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Permanent & contract IT careers

Permanent & contract IT careers
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Tech Jobs & IT Staffing Services Business Analyst Career Guide - The term business analyst (BA) may refer to a variety of different careers. There may be a lot of jargon employed within this profession but the fundamentals of this career will normally include some or all of the following: meeting with clients, scoping and modelling a project or element of the business, and presenting results to client. The scope of business and range of employers of business analysts is as wide as business itself. identify areas for improvement evaluate problems and opportunities within the business through the use of modelling and scenario analysis evaluate the feasibility of a solution and possible outcomes present the solution and develop the business case for implementing it monitor the continued need for and success of the solution and adapt as necessary Responsibilities While not exhaustive, a Business Analyst would be expected to be responsible for Client relationships - maintaining an active relationship with the client. Qualifications Working Conditions Salary

British Computer Society The British Computer Society is a professional body and a learned society that represents those working in Information Technology both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Established in 1957, in 2009 it rebranded as BCS — The Chartered Institute for IT, although this has not been reflected in a legal name change.[1] Overview[edit] With a worldwide membership of over 82,000 members in over 100 countries, BCS is a registered charity and was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1984. Its objectives are to promote the study and application of communications technology and computing technology and to advance knowledge of education in ICT for the benefit of professional practitioners and the general public. BCS is a member institution of Engineering Council UK, and therefore is responsible for regulation of ICT and computer science fields within the UK. BCS has offices off the Strand in Southampton Street, south of Covent Garden in central London. History[edit] Governance[edit] Honorary grade

The 6 hottest new jobs in IT When CompTIA conducted an intensive examination of the IT employment market last year, it uncovered demand for jobs whose titles would have been meaningless only a year or two ago: augmented reality designer, Internet of things architect, container developers. That’s no surprise, given that the IT job market is in constant flux, with new technologies emerging so quickly that hiring managers struggle to define those positions -- let alone give them a title. IBM, for example, has a director of blockchains, and Ford Motor is among many companies looking for GPU cluster engineers. Surely, some emerging fields will falter. At the same time, traditional IT jobs are morphing, requiring new abilities, says Tim Herbert, senior vice president and researcher at CompTIA. Among the technologies that could fuel a new IT career revolution are IBM’s Watson and similar cognitive computing initiatives. Haller’s point reflects the growth of what CEO Bob Melk calls “the skills gap.” Interested?

ReAct II for Individuals The scheme can also help Employers who are downsizing their business or are recruiting staff. This section advises on how the ReAct II scheme can help you if you are facing redundancy or have been recently made redundant. We can give you a training award of up to £1,500 to help you get the skills you need to land a job. You can train while you are job hunting or you can go on courses to get the skills you need even if you plan to become self employed eventually. Who is eligible? Support under the ReAct II scheme is available for individuals who: have become unemployed in the last six months as a result of redundancy, are currently unemployed, and who have not been in continuous employment for 6 weeks or more since being made redundant orare currently under notice of redundancy andhave not undertaken any publicly funded training since being made redundant, including the work-based learning suite of programmes. What is available? There are 3 elements to ReAct II: Find out more

Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs — Don’t Panic, Just Hire Where To Find the (Tech) Jobs I recently made the decision to switch jobs after 8 years in the same (great) organization. When I started looking, however, it became clear that a lot had changed since I’d last switched jobs. One thing was immediately (anecdotally) apparent: the market is lot more competitive. Friends and former colleagues shared stories about fierce competition — many made it to final interview rounds only to be turned away at the end. It can also be hard to know where to look. But, speak to enough candidates, and it becomes clear that many jobs get offered to people without ever being posted, either to internal candidates or promising candidates interviewing for similar roles. So, in addition to speaking with everyone I knew to identify interesting roles, I found a few great resources to focus the search. This list is in no way exhaustive. In the end, I found my latest job the old-fashioned way: through LinkedIn.

ILM Level 5 Certificate in Business Support - Centre for Business The ILM level 5 in Business Support has been designed specifically for business consultants and advisors. Learners can receive recognition for their experience and benchmark their work against best practice. The qualification consists of 3 mandatory units delivered over 10 classroom days. Delivered Units: Personal professional developmentBuilding enterprise support relationships with clientsSupporting change in a business enterprise There are no formal entry requirements, but participants will: Have knowledge or experience of coaching/advising and supporting individualsHave knowledge or experience of running a business Bespoke courses: The flexibility of an ILM qualification enables candidates to choose from a diverse range of optional units to build their qualification.

A Great JavaScript Side Project is your Most Important Asset Dan Abramov completely changed his life with just 99 lines of code when he created Redux. Ryan Dahl changed programming history by introducing the world to NodeJS. The two stories have a few general things in common: Both are JavaScript related.Both were created by talented and motivated individuals.No one asked them to do it. The two side projects, one big and one small, initially were just ideas two people thought were cool. Both developers took their ideas one step further. There’s more to both stories, I’ll elaborate in a few moments. StackOverflow Says We Love Our Side Projects The average developer spends more than 7 hours per week coding on the side. This is just one of the facts uncovered by this year’s StackOverflow annual survey. The fact that 91.7% of us have active side projects is astounding. StackOverflow end of 2015 survey We all of love to code. Our love of code doesn’t explain these numbers. I know this to be true, because I felt it. A Learning Experience Alt? “Any fool can know.

Pathways to Digital Growth If IT skills are holding your business back, Welsh Government wants to help you. Welsh Government is working with e-skills UK to provide high quality, subsidised IT Training through the Sector Priorities Fund Pilot (SPFP) under European Structural Funds (ESF), to employers of IT professionals in Wales. They’ve identified that one of the most significant barriers to business growth is skills gaps in IT capabilities. And they want to help fix this. How does it work? Through e-skills UK, you can access market-leading online training coupled with entry into the relevant industry recognised qualification exam at just a fraction of the usual cost. Agile Software Development*IT Project ManagementIT Service ManagementSoftware TestingOracle Java ProgrammingNetwork design, installation and operationInformation Security (Cyber) To download the full detail of the training courses please click here. How much does it cost? Sign up your employees today Back to top

remote-jobs list remote-jobs list by Charles Jo, 1st draft 6 March 2016 Why? Remote-jobs list started as a way to help members on Startup Study Group (SSG) between jobs and projects. Most SSG members are startup founders with coding and design backgrounds and they are based across the globe from Silicon Valley to London to Croatia to India to Mexico to Brazil and beyond. Some label themselves as nomads as they travel around the globe while holding a steady job or freelancing. Plans for now For now, it is a simple list and free to post and subscribe. How can you help? Share with friends! Are you interested in learning about the startup world? If you are interested in learning about the startup space with a growing community, join us on SSG at About me

SEN Teacher Home Page :: SEN Teacher :: Free Teaching Resources A Primer for Startups and Job Seekers to BOTH Win the Talent War | First Round Review Tammy Han sees the tech ecosystem from a very unique vantage point. She spends nearly every waking hour (including those when she really should be sleeping), working with startup founders looking to hire and candidates looking — or in most cases not, actually — to get hired. Her role on First Round’s Talent Team is to make matches between great talent and the right companies in a market that can only be described as red hot. “One of the findings in First Round’s recent State of Startups report was that hiring the right people tops the list of founder concerns,” says Tammy. In this exclusive interview, Tammy walks through the three non-obvious yet massively influential challenges shaping the recruiting landscape. “The frothy fundraising climate isn't limited to those providing capital or receiving it — its symptoms have spilled into the general population as well,” says Tammy. What Job Candidates Should Do Instead 1. But this strategy is often counterproductive when evaluating startups.