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Intercom - A customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners

Intercom - A customer relationship management and messaging tool for web app owners

Clicks for Cash - Online Advertising - Money for Website Sure, your company's website brings in business, but it can also become a revenue generator in its own right. Using these free services, you paste a little code into your website and pick up revenue when people stop by. It's easy money, but proceed cautiously. For one thing, customers could be turned off by a site that's cluttered with ads. Plus, ads typically steer visitors away from your site, which is particularly worrisome if you've inadvertently displayed ads for your competition. These tools aren't right for every business, but handled with care, they could pad your profit margins--or at least subsidize your Web hosting fees. Best For: Making money with little effort Google AdSense What it does: Displays text, image, and video ads based on your site's content What's cool: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) searches your site and serves ads that are relevant to its content. Drawbacks: It doesn't let you approve ads before they run on your site. Best For: Selling ads to your customers AdBrite

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Airbrake: The app error app snap 링크 블로그 Roost Social Marketing Platform This sidebar allows you to zero in on what posts you want to look at. You can select a date range and individual filters. When the box next to a filter is full, that means you will see posts that meet that criterion. Select the date range of posts you'd like to see. Choose to see posts that have already been published (sent), are scheduled for the future, or both combined. Select which campaigns you'd like to see or not see. Select which post types you'd like to see or not see. Select the network destinations to which you've published that should appear in the feed. My posts shows you what your posts will look like when they publish to your social networks. Things you can do in the "My Posts" column: See when posts are scheduled to go out, or when they went out. In the bottom right-hand corner of each post, you'll see an icon that tells you what type of post it is (Link, Status Update, Question, etc.). Change the date, time, and comment for scheduled posts. Circles is a sharing network.

37signals: Web-based collaboration apps for small business 피드버너로 이메일구독위젯 블로그에 달기 Mar 6 2012 [블로그연재] 피드버너로 이메일 구독위젯 제작하여 블로그에 설치하기 피드버너의 이메일을 설정하면 블로그에 새글이 등록될때마다. 자동으로 발행하여 구독자들이 쉽게 정보을 얻을 수 있도록 제공한다. 발행은 글이 등록한 익일 새벽에 일괄 발송되며, 수천통의 메일을 발송한다고 하더라도 비용은 전혀 들지 않는다. 1. 2. (1) 복사한 소스 <form style=”border:1px solid #ccc;padding:3px;text-align:center;” action=” method=”post” target=”popupwindow” onsubmit=”‘ (2) 결과값 3. (1) 티스토리의 경우 – 관리센터의 꾸미기에서 사이드바을 클릭한다. (2) 워드프레스의 경우 – 관리자툴에 위젯을 클릭한다. 이동현 원장 (사)교회정보기술연구원 원장, (사)한국교회 언론회 정보통신 전문위원, 구글오프라인 사용자 모임 운영자, (전)한기총 정보위 전문위원, (전)국민일보 모바일강사 Affiliates | LinkedInfluence Make money promoting a solid product If you care about promoting rock solid products that over deliver on value, then you will love the feedback you get when promoting LinkedInfluence. We have spent months working on this product, and the results speak for themselves. We have received tons of great feedback. Since inception, LinkedInfluence has had a low refund rate of 5.8%. How much will you earn? We are happy to reward you with 50% of all sales including the upsell & continuity offers. Your Affiliate Link Simply log in to ClickBank and get your hop link. Enter your affiliate link in the form below to receive your copy and paste code. 300 x 250 Input your affiliate link in the form above to get your copy and paste code. 250 x 250 300 x 125 468 x 60 125 x 125 728 x 90 Even More Options Sample Headlines The “Secret” Social Network? Copy and Paste email for affiliates Swipe Email #1 Swipe Email #2 Swipe Email #3 Swipe Email #4 Additional Bullet Points