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Permanent & contract IT careers

Permanent & contract IT careers

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The 6 hottest new jobs in IT When CompTIA conducted an intensive examination of the IT employment market last year, it uncovered demand for jobs whose titles would have been meaningless only a year or two ago: augmented reality designer, Internet of things architect, container developers. That’s no surprise, given that the IT job market is in constant flux, with new technologies emerging so quickly that hiring managers struggle to define those positions -- let alone give them a title. IBM, for example, has a director of blockchains, and Ford Motor is among many companies looking for GPU cluster engineers. Surely, some emerging fields will falter. Others, however, will grow to become the next big thing. When InfoWorld looked at emerging jobs in 2011, No. 2 on the list was data scientist.

Business Analyst Career Guide - The term business analyst (BA) may refer to a variety of different careers. There may be a lot of jargon employed within this profession but the fundamentals of this career will normally include some or all of the following: meeting with clients, scoping and modelling a project or element of the business, and presenting results to client. The scope of business and range of employers of business analysts is as wide as business itself. It is possible to work for both independent firms who are commissioned to work on specific projects and provide an opinion from an outside perspective, or within a particular business or industry e.g. energy or transport. The term business analyst has become synonymous with IT specialists, however, the scope of the job is wider than this. Several elements common to the role are

Information systems manager job profile If you love networking and are attracted to a problem-solving, fast-paced, IT role, you'd be a great information systems manager An information systems manager is responsible for the computer systems within a company. You'll need experience in the sector, in areas such as technical support or operations, before becoming a manager. You will: Bespoke Knitwear A bespoke garment is a unique piece based on individual taste. To get an idea of the kind of jumper you would like, please look at my guide to the basics of Fair Isle knitwear; here you can explore the styles, patterns, details, colours, and how to measure yourself for the perfect bespoke item. This is all about the shape of your garment.

Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs — Don’t Panic, Just Hire Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs I recently made the decision to switch jobs after 8 years in the same (great) organization. When I started looking, however, it became clear that a lot had changed since I’d last switched jobs. One thing was immediately (anecdotally) apparent: the market is lot more competitive. ReAct II for Individuals The scheme can also help Employers who are downsizing their business or are recruiting staff. This section advises on how the ReAct II scheme can help you if you are facing redundancy or have been recently made redundant. We can give you a training award of up to £1,500 to help you get the skills you need to land a job.

Information officer job profile If you have good IT and research skills and enjoy helping people, this could be the career for you As an information officer you'll manage and develop information to make it easily accessible to others. You'll work with electronic information, especially online databases, content management systems, open access and digital resources, as well as traditional library materials. Job titles vary so you need to look beyond the title to the actual work you'd be doing. For example you could be called: information adviser;information manager;information scientist;information specialist.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel - A tediously accurate map of the solar system Mercury Venus Earth You Are Here A Great JavaScript Side Project is your Most Important Asset Dan Abramov completely changed his life with just 99 lines of code when he created Redux. Ryan Dahl changed programming history by introducing the world to NodeJS. The two stories have a few general things in common: Both are JavaScript related.Both were created by talented and motivated individuals.No one asked them to do it. The two side projects, one big and one small, initially were just ideas two people thought were cool. Both developers took their ideas one step further.

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Business Support - Centre for Business The ILM level 5 in Business Support has been designed specifically for business consultants and advisors. Learners can receive recognition for their experience and benchmark their work against best practice. The qualification consists of 3 mandatory units delivered over 10 classroom days. Qualification is gained when delegates have submitted and passed 3 workbased assignments set out by ILM. Delivered Units: Personal professional developmentBuilding enterprise support relationships with clientsSupporting change in a business enterprise Archivist job profile If you enjoy solving puzzles and have an interest in preserving history for future generations, then a career as an archivist may be for you Archivists acquire, manage and maintain documents and other materials that have historical importance for individuals, organisations and nations. A large part of your work is related to making information accessible to users, increasingly in digital format. Archives may include books, papers, maps, plans, photographs, prints, films and computer-generated records.