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MuseumNext - Europe's big conference on the digital side of museums

MuseumNext - Europe's big conference on the digital side of museums

IRI - Institut de recherche et d’innovation du centre pompidou, Accueil Dear museums: the time is right to embrace mobile | Culture professionals network Dear museums, we love you. You inspire, engage and educate. We visit you to have an experience, to learn something new, or for a day out with family and friends. And it seems that you London Museums are having a bit of a moment. But now we need to have a word. It's high time for mobile In fact, a recent study at the New York MoMA found that a whopping 74% of visitors brought a mobile device with them. The implications become more evident when you realise that the UK has one of the highest penetrations of smartphones, with 58% of the population owning one in 2012, and almost one in five (19%) owning a tablet. And these people are doing a lot more than just talking. We suspect that you want to meet this growing demand, and provide your tech-savvy visitors with what they've come to expect in their daily lives – access to digital information – to enhance the experience. V&A leading the way Personal v museum-provided devices Matthew Petrie is founder of Fusion Research and Analytics

Museum 2.0 Is Responsive Web Design right for your museum's mobile content strategy? - plein air interactive For awhile now all the cool kids on the Web have been chatting about Responsive Web Design as an efficient approach for designing website layouts across a myriad of device types. In fact, about 10 million web pages mention it. So why all the hubbub? With a responsive approach, you maintain a single set of templates for your web pages, then use media queries, a flexible HTML grid and "flexible images" to adjust the template layout depending on the type of device requesting your page. The purpose of this article is not to dive into the technical details, but if you are interested in the nuts and bolts you can read the quintessential overview on the subject on A List Apart. Less is more? Having one set of templates to manage sounds great. But before you go nuts converting to a "responsive" web site, there are other things you should consider: You need a savvy team. True, but RWD is more than just slapping a class reference on a <div> tag. Your CMS needs to play nice. When to get responsive

Fresh & New(er) The New Met App Thomas P. Campbell, Director and CEO Posted: Tuesday, September 2, 2014 «I'm pleased to announce the launch of the Met app created by the Museum's Digital Media Department. This free digital resource is the easiest way for the Met community, both local and global, to stay current with what's happening at the Museum every day—wherever you are.» The app allows users to swipe freely to find information about both the Main Building and The Cloisters, including current exhibitions, opening hours, collection highlights, admission details, activities for families, and much more. One of the app's special features is a fresh, playful perspective on the Met's collection through themed lists of objects including: "Grand Spaces and Hidden Nooks," "Animals: See One, Be One," "Hidden in Plain Sight," "Medieval Love," and "Met-Staches." The Met app is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and can be downloaded free from the App Store. Download the app.

Musematic Inspiration Mobile #14 : comment présenter vos créations mobiles Après un mois sans inspiration mobile, découvrez notre 14ème numéro spécialisé dans la présentation d'application pour tablette et mobile. En parcourant les différents portfolios d'agences ou les sites d'inspiration comme Behance, on découvre différentes façons de présenter et mettre en avant ces créations. Certaines sont très séduisantes dans leur mise en page, d'autres originales et efficaces, pour l'ensemble on trouve des codes communs qui reviennent dans la plus grande partie des présentations. Les applications mobiles sont généralement mises en perspective, soit avec des mises en situations ou des écrans alignés. Nous avons sélectionné une série de 13 présentations mobiles pour vous donner de l'inspiration et voir les astuces qui fonctionnent pour réaliser la mise en valeur de ses créations. N'hésitez pas à suivre notre veille sur Pinterest si ce n'est pas déjà le cas, avec notre tableau "Inspiration Mobile". Bonne inspiration à tous ! Turkish Airlines App Redesign on Behance