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National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History

Primary Source Materials What is a Primary Source? When teaching and learning history, the term "primary source" generally refers to official documents, letters, diaries, photographs, advertisements and about any other print material found in its original form. These materials may be transcribed and/or reproduced. Berlin Wall Gallery A Barrier That Couldn't Block Information The Berlin Wall was strong enough to stop a tank, but it couldn't stop news from getting into East Germany by word of mouth, smuggled messages or radio and television. This gallery tells the story of how news and information helped topple a closed and oppressive society. The exhibit contains the largest display of unaltered portions of the original wall outside of Germany.

19th C American cultural history Early 19th century American furniture included Sheraton and Directoire styles, classical yet simple. Duncan Phyfe of NYC turned out fine examples of furniture. The broad name for American furniture of these styles was Federal. Today's Front Pages Gallery Front Pages From Across America and Around the World More than 700 newspapers transmit their front pages electronically to the Newseum every day. Up to 80 are enlarged and printed for display in this gallery — among them one from every state and the District of Columbia as well as a sampling of international newspapers. Additional front pages are displayed outside the Newseum on Pennsylvania Avenue.

20th C American Cultural History We are no longer updating these pages, so some links may not work. If you have any questions, please contact us at Lone Star College-Kingwood Library The purpose of these pages is to present a series of web guides on the decades of the twentieth century.

National Gallery of Art – Deacon Peckham's "Hobby Horse" Deacon Peckham's Hobby Horse May 27–October 28, 2012 This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery. Please follow the links below for related online resources or visit our current exhibitions schedule. One of the most intriguing and often-reproduced American paintings in the collection of the National Gallery of Art—Deacon Robert Peckham's The Hobby Horse (c. 1840)—is the inspiration for this focus exhibition of nine children's portraits created for patrons among a newly thriving class of Massachusetts merchants and manufacturers in the mid-1800s. The works will be displayed along with a hide-covered rocking horse similar to the one Peckham (1785–1877) depicted in his painting. Organization: Organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

African American History: From Emancipation to the Present Professor Jonathan Holloway, Professor of History, African American Studies, and American Studies Description The purpose of this course is to examine the African American experience in the United States from 1863 to the present.

National Museum of the American Indian October 29, 2011–January 07, 2013Washington, DC Through an array of 122 historic objects, artwork, photographs, songs, and personal accounts, A Song for the Horse Nation presents the epic story of the horse's influence on American Indian tribes, beginning with the return of horses to the Western Hemisphere by Christopher Columbus to the present day. The exhibition traces how horses changed the lives of Native people: from the way they traveled, hunted, and waged war to how they celebrated generosity, exhibited bravery and conducted ceremonies. It shows how horse trading among tribes was the conduit for the extensive spread of mustangs in the Plains and Plateau regions of the United States, as well as how horses became the inspiration for new artistic expressions and rich traditions that continue to this day.

Features comprehensive virtual tours of current exhibits. A timeline maps the history of the United States through artifacts. The “Our Story In History” link leads to information on the museum’s educational programming that includes several interactive activities by nda_librarian Apr 30

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