSeed team has broad reach, comprising Partners, Executives-in-Residence, XSeed Fellows and more. We have strong connections to technology leaders and access to the latest research from top-notch universities such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, MIT and CMU. While our foundation is IT-centric, we have vast domain knowledge and operating experience which helps us understand the diverse impacts that technical innovation generates in a wide variety of vertical markets. We recognize that our entrepreneurs are unique – one size does not fit all – and our portfolio companies have different needs during various stages of growth.

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