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Lovelydyedlocks.tumblr. Ne me quitte pas, peace out ! I still hear whispers that i'm doomed. 40 DIY Leather Projects We Love. RESERVED by CreoleSha. Taupe Brown Women's Dress Upcycled Clothing by BrokenGhostClothing. Upcycled Clothing / Tattered Gray Ruffle by GarageCoutureClothes. Eco upcycled clothing earthy Bohemian by lillienoradrygoods. Black Upcycled Shirt Women's Gray Top Green by BrokenGhostClothing. Upcycled clothing . romantic tattered dress . by pondhopper. 20 off July Sale romantic Upcycled clothing / by CreoleSha. Eco upcycled clothing Tattered Romantic by lillienoradrygoods. Sewing with lace : It's a Stitch Up. Posted by Suzie on Tuesday, 7 September 2010 at 23:00 Seaming lace is just one of the new techniques I’ve had to pick up for Zoe’s wedding dress.

Sewing with lace : It's a Stitch Up

The effect of the all-over lace is stunning, but sewing it is not high on my list of experiences I would like to repeat. While every other aspect of the dress as well as I could ever have hoped, making the lace over-skirt nearly drove me to insanity. A floating lace layer can’t be seamed like other fabrics because a normal seam would look unsightly through the fabric as the raw edges would be visible. A cheap lace garment would be zig-zagged or overlocked in a straight line, but that would not be suitable for a wedding dress. And Bridal Couture by Susan Khalje The skirt section of the dress has a fitted section and a flared section. Pattern pieces have to be cut outside of the cutting lines on the paper pattern, around the lace pattern, to allow for a significant overlap. Aligning lace using seam lines marked with thread. Spot the seam! Tender sunshine... Plus size romantic upcycled by MollaMaia. Tatter Skirt Tutorial. RESERVED . upcycled clothing . tattered alternative wedding dress.

46 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You'll Actually Want To Wear.

Sweater Repurpose

Autumn flower pins. I was itching to make some cute flower pins for autumn.

autumn flower pins

I know you’ve probably seen these all over blogland and they are super easy to make. I finished all of these in about an hour and a half, but that was making lots of mistakes along the way too, and digging for fabric scraps. This one is just taking a strip of fabric, twisting, and rolling into a circle, hot glue gunning along the way, and then adding a little bling to the middle. (an old earring I had) For this one, I used Tidymom’s rosette flower pin tutorial. For the pyro lovers out there, this one was the most fun to make. For this one, I cut up a sweater that I shrunk. Scrunch them up, Put some stitches in the back to hold it.

Roll up a small strip into a little cinnamon roll. Hot glue it in the center, spray it with some yummy perfume. And you’re ready for fall! Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay. Diy fashion and lifestyle blogger, DIY: Pokémon All Around~~ When I moved to LA I... When I moved to LA I mistakenly thought I wouldn’t need any of my winter clothes until I went back to Chicago over the holidays to get them.

diy fashion and lifestyle blogger, DIY: Pokémon All Around~~ When I moved to LA I...

But I was wrong about how quickly I’d adapt to the weather here and now get cold just the same as everyone else. Much reference, if you’re like me and you love do-it-yourself... Tutorial: Adding Bias Tape via Hong-Kong Stitch. How to make your own dress form. Free Skirt Sewing Patterns - over 100. Introducing an EPIC list of free skirt sewing patterns.

Free Skirt Sewing Patterns - over 100

I KNOW you all love free patterns – its the most searched for area of my site. And you LOVE the Pinterest Group Board where you all share your favorite free sewing patterns. And the Free Dress Patterns List was the biggest traffic generator on the site for weeks after it was published. So, here you have it. Tracing a Pattern onto Fabric, CRAFTOVISION. Pink Floral Eyelet Lawn. DIY-pleated dress. Making a picnic dress. Several people have asked me how to make my Picnic Dress.

Making a picnic dress

It’s a bit too complicated for the step by step instruction on how to draft a pattern I gave for the draped t-shirt, but I hope this will be enough detail for anyone who is familiar with how dresses are made. You will need 4 yards of 45″ fabric and an 18″ zipper. These are the pieces of the pattern.

Mark out the measurements listed and the distances between them. For example, on the waistband measure out the distance between your underbust/ribcage and your waist, then measure half your ribcage measurement at one side and half your waist measurement at the other. If you’re not used to making your own sleeves, trace both the arm hole and the top of the sleeve off a pattern you’ve used before and like.

To make the curve of the skirt even, use your tape measure like an enormous protractor. To gather the top, mark out a distance ¾ of the difference between bust and underbust measurement on one side. Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding. Over the years I have posted many bias related posts (see the collection below), but it's just occurred to me that I never shown you how to sew on bias.

Tutorial: How to sew on bias binding

Many of you have problems catching the back when sewing bias on so I'll show you a trick so that it catches every time. I will do a series of posts showing you how to sew on bias, do corners and finish bias.Edited : Other posts in this series included : how to add bias to curves & mitred corners Today we start with sewing bias on. Start by placing your opened bias fold to the edge of your fabric. Right side of your bias will be placed against the wrong side of your fabric. Sew along the fold line with a straight stitch Turn over so your right side of main fabric is facing up and press bias away from the edge. Women’s Clothing. Married to a bmw Free Sewing Patterns: Women’s Clothing 06.

Women’s Clothing

February 2009 · 18 comments · Categories: Sewing. PATTERNS on Pinterest. Tutorial - Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back. As I wrote before here: Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back I sewn a doily as appliqué on the back of the top.

Tutorial - Tanks with upcycled vintage crochet doily back

So today I show it step by step so you can make it at home and have a absolutely unique top. You can decorate also t-shirt.The doily should be neither too small nor too big. Put it in the center of the back and draw a circle with a chalk. Circle should be smaller than doily about 1 cm/0.4" from every edge, it's necessary for the seam allowance. Cut out a circle from the back of the top. Then cuff inside the edge by about 0.7-1 cm/0.3-0.4" and pin the napkin. Baste it. After that, sew from the back on the sewing machine with zig-zag stitch with the largest width of the stitch. No homo, Dolphin. *flies into the sun* Brohansebastianbach: reliquatory: Tiny... Pin by Jena-Marie Barrett on Butt. Where are their nipples, important cosplay resources. Tutorials. Lolitas don't only wear expensive imported clothes, many Lolitas use a bit of craftyness to make their own clothes and accessories!

There are lots of great tutorials out there if you're interested in making your own Lolita pieces and here's a list of some of my favorites. These range from beginner to intermediate in a variety of fields from sewing to sculpting, I've also included tutorials related to hair and makeup as well as general clothing care. These tutorials are on a variety of sites, communities, and forums, so there's no guarantee that they will be there forever!

If you would like to save a tutorial (or any web page) onto your computer for future reference, in your internet browser go to File > Save Page As and make sure the file type is set to "Web Page, complete". I keep a whole folder with saved tutorial pages, just in case! I am only adding clear tutorials with lots of pictures and photos of the finished result. General Tips and Tricks Sewing and Crafting Tutorials. Bustle Skirt Tutorial?? Ivory Jacquard. Budget Lolita is making it all yourself! A huge list of tutorials. "Seamless" body suit.