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Miscellaneous Animals

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Cecil the Lion Died One Year Ago—Here's What's Happened Since. A year ago this week Cecil the lion was killed by Walter Palmer, sparking an international outcry and greater scrutiny of trophy hunting for the heads, skins, or other body parts of wild animals.

Cecil the Lion Died One Year Ago—Here's What's Happened Since

Eight African countries allow the consistent export of lion parts, including Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Tanzania, which holds nearly half the continent’s wild lions. Lions have declined precipitously in the wild, down from an estimated 200,000 continent-wide a century ago to about 20,000 today. Trophy hunting advocates and some conservationists argue that fees from hunts support conservation efforts for the big cats, whose main threats are habitat loss, prey depletion, and greater conflict with humans. Animals Rule Chernobyl 30 Years After Nuclear Disaster. Marina Shkvyria watches for animal tracks as she walks toward an abandoned village in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the area sealed to the public after a nuclear power plant exploded here 30 years ago, on April 26, 1986.

Animals Rule Chernobyl 30 Years After Nuclear Disaster

Spotting one, she crouches and runs her finger over the toes of a wolf print in the loose sand. It may seem strange that Chernobyl, an area known for the deadliest nuclear accident in history, could become a refuge for all kinds of animals—from moose, deer, beaver, and owls to more exotic species like brown bear, lynx, and wolves—but that is exactly what Shkvyria and some other scientists think has happened. Without people hunting them or ruining their habitat, the thinking goes, wildlife is thriving despite high radiation levels. Investor group launches campaign to curb antibiotic use in food. LONDON/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Fifty four large investors managing 1 trillion pounds ($1.41 trillion) in assets have launched a campaign to curb the use of antibiotics in the meat and poultry used by ten large U.S. and British restaurant groups.

Investor group launches campaign to curb antibiotic use in food

McDonalds and JD Wetherspoon were among those to receive a March 15 letter from institutions including Aviva Investors asking them to set a timeline to stop the use of medically important antibiotics in their supply chains. The other eight approached were Domino's Pizza Group, Brinker International, Darden Restaurants, Mitchells & Butlers, Restaurant Brands International, Restaurant Group, The Wendy's Company and Yum!

Brands. Wildlife is absolutely thriving at Chernobyl disaster site. It's hard to find a bright side to the world's worst-ever nuclear disaster, but wildlife may beg to differ.

Wildlife is absolutely thriving at Chernobyl disaster site

After the 1986 fire and explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant released radioactive particles into the atmosphere, everyone left, never to return. But now researchers studying animal populations have made a seriously counterintuitive discovery: Nematode. New Carnivore Discovered. Real Animals That You Didn't Know Existed. Maned Wolf The world we live in is filled with exotic wildlife, and that means more than just lions and giraffes.

Real Animals That You Didn't Know Existed

There are a multitude of species that are lesser known to the general public and fascinating to learn more about. Redditor preggit decided to introduce a whole batch of these real animals that look like they've been Photoshopped. They come in all shapes and sizes and we couldn't help but share them. Look What You've Done, North America! Scientists accidentally kill world's oldest animal at age 507. The oldest animal ever known lived from 1499 until the day researchers cracked its shell open, killing it in the process.

Scientists accidentally kill world's oldest animal at age 507

What A Wonderful World With David Attenborough. Zoo Animals and Their Discontents. Photo Dr.

Zoo Animals and Their Discontents

Where the wild things are. Elephants at the Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

Where the wild things are

Picture: AP Source: AP The Kermode, or spirit bear, fishes for salmon in British Columbia, Canada. Source: Supplied A great white shark swims off the Neptune Islands of South Australia. Source: Supplied A snow leopard in the Hemis National Park in northern India. Vetpaw. The 6 Most Terrifying Pets Humanity Has Bred Into Existence. It's common knowledge that, through selective breeding, humanity can artificially encourage certain traits in animals and plants over very long periods of time.

The 6 Most Terrifying Pets Humanity Has Bred Into Existence

What is less common knowledge is that there are absolutely no qualifications needed to start screwin' with the very foundation of an entire species, and the chief motivator for many selective breeders is apparently "I thought it would be funny. " #6. 10 of the World's Smallest Animals. World’s Smallest Dog: 12.4 cm (4.9-inch) tall At 1.4 pounds and 4.9 inches tall, Ducky, a yappy short-coat Chihuahua from Charlton (Massachusetts, USA), holds the Guinness World Record for the world's smallest living dog (by height).

10 of the World's Smallest Animals

Ducky succeeds Danka Kordak of Slovakia, a Chihuahua who measured 5.4 inches tall. The smallest dog ever, according to Guinness, was a dwarf Yorkshire terrier who stood 2.8 inches tall. World's Smallest Snake: 10.1 cm (4-inch) long Leptotyphlops carlae is the world's smallest species of snake, with adults averaging just under four inches in length. World’s Smallest Fish: 7.9 mm (0.3-inch) long.

36 Bizarre Group Names For Animals. NAT GEO WILD HD. 14 Touching Animal Stories. Animal Mind Control. Animal did you knows. 8 Unlikely Animal Friendships. Did You Know?: The Names of Animals and their Young. The World's Smallest and Deadliest Animals. Smallest And Deadliest Animals: Poison Dart Frog The sprightly and brightly colored frog may look enchanting, but it can produce enough poison to kill 10 humans.

Thriving in humid, tropical environments of Central and Latin America, the poison dart frog oozes black slime from its back, which is actually a neurotoxin used to ward off predators. Australian Box Jellyfish. Animal Groups. The 5 Strangest Felonies Ever Committed by Animals. The best thing about being a wild animal, aside from being able to shit wherever you want, is that crimes that would get a human put away for decades are written off with a comical headline. Everything is hilarious when an animal does it, even if it would be considered a felony in the human world. For instance ... #5. Crocodile Hijacks Plane. Strangest Animal Sleeping Habits. The 6 Weirdest Ways Wild Animals Are Having to Adapt to Us. Humanity's track record with animals has never been stellar.

5 Lovable Animals You Didn't Know Are Secretly Terrifying. The 6 Most Frequently Quoted Bullshit Animal Facts. What do the Terms Crepuscular, Diurnal, and Nocturnal Mean? The Ever so Strange Animal Almanac. …free your imagination… Aquarium of the Pacific. Masters of Disguise. By Wil Longbottom Updated: 07:29 GMT, 8 December 2011 Stare at these pictures for long enough and you might just spot some clever creatures playing the ultimate game of hide and seek. Ediacaran Fauna (some of the oldest animals of all time!) Bizarre Animal Friendships. The MLA conducted a poll in which librarians around the United Kingdom were asked one question, "Which book should every adult read before they die?" Here's the full list. : books.

Big Cat Coats. The 10 weirdest animal discoveries of 2012. 7 Superpowered Animal Senses You Won't Believe Are Possible. The human imagination is pretty limited when it comes to animal senses. Our Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals. The 7 Most Impressive Examples of Animal Architecture. Camoflauge in Animals. The world's fastest animals. Can you find the animals hidden within these photos?

21 More Strange Animals You Didn’t Know Exist. Calico Dog May Be a Chimera. Top 10 Amazing Animal Facts You Should Know About.