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5 Web Tools to Create Awesome Digital Newspapers for Your Class

5 Web Tools to Create Awesome Digital Newspapers for Your Class
To help you create digital newspapers for your class, we curated a list of some of our favorite web tools for this purpose. The list below is an updated version of the list we created last year. enjoy 1- Issuu This is my favorite. To create a newspaper using Issuu , all you need to do is upload the content of your news paper into Issuu and choose the template you like and there you go. The tool is free and requires a sign up. 2- Scribd This is another popular web tool to use for publishing your class digital magazine. 3- Zinepal This tools lets you create an ebook or magazine from posts and articles of a blog. This one here is very simple and easy to use.

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Miscellaneous reading worksheets Are you experienced?An American English worksheet to read a list of life experiences and find out how experienced you are.Are you experienced?A British English worksheet to read a list of life experiences and find out how experienced you are.Cultural tic tac toeAn American English worksheet to practice the present passive.DescriptionsAn American English worksheet to write a description of a place or person using given words and expressions.DescriptionsA British English worksheet to write a description of a place or a person using given words and expressions.Did you know …?An American English worksheet to match two parts of a sentence.Did you know …?

Present perfect aspect – tips and activities By Kerry G.Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield Tips and ideas from Kerry Maxwell and Lindsay Clandfield on teaching the present perfect aspect. Introduction When teaching the present perfect, or explaining the present perfect, it is often easiest to focus on the use of the present perfect rather than the meaning. This is especially true for the first time students encounter it (usually associated with the use of talking about experiences). However, sooner or later you will be looking at different uses of the present perfect, and more often than not its relation with the past tense. I slept like a log. (Sleep idioms) – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog by Kate Woodford This week, we’re looking at the surprising number of idioms in English that relate to sleep and rest. Try to stay awake till the end! Starting with the morning, if you say that someone is in the land of the living, you mean that they are awake. This is a humorous phrase, sometimes used of someone who has finally woken up after a lie-in (= a time when they have stayed in bed in the morning later than usual): I was hoping to speak to Klara.

15 Apps for the One iPad Classroom Hooray! You have a brand new, shiny iPad to use in your classroom this year. Boo—there's only one iPad and 35 eager kids ready to use it. 'As American as Apple Pie' Why is apple pie so American? (USDA photo by Scott Bauer) Welcome back to Words and Their Stories from VOA Learning English! Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 6 Excellent New Web Tools Teachers should Try This Summer I have been doing a lot of curation of educational web tools and have been looking particularly for tools that teachers and educators can explore and use during this summer. I came across some wonderful titles from Getting Smart and included them in the selection below. Check it out and share with us if you have new titles to add to this list: 1- Graphite There are no limits to what a great educator can achieve when they have the right tools.

We Put Things in "Apple Pie Order" Now, the VOA Special English program Words and Their Stories. Today we tell about the expression “apple pie order.” It means “in perfect order, very well organized.” Nobody is sure where and when the expression “apple pie order” began. How To Turn Your iBook Into A Video In 3 Easy Steps We often get asked by teachers how they can share the books they have made using Book Creator for iPad or any other iBooks with people who don’t own an Apple device. A common example might be to share the work of their students with parents, or on the school’s blog. Although there are a few workarounds for sharing iBooks, this article explores an excellent way to convert your iBook into a video format, which can easily be shared across a number of platforms. Step 1: Create a screencast of your iPad

Homes of the Future Good morning. Today I'll be experiencing a taste of the future. From the latest in home design to incredible gadgets, I’ll be looking at how we could be living in the future. A hot shower is a great start to the day, but this is no ordinary shower. The 100 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You One of the most popular posts on Edudemic in 2010 was The 35 Best Web 2.0 Classroom Tools Chosen By You and I felt it might be time for an update to that list for 2011. In order to put together a list of the best Web 2.0 classroom tools, I polled my Twitter followers, Facebook fans (are they still called fans? Likes?) and ran a contest to try and get as many submissions as possible. There were more than 900 submissions but many were duplicates.

Reading house This lesson focuses on describing houses, and what our houses can say about us. Students will review vocabulary to describe different types of houses and their features, read about unusual housing types, speak about housing in their own country and take part in a discussion about young people leaving home. Aims: • To learn and practise vocabulary for describing houses. • To develop reading skills • To practise speaking and discussion skills. Age group: 12- adult Blogging for ELT It gives an overview of blogging websites, suggests why you might want to use them, and gives some practical advice on setting up blogs for use with your own classes. What is a blog? Types of blogs used in language teaching Why blog?