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YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn Drive More Engaged Referrals Than Facebook, Twitter [STUDY] - Shareaholic looked a six months of data from more than 200,000 websites between September 2013 and February 2014 and discovered that the most engaged referral traffic comes from YouTube, which delivered 3 minutes 47 seconds and 2.99 page views per visitor. AllTwitter Google Tests Product Images Within Organic Listings - It seems Google is testing showing product images in the organic, free search result listings, for certain e-commerce sites. This was first spotted in a Moz thread for a site that sells ski equipment named Search Engine Land

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Entrepreneur - Growth HackerDuraid - Entrepreneur - Growth Hacker Every website has holes in its design that could be rather costly to you, and it’s not always easy to figure out why. Making gut decisions about the design of your websites has been proven to be useless when it comes to conversion rate optimization. In fact, you can have the most beautiful website in the world and fail at converting your visitors into subscribers, users, customers or whatever your goals is. You’re reading this post because you’re interested in either: The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing For WordPressThe Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing For BloggersThe Ultimate Guide To WordPress Split Testing, orHow To A/B Test On WordPress

River Instagram Tool Blog - Instagram search and engagement tips for brands When I started having fun with Instagram I didn’t know much. I heard that Instagram is great for brands, but what I didn’t feel right is that Instagram is a good fit for the tech business like ours which is not about pretty photos. At Colibri IO (a tech startup that loves creating marketing tools like River) we don’t really have that much to … Continue reading How to build a brand on Instagram in 7 easy steps First of all, thank you all for over 92300 replies to our survey (WOW! YOU ROCK!) where we asked about River, what you use Instagram for and what are your needs and pain-points.

Risdall Marketing Pie According to Twitter’s S-1 document, the IPO launch date is set for November 15th. Revenue models, risks, and user base – Here is what potential investors need to know. On September 12th, Twitter officially announced that it “confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO.”

Envato Market Envato Market ThemeForest CodeCanyon VideoHive AudioJungle GraphicRiver PhotoDune 3DOcean ActiveDen Guest Cart Create an Envato Account Sign In Search Envato Market webris Before investing in content, you need to understand it I hate marketing buzzwords. “Growth hacking”. “Big data”. “Hyperlocal”. The one I hate most? Forget the 'S' Word: How to Make a Sustainable Lifestyle Sexy and Aspirational Rob & Mart Drake-Knight, founders of eco-fashion brand Rapanui, appeal to consumers through hip images and messaging, not by preaching the virtues of sustainable clothing. | Image credit: Julian Winslow This is a call for lots less chatter, twitter and yammer about the earth’s limits and in place of those, a world of new, real and lively conversations around ‘persuasive’ limits. Let me give an example of why: According to the latest data, concentrations of carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in human history.

ContentTools Are You Interested To See How Interactive Content Can Help Your Business? Click below to receive your one-on-one consultation Receive My Consultation The marketing team carries a heavy responsibility, and their efforts often either boost or tank sales and revenue tactics. Brand Deep Dives: A Tool to Co-Create Common Convictions Image credit: In this series, Christophe Fauconnier & Benoit Beaufils, respectively CEO & founding partner of brand consultancy Innate Motion, present the tools that the company uses to develop purposeful, mission-driven brands with their clients. Benoit & Christophe view their tools as a free “thoughtware” suite, and propose that readers borrow and reapply.

How to Match Great Content to Your Sales Funnel In the B2B marketing world, the buying cycle is long. Unlike in B2C marketing, your future customer doesn't simply walk up to your vending machine, make a purchase, and become a closed sale. There's a long cycle that has a lot of money and resources at stake, so you need to nurture your prospects all the way through the process. Storytelling and Data: Using Two Sides of the Brain Is Better Than One A still from Unilever's "Help a Child Reach 5" video | Image credit: Unilever In nine earlier parts of this series, we discussed 19 pitfalls in the sustainable business metrics field. (Find the first 7 articles here and the last two here.) It's all a question of story. We are in trouble just because we do not have a good story. — Opening line of Thomas Berry’s 1978 ecological monograph, The New Story Take a look at Stephan Lewandowsky’s excellent Guardian piece that compares war reporting’s history with mismanaged data to current failures in climate change media reporting.

How Brands Can Connect with Consumers — Through 'Storydoing' Image credit: Harvard Business Review Press We all have a personal metastory, a story that we build through every action we take, every choice that we act on, and every purchase we make. It is the story that emerges in the minds of others as they see us and our choices. This is true for people and for brands.