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Australian Museum - nature, culture, discover

Australian Museum - nature, culture, discover

20 Tattoo blogs you must read! | New Look Houston Tattoos are extremely popular in society worldwide nowadays, and there are many excellent sites and blogs that are all about tattoos and the tattoo culture. The sites listed below are 20 of the top sites relating to the world of tattoos and the tattoo culture. Perhaps these can serve as inspiration to help you decide what kind of tattoo you want, or else you may just enjoy admiring some great artwork and learning about the ancient form of art. Tattoo Blog – Your gateway to the world of Tattoos and skin art, lots of excellent posts and pictures. Needles and Sins – A blog with a focus on tattoos, tattoo culture, music, art, books and much more… Flash Your Tattoo – A great blog all about tattoos and art. Off the Map Tattoo – A blog run by a Tattoo parlor from Mass.

Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur Diese elektronische Ausgabe wurde erstellt mit Hilfe einer Original-Ausgabe des Haeckel'schen Werkes, das freundlicherweise von Prof. Dr. v. Sengbusch zur Verfügung gestellt wurde. Alle Tafeln wurden mit einer Auflösung von 300 dpi und 16 Millionen Farben eingescannt. Das Einscannen wurde mit großer Sorgfalt durchgeführt, um das gebundene Original nicht zu beschädigen. Somit bitte ich um Verständnis, wenn an den Rändern gelegendlich ein geringer Schatten entstanden ist. Wer alle Tafeln (in mittlerer Aufloesung) auf einmal haben moechte, kann sich gerne die Datei haeckel.tar downloaden. Noch mehr Geduld braucht, wer dieses Buch im PDF-Format herunterladen möchte. Für diejenigen, die lieber eine gedruckte Version vorziehen (solche Menschen soll es noch geben :-) ) existiert eine Neuauflage der Kunstformen der Natur vom Prestel Verlag: Prestel Verlag, München, New York: Ernst Haeckel "Kunstformen der Natur" (1998) ISBN 3-7913-1978-7 Der Preis liegt bei 39,80 DM bei

The Journal of Joe The Peacock. Yay.: How To Actually Get A Decent Tattoo (or At Least, Not Get A Bad One) Note: Today, I go to get yet another piece done on my Ghost in the Shell sleeve on my right arm. I figured it was a good day to repost one of the most popular pieces I've ever written on getting a decent tattoo. If you're interested in watching the progress of today's session, check out my Instagram feed, Facebook or Twitter, as I'll be annoying people with photos of the session all day today) So, by this point in my "tattoo career", I've pretty much done everything you can do, both the wrong way and the right way. Now, there's going to be some debate here, as some of my advice flies in the face of the standard guidelines of most franchised / smaller tattoo shops. The inner forearm part of my Ghost in the Shell sleeve. So to start with: Coming Up With Your Tattoo What You Want: I can't tell you what you want. Take your time. My advice to everyone is to start with thinking about the things you love. Also, don't be afraid to ask your artist to work up something unique for you. Beautiful...

Thinking of inking? A guide to tattoos | The Washington Post Reasons to Get a Tattoo (and Reasons Not To) I have lots of tattoos. Something like 30 at last count, if memory serves. As tattoos have grown in popularity and social acceptance, it’s very likely that your average 20-something has one or more tattoos. And while I’m certainly not an expert on the art of tattooing, I’ve got a good deal of experience with tattoos (mostly because I get lots of people who want to show theirs to me) and can enumerate fairly confidently what are good reasons for getting a tattoo. People’s tastes in tattoo design has always fascinated me. First, what I consider to be good reasons for getting a tattoo. Memories Of all the tattoos I’ve seen, this is probably one of the most common categories of inspiration. But another facet of the “memories” idea that is often overlooked would be things that you really loved at one point in life. Tributes I suppose now is a good a time as any to bring up the whole “tattoos for your mate” thing. Passions I love computers and technology. Bad Reasons for Getting a Tattoo