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The Best Tools for Visualization

The Best Tools for Visualization
Visualization is a technique to graphically represent sets of data. When data is large or abstract, visualization can help make the data easier to read or understand. There are visualization tools for search, music, networks, online communities, and almost anything else you can think of. Whether you want a desktop application or a web-based tool, there are many specific tools are available on the web that let you visualize all kinds of data. Here are some of the best: Visualize Social Networks Last.Forward: Thanks to's new widget gallery, you can now explore a wide selection of extras to extend your experience. Last Forward Friends Sociomap: Friends Sociomap is another tools that generates a map of the music compatibility between you and your friends. Fidg't:Fidg't is a desktop application that gives you a way to view your networks tagging habits. Fidg't The Digg Tools: One more: Digg Radar . YouTube: Visualize Music Musicovery music visual tools: Amazon Data

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Gallery: How networks help us understand the world As designer Manuel Lima points out in his TED Talk, A visual history of human knowledge, the network has become a powerful way to visualize much of what is going on in the world around us. “Networks really embody notions of decentralization, of interconnectedness, of interdependence,” says Lima. “This way of thinking is critical for us to solve many of the complex problems we are facing nowadays, from decoding the human brain to understanding the vast universe out there.” Here, Lima shares a few of his favorite network graphics. The Strengths of Nations This image shows the connections between scientific disciplines such as astrophysics, math and biochemistry.

10 Years of Touts We just pushed out a quiet little update to our homepage. Nothing world-changing, just a nice refresh to help establish what Panic is all about for first-time visitors. (I had far more elaborate plans for the homepage — at one point involving building actual sets, no joke — but after so many years of “I’m sure we can get to it next week!”, and after building up so much internal pressure that everything we do has to be earth-shattering, it felt great for me to sit down and do something quick, simple, and fun. Open Data Tools - Visualization Community- and info platform around data visualizations. FlowingData Blog around data visualization, infographics and statistics. Google Chart Tools Javascript API from Google to easily create visualization charts, also from real-time data.

Why I don’t tweet. Example #47 So I am on the way to a nice dinner with wife and child and Mr. Bourdain emails me. Seems someone named Andy Cohen, who is also involved in this sprawling and relentless medium of television in some important way, has gotten into a back-and-forth with Mr. Bourdain on Twitter.

DBTropes – skipforward's like TV Tropes, but LINKED DATA! About ¶ ​ is a wiki-based catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. It contains pages for numerous movies, books, and other items, and associates these with tropes (writing devices and conventions). Intelligent Life magazine In 1914 John G. Bartholomew, the scion of an Edinburgh mapmaking family and cartographer royal to King George V, published “An Atlas of Economic Geography”. It was a book intended for schoolboys and contained everything a thrusting young entrepreneur, imperialist, trader or traveller could need.

Google transparency report 2013: find out what the world's governments want to know about you More and more governments around the world are either asking Google to remove content - or tell them who its users are. Google's transparency report is the guide to how the governments of the world are interacting with the web giant in 2012. And it's an alarming picture. The report covers two types of requests: • Government requests to remove content from Google• Government requests from around the world to hand over user data This is how those numbers break down. The Top 20 Affiliate Networks 2015 1Rakuten Linksharelinkshare.comA close competition between Rakuten LinkShare and CJ as always, but the quality of LinkShare’s advertiser support is hard to ignore.2CJ by Conversantcj.comCJ is felt by some to have a technology lead over their competition and is a little more popular with publishers. A very popular professional industry entry-point for many publishers. Ease of use and broad product offerings make it simple.4Avangateavangate.comAn impressive jump in the rankings resulting from very strong support from their vibrant publisher community.5ebay Partner Newtorkebaypartnernetwork.comThe absorption of Pepperjam and the bigger, stronger eBay Partner Network is extremely well-liked by publishers.6ClickBankclickbank.comStill huge even as they have had to evolve with the changing rules on promotions and disclosures. Past Winners:2014 – Top 20 Affiliate Networks

Timeline JS3 - Beautifully crafted timelines that are easy, and intuitive to use. Because there are so many details to the styling, this is not exactly simple, but, if you have some technical capacity, you can override TimelineJS's CSS rules and have complete control over the look of the timeline. For details, see Using the TimelineJS CSS selectors. You will need to be able to instantiate the Timeline in javascript on your own page. (There is no way to override the CSS using the iframe embed.) Then, either in <style> tags in that page, or in an external stylesheet, you can specify CSS rules changing some or all of TimelineJS's default presentation. The basis of TimelineJS's styles are in these files, which use the Less CSS preprocessor. Wikileaks data visualisations: what you did with our Iraq and Afghanistan spreadsheets Turn autoplay off Edition: <span><a href="

Creator Processing ... Personal $ Svg $20 ✓ Examples See what JFugue can do! Each of the examples below is a complete program that you can copy, paste, and run. Have fun! "Hello, World" in JFugue Create music with only a few lines of code!

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