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Facebook Twitter : Blog mode Homme, Magazine homme et Conseils pour bien s'habiller. Pitti Uomo été 2014 : le style italien en 10 points (2/2) Note : La première partie de cet article sur les tenues du Pitti Uomo est ici (et tous ceux sur le Pitti Uomo sont là). 6.

Pitti Uomo été 2014 : le style italien en 10 points (2/2)

Les pantalons courts au Pitti Uomo Faisabilité en France : de moins en moins risqué (cela fait un bon moment qu’on voit des hommes retrousser leurs pantalons en été, quand bien même cela ne fait pas unanimité). Par contre, avec des chaussures habillées, difficile de montrer la cheville. Ce n’est pas compliqué, 99% des hommes au Pitti Uomo portent des pantalons qui laissent les chevilles bien visibles. Certains pantalons sont retroussés, d’autres sont coupés volontairement très courts. Ce que j’en pense ? Pour ma part, si j’étais assez réticent au début, je trouve que cela ajoute une touche estivale très facile, et ça serait bien dommage de faire la mauvaise langue en disant que cela donne un effet « pêche aux moules ». Regardez toutes les photos ci-dessus, vous allez voir du pantalon court partout… 7.

Les Italiens aiment visiblement l’été. 8. 9. 10. Make my lemonade. Interview with Anita Quansah [Fashion, United Kingdom] REPORT - United Kingdom, Fashion The thin line between art and fashion I'd like to start by saying how much I truly love your work. I've been following it for a while now and I can see how it's evolved and matured over these past few years. You are by trade a jewelry designer, but I find it difficult not to appreciate your pieces from an artistic or sculptural standpoint (of course there is always that thin line between what people consider art and what they call fashion). Where do you see your designs fitting into the worlds of art and fashion? Yeah that's so true. Loish blog. Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive. Josyrunning. Threeasfour Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Runway Review. Threeasfour's Spring runway show took place in a room at the Jewish Museum on New York's Upper East Side, where the design trio is staging an exhibition opening September 15.

Threeasfour Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Collection on Runway Review

The multimedia show, titled Mer Ka Ba, is an attempt to promote "cross-cultural unity" among religions, particularly Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. Gabriel Asfour was born in Lebanon but has Palestinian roots. Angela Donhauser was born in Tajikistan, and Adi Gil in Israel—their disparate backgrounds consistently inform the work they do together.

"We want to inspire others to do the same," explained Gil the day before the show. For the exhibit itself, Threeasfour worked with architect Christian Wassmann to create a temple made to look like a 3-D six-point star. Looks from the Spring collection will also be displayed during the five-month museum show, and they reflect the unification idea through and through. Top Ten Cult Fashion Documentaries. In anticipation of the forthcoming documentary Mademoiselle C, which reveals the candid life of Carine Roitfeld, we chart the underexposed documentaries that have given us access to private codes and rituals of the fashion world.

Top Ten Cult Fashion Documentaries

From Leigh Bowery to Don Letts, these are the cult moments that will always remain relevant. The cult at its finest: as Yohji Yamamoto prepares for an upcoming show in Paris, Wim Wenders captures the reticent designer in what is commonly a habitually private scene. An insight not just into the show, but the contemplation of the creative process: cities, cinema and identity that all play a definitive role in the final outcome. Leigh Bowery: indisputably an embodiment of the 1980's club scene in London and a provocative influence for a generation of artists. The creator of Taboo – in more ways than the infamous nightclub – injects an outrageousness that inspired Boy George, Damien Hirst, Rifat Ozbek... the list goes on.

We are still obsessed by subculture. Colombine Jubert. Latest Fashion Design Trends and Styles Articles. Paul Laurenzi 1964. L’art du Chignon. Maddie The Coonhound Photographer Theron Humphrey was at a crossroads in his life so he embarked on a documentary project called This Wild Idea, which involved traveling to 50 states and photographing one person a day for a year.

L’art du Chignon

To keep […] Izziyana Suhaimi We’ve been seeing a lot of embroidered art as of late but I must say that so far, I’ve been most impressed by Singaporean artist Izziyana Suhaimi‘s work. I Heart Dempsey - Harley Weir. FASHION. The Pursuit Aesthetic. Face Illustrations. Alexander Khokhlov est un photographe moscovite qui utilise le visage humain comme une toile pour créer de magnifiques portraits en noir et blanc.

Face Illustrations

D’une beauté envoutante, reprenant des icônes comme celui du Wi-Fi ou un QR Code, ces créations incroyables sont à découvrir dans la suite de l’article. Unique Cabestan Winch Tourbillon Vertical for Only Watch. Jinyoung Shin. Once Upon a Stone. Focus sur Addminimal, un studio créatif dirigé par Adriana Gerasimova.

Once Upon a Stone

Avec ce projet « Once Upon a Stone », le studio démontre son talent pour le maquillage et la photographie, autour de cette série très réussie. Laura Laine. Maly Siri's PIN UP ART !- OFFICIAL PAGE.