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I’m so excited about being in Vogue Paris this month. It was so much fun having the team at my home, and being photographed by the talented Matthew Kristall. Emmanulle Alt and Capucine Safyurtlu was okaying everything from Paris over the phone. So fancy. I’m wearing my favorite vintage dress and chill dungarees by Frame denim, Celine loafers, Acne jeans, Alexander Wang sweater, Calvin Klein Collection blue woolen cropped top and mens cloud sweater, Elizabeth & James cropped baby blue corduroy jeans, Alaïa cutout boots, Miu Miu mirrored skirt and Carven maroon cropped top My rescue dog Hillary Clinton accompanied me on the shoot, and didn’t mind the attention at all.

Studded Hearts Planet Blue’s lastest fall campaign They produce the best lookbooks and quite often too! How I Met Your Style Tell us a little bit about yourself Hmmm…. Well, I was born in Cuba, grew up in Russia and spent the last 15 years of my life in the states. I’m currently in the process of moving back to Los Angeles with my boyfriend for my new job as a Marketing and PR manager for a couple of online fashion retailers. How’d you get into fashion? ICONIA Street Style Blog Photo: Craig Arend / Altamira Photo: Photo: Diego Zuko

Amanda Jane Jones: My Better Half I've only met Naomi and Andy Martin once in my lifetime. It was Halloween, 2008. Cree was dressed as an accountant and I was his frumpy secretary (giant glasses, a dress with a doily collar and a gallon of hairspray). Global Street Fashion and Street Style Garance Doré - Page 4 The thing I heard the most this weekend during our Open Studio was from readers who came over to say: “I’ve been following your blog for years, it’s so great to see how it’s evolving…!” and nothing could make me happier than feeling that empathy. It’s fantastic, because it always reminds me of how I started — not even talking about it, being almost a little embarrassed to have the audacity to imagine that I could have a blog, or that I had this micro dream of doing something of my own. Back then, I didn’t tell anyone about it — only my three closest friends, actually. Read more

MAFFASHION exploring fashion & style inspirations My little Fabric, Food and Creation Devil wears Zara That's So Rue You procrastinated, didn’t you? Well, the good news is that of you order from @ruelala, you can STILL get it by Xmas. Shop the Mini Penny wish list:... kurt hummel is a member of a website advertising, “tops and bottoms for days.” *gigglesnort* bought two vera bradley travel duffels AND a lilly iPad case. For less than $80. Fashion Squad Street Etiquette ♡ Zoé Macaron ♡ - Blog mode, déco & beauté dans un univers gourmand & coloré !

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