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Leather Gloves Guide: Everyone Could Use a Bit More Elegance. Leather gloves are a must-have fashion accessory that any woman should have – they have the power to give any outfit a sophisticated and elegant touch.

Leather Gloves Guide: Everyone Could Use a Bit More Elegance

Nothing looks more classy and chic than a quality pair of leather gloves. They can be paired with pretty much any style and go well with other fashion accessories as well. Online and offline shops offer a wide range of leather gloves on sale that differ in design, colour, size and of course, quality. The most important features to look for in a quality pair are style, durability and most importantly comfort.

Fashion Hats Power: Stand in the Cold & Stand Out from the Crowd - ListY. While you can wear hats all year round, when winter rolls around, for most of us it is an absolute necessity.

Fashion Hats Power: Stand in the Cold & Stand Out from the Crowd - ListY

Without hats and hoodies, you are most likely going to freeze your ears off, not to mention your head is where body heat escapes so you can feel especially cold without something keeping it warm. Just because you wear hats to keep warm doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish so below we’ll go over a few different choices of women’s hats that you have to choose from. Beanies Beanies are classic for both men and women and they can also make a fashion statement. How to Choose and Maintain Your Leather Bag – The Best In Melbourne. Be it sports, casual, or elegant, leather handbags are a must-have fashion accessory in every women’s wardrobe.

How to Choose and Maintain Your Leather Bag – The Best In Melbourne

When looking to buy leather womens bags, online stores have the best deals for your money. Whether oversized, tote, shoulder or clutch bags, you can find a large selection of different size, shape and colour of leather womens bags. Headwear Trends Winter 2016. If you are a type of person who loves to buy different accessories including hats, then it’s the right time for you to add some uniquely designed hats in your buying cart and to be ready for the upcoming winter season.

Headwear Trends Winter 2016

For that matter, join us on a tour that we named it ”Going on a hat hunt” and arm yourself with some trendy hats for a complete look of your whole outfit that will make you fell attractive when walking down the streets. Our first destination is: French Berets – Always Trendy And Attractive These simple yet unique hats are also known as artist berets and are worn not only by Parisian women but also by women all around the world who are retro souls and who are in love with art.

They match with almost every outfit from classical coats to tartan wraps because they are casual and come in an endless number of colours. Womens Leather Gloves Buying Guide. 3 min read Anytime you see celebrities on the red carpet you become charmed by their dress code, hairstyle and all those beautiful accessory pieces they are using to complement their overall look.

Womens Leather Gloves Buying Guide

Sometimes it is not just about the dress, it is more about those sparkling necklaces, earrings, and of course, the beautiful pair of leather gloves. Is just amazing of how a simple pair of leather gloves can make even the simplest dress looking so stylish and fabulous. If you are invited to a party and you want to achieve this classic style that has always been striking, all you need is a pair of quality leather gloves.

With the right gloves, your simple black dress will get a whole new look. Hats: Stylish Sun Protection. We all know that pair of shades and the sun protection factor (SPF) are essential in fight against the harmful sun rays.

Hats: Stylish Sun Protection

Although, you should not stop there. For example, a great designed hat is not just wearable, stylish and attractive, but very functional as well. When it comes to function and form, women hats come in wide range. They make versatile and really fun accessories, they are perfect way to top off any blouse combo and casual jeans or summer sun dress. Aside all this, they provide great sun protection and grant you a bit of refreshing shade. Another great thing is that women hats are easily available. A wide brimmed hat covers places where people find difficult to apply sunscreen like the scalp. When it comes to the question how to choose the right hat, there isn’t fast and hard rule. Best Travel Bags For Women. For every planned or unexpected journey with your friends or hubby, having the right travel bag is a must.

Best Travel Bags For Women

And since travel bags for women come in a variety of designs, sizes, colours and models, every woman out there is able to find one that will both suit her needs and be a stylish reflections of her personality. The perfect travel bag needs to be lightweight, but still able to gather all of your little bits and bobs you cannot live without and here’s our roundup: Weekender If looking for a stylish, sturdy and functional travel bag, Weekender from Condura is enough to make sure that you hit the road with style. Available in black and brown, this bag has enough space to gather all of your essentials for your quick escape from the crowd.

The Twill Weekender The San Francisco’s Everlane weekender features 100% water resistant cotton twill exterior, gunmetal feet and leather straps. The Catalina The Forever Tote. 5 Wardrobe Essentials You Should Own By The Time You're 30 - Amandaneuerer's blog. Overnight Bag: Never Check A Bag For A Weekend Getaway Againc. Weekender Bags Best For A Weekend Getaway - They Knows. Summer is all about those carefree weekend getaways.

Weekender Bags Best For A Weekend Getaway - They Knows

I just love the feeling when I hear my baby saying “Are you up for a quick weekend getaway babe?” Well of course I am! “Let me just pack my overnight bag baby” :))) This really is the perfect start of a Friday morning! And when it comes to weekend getaways, having the right womens overnight bag is a must. Mallory Trolley Bag I just really love the look of the Mallory Trolley polyurethane PU overnight bag. How Much Influence Do Fashion Bloggers Have? How Much Influence Do Fashion Bloggers Have?

How Much Influence Do Fashion Bloggers Have?

Have you ever heard about Nicole Warne or also known as Gary Pepper? Or what about Jess Dempsey? They are two of the most popular and influential Australian bloggers these years, and you simply cannot miss them! They are basically everywhere, especially on Facebook and Instagram. And precisely the pictures they share on these social sites drive the sales of womens accessories and handbags a lot. Speaking from my point of view, there were a lot of super Australian brands I happen not to know, and thanks to these bloggers (that I follow on Instagram and Facebook) I have discovered an array of them.

Many fashion reports show that on Instagram, bloggers have a larger audience than the traditional online magazines. When it comes to Instagram, the Italian and U.S. bloggers are among the most popular. A Handbag Is A Girl's Best Friend. Let's just admit that men simply cannot understand our obsession for fashion accessories.

A Handbag Is A Girl's Best Friend

Maybe there is one small percent of them who will understand, but the number is just too small. Have you ever seen women go wild? If not, don't miss the next "Black Friday" or some other great sale. Leather Gloves: Functionality And Style In One. Nothing can add up to a winter outfit like nice and soft leather gloves. Leather gloves are the spark that brightens up your overall outfit, making it look different, but stylish and functional as well.

All gloves are beautiful on its own, however, the material and final touches are what makes gloves unique and stylish. The Etiquette of Wearing a Hat. Beach Day Checklist by Amanda N. Tips For Shopping For The Right Tote Bags. Tote bags are some of the most stylish, versatile and most practical bags you can choose. A tote bag makes a perfect companion for every outfit and occasion. You can wear a tote for a night out, for school, for the gym, for the beach and more. What To Wear When Backpacking Australia In Summer. Feeling excited about summer 2015? So do we. Hence, if one of your future summer plans is backpacking Australia, few instructions may come in handy when making your packing choice, regardless of whether your activities will be concentrated on the East Coast beaches or you will be more focused on the outback. Condura Fashion Accessories - Handbags, Hats, Scarves and More - Women's Fashion Accessories Online - Condura.