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Fashion and retail

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3D-Printed Eyeglasses : Eyewear Kit. By: Meghan Young - Published: Feb 12, 2014 • References: eyewearkit & psfk Prescription eyeglasses can be boring, unless a person wants to fork over a small fortune on designer frames; the Eyewear Kit provides a more creative and affordable solution.

3D-Printed Eyeglasses : Eyewear Kit

The Eyewear Kit revolves around customized 3D printed frames that are then fitted with specialized lenses that range from sun lenses for €29.00 (about $40) to polarized and transitions for €149.00 (about $200). In addition to the wide range of colors and specifications the Eyewear Kit provides customers with, it is now offering a collection of designer frames crafted by Michiel Cornelissen. From intricate latticework to armless eyeglasses, each of his designs is made using Shapeways technology. 3D-Printed Fingernails : 3D-Printed Fingernails. If colored and patterned manicures aren't your style, how would you feel about bringing texture to your fingertips in the form of these 3D-Printed Fingernails?

3D-Printed Fingernails : 3D-Printed Fingernails

Yes, there is yet another way to bring detail to fashionable hands, in the form of raised designs rather than flat and strictly visual embellishments. What you get with these embossed fake nails is a tactility that translates to intriguing shadows that first appear to be optical illusions. TheLaserGirls (Dhemerae Ford and Sarah C. Awad) have created something more cutting-edge than a nail polish job, with protruding geometric forms and unique motifs that literally pop.

Outsider Fashion. BB.Suit 0.2 cleans the air around the wearer. Fashion and technology: a Dutch team is presenting a garment that purifies the polluted air surrounding the wearer, at this week's Beijing Design Week.

BB.Suit 0.2 cleans the air around the wearer

Designers Borre Akkersdijk and Eva de Laat collaborated with Martijn ten Bhomer from the Eindhoven University of Technology, Daan Spangenberg Graphics, StudioFriso and Want to create a one-piece suit that has electrical threads woven into the fabric, enabling it to provide GPS, Wi-Fi and air-cleaning technologies. "The BB.Suit started because everyone was talking about wearable technology, the bracelets, the glasses," Akkersdijk told Dezeen. "We thought about how we could really integrate the electrical threads and sensors and not just stick them on. " The BB.Suit uses cold plasma technology to create a bubble of clean air around the wearer. Fashion, Trends, Beauty Tips & Celebrity Style Magazine.

Lights, camera, lipstick: beauty vloggers are changing the face of the make-up industry. We are in a warm black-walled room in central London and the air is thick with perfume.

Lights, camera, lipstick: beauty vloggers are changing the face of the make-up industry

A group of teenage girls looks from face to face, not sure who should introduce themselves first. To start with they are shy, clutching cups of tea and lip gloss, but as time passes they relax. The room gets even warmer. This is a studio in YouTube’s offices, and these are amateur beauty video bloggers: vloggers. They are here to learn about lighting, presenting and networking. For YouTube, these small-screen performers mean big business, in shades of pastel, lime and bronze. Watching their videos one after the other, you risk slipping into a sweet sort of trance. The most successful British beauty vloggers are little industries in themselves. “While the typical YouTube age range is, say, 11-16, we have a really big range of people, starting from 16 right up to 65,” Pixiwoo’s Nic told the Financial Times.

Scan it, print it, wear it: the future of fashion is 3D. In the future you’ll be able to print your party dress at home, your T-shirt will be able to hug you, your clothes will clean themselves and models will just be holograms on the catwalk!

scan it, print it, wear it: the future of fashion is 3D

Except wait… this is all happening right now. Innovation in fashion is developing at full speed, so what does the future look like? A year ago there were rumours of a fabric called Quantum Stealth that could bend light around the wearer to portray what was behind them, in front of them – a real-life invisibility cloak! While the fashion world hasn’t yet set eyes on this elusive material (for obvious reasons?! The science of shopping: digital innovations shaping the future of retail. The London Eye is probably the right place for blue sky thinking, and there is a lot of it going on as the capsule dangles over a sun-kissed, picture-postcard London.

The science of shopping: digital innovations shaping the future of retail

A group of retail entrepreneurs are brainstorming about how their industry will look in 30 years' time as the ferris wheel spins, and it's enough to make you dizzy: online shopping done without lifting a finger and changing-room mirrors with a hotline to your best friend. The future is so bright, we're going to need (Google Glass) shades. With the hyperbolic title 30/30 Vision, the event has the hallmarks of a Sir Richard Branson stunt and indeed it is part of a series being run by the business-to-business arm of Virgin Media – with the carrot of an audience with the leonine entrepreneur himself.

But it has a serious undercurrent as technology rewrites the rulebook for traditional high street retailers, who are being forced to reinvent themselves in a digital age.