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Oh They’re So Surprised!

Oh They’re So Surprised!
Oh They’re So Surprised! Posted by SHMO on November 5, 2012 · 124 Comments What if the animal kingdom could understand the dramatic presidential election? What if they could comprehend the shocking nightly news? What if they could understand the latest gossips from our weekends… “She left with who?… He got arrested for what!?” …We figured they might look like this…

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10 Animals You Probably Didn't Know Existed - Knowledge Salad We’ve all heard about the flying squirrel, vampire bats, and naked mole rat, but I bet you haven’t heard of Markhor, Lamprey, and Gerenuk! Here are ten animals that you probably haven’t heard of! (Too lazy to write a good introduction!) Related: Deer Avoid Drowning by Boarding Charter Boat - Animal Planet I just learned about this odd and extraordinary wildlife rescue that happened in October in Alaska. It's such an amazing story, I don't know why I didn't hear about it earlier. According to the report in the Juneau Empire, Tom Satre, his sister Sharon Kelly and a few other family members were heading across Taku Inlet near Juneau on Tom's charter boat for a picnic at the State Marine Park. About a mile offshore, Sharon, a birder, spotted something odd in the water coming towards the boat through her binoculars. What she first thought were sea lions or shorebirds turned out to be four young Sitka black-tailed deer (a subspecies of mule deer). Four distressed Sitka deer swim desperately towards the Alaska Quest Charter Boat.

Animals Illuminated by the Sun The time of sunset is defined in astronomy as the moment when the trailing edge of the Sun’s disk disappears below the horizon in the west. There are few things in nature as photogenic as the sky at sunset, especially animals. The rich bright gold, pink and orange colors make unusually beautiful pictures of animals illuminated by the sun. Source Made You Smile « House of 34 Made You Smile I couldn’t resist sharing these pictures! Hope they made you smile! For More Smiles click Here and Here Like this: Like Loading... Top 20 Earth Pictures found on Stumble Upon Everybody knows that Stumbleupon is an great source for beautiful photography, nature, pets, arts and much more. They have millions of users and they are probably the most wide used source for finding quality content. Today, we collected 20 popular photographs from Stumbleupon.

Beautiful And Bizarre Translucent Snail Discovered In Croatia Deep in one of the deepest caves in the world, a cave that reaches more than 4,500 feet below ground, scientists made a startling discovery: a new species of snail with a near-transparent shell. Zospeum tholussum, an air-breathing land snail, is a brand-new entry in the Ellobiidae family of hollow-shelled snails. It's very tiny, with a swirled, translucent dome-shaped shell. The Cutest Kitten in the World Animals This adorable kitten is called Daisy and she lives in Japan. She is photographed by her owner Ben Terode. Advertorial Do you also have a pet? Treat it with care :) PetCareRx is America's most affordable pet pharmacy and supply store on the web. Share The Cutest Baby Animals in the World Today we are going to share some beautiful and cutest pictures of baby animals that are also considered the most beautiful baby animals in the world. Explore our collection and make your day delightful. note: all photos rights are reserved to its respective owners. Baby Chameleon Baby Elephant

10 Amazing Orange Animals Published on Friday, November 2, 2012 by administrator EmailShare 0EmailShare Just in time for October’s burnished autumn leaves and glowing jack-o-lantern pumpkins, these 10 amazing orange animals seek neither tricks nor treats. Instead, their often brilliant fiery hues serve as warning signs; a wish merely to be left alone. Julia Butterfly

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