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Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial. Post by Raechel of So.

Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial

I have a favorite shirt. I’ll be honest, it’s probably my favorite because it’s the most comfortable shirt I own, AND my husband bought it for me and he thinks I look cute in it. That’s really all I need. Oh, and it’s a great backdrop for a pretty necklace! Anyway, I wear it with a long tank top, leggings and either boots or black Toms, depending on the weather.

So, I worked this week on developing a 2T-sized version of my shirt. Singer_sewing_machine_company/manuals/singer-401-slant-o-matic-sewing-machine.pdf. Mouse Ring Womens Girls Retro Burnished Rat Animal by authfashion. Sphere. DIY ALEXANDER WANG INSPIRED BRALETTE. 1st November 2013.


DIY BALENCIAGA INSPIRED CROP TOP. 30th July 2013 You may have guessed that the Balenciaga SS13 collection was by far the most inspiring for me this season when it comes to potential DIY projects (remember this?).


Wearable Technology & Smart Clothes.

Terms/learning materials

Drawing Fashion illustration exhibition. 03 November 2010 Ella Alexander THE world's most iconic illustrations from the past century will be showcased in a unique exhibition at the Design Museum.

Drawing Fashion illustration exhibition

Drawing Fashion features the work of well known figures including Lepape, Gruau and Antonio, as well as contemporary artists, namely Aurore de la Morinerie and Francois Berthoud. These original works reflect the artistic style of each decade, through Art Nouveau to Art Deco to Pop Art. Curated by fashion curator Colin McDowell, the exhibition showcases each illustrator at the height of their careers. "Each drawing exemplifies the period it came from which is why illustration is so special," McDowell told us at last night's preview party.

Film clips and rare magazine covers will also feature in the exhibition, alongside examples of the couture clothes shown in the drawings. "It is so important because it gets to the soul of creativity.


Weaving. Hi-Low Blouse 04/2013 #104B. Very Volatile Stony River Ankle Boot at Free People Clothing Boutique. Free People FP ONE Plaid Patchwork Maxi at Free People Clothing Boutique. David Koma. EBL Reader - The Dictionary of Fashion History. At last : Saveloy Balloon Heroin Chic. (from) Because when you look this good, it doesn’t matter that your eyelashes are on upside down.

At last : Saveloy Balloon Heroin Chic

About time – balloon clothes have been sidelined to the backwaters of fashion for too long in my opinion… and not through any fault of their own, although they probably wouldn’t fit me etc. There are loads of them here – although nothing quite up to this standard : Which is a bit like a Zorb made by someone who’s read about them, but who hasn’t quite grasped the basic concept. Still, this latest lot are cool: Although you’d have to drink through a straw etc, and could only eat things smaller than the gaps between the balloons – but maybe that’s a good thing.

And they’d probably serve a dual protective function as well – similar to what this guy was trying to achieve or this… Which is quite cool as well. I think the ultimate would be wearable bouncy castles. That would be cool. Vogue Magazine Cover Archive. Shwinandshwinarchive. Fashion Institute of Technology - Patternmaking. Patternmaking Summer 1: May 27 - June 30 (day classes) or July 16 (evening classes) PM 121 Patternmaking I: Misses' and Women's Wear 3 credits In state $577 Out of state $1,684 (Includes $25 patternmaking fee) In this course, students learn to develop basic body slopers using standard specification measurements.

Fashion Institute of Technology - Patternmaking

Collars and basic sleeve shapes are made. Paper patterns, as well as a final fabric sample, are developed. Students learn the importance of fit and balance in order to create a high-quality production pattern. PM 122 Patternmaking II: Misses' and Women's Wear 3 credits In state $577 Out of state $1,684 (Includes $25 patternmaking fee) Prerequisite: PM 121 Utilizing the basic slopers, students develop additional patterns for style variations using the slopers developed in PM 121.

Templates and Tutorials. About Farthingales Corset Making Supplies: A Brief Biography. Farthingales is a Canadian internet on-line mail-order company shipping corset making supplies world wide.

About Farthingales Corset Making Supplies: A Brief Biography

The farthingale was one of the first garments to create shape in women’s fashions and "Farthingales" on-line store is about fabrics and items that create shape in garments of any time period and for any occasion, and for both men’s and ladies wear. Join our page on Facebook for special sales, new product announcements and customer comments!

Farthingales is a secure site Farthingales first opened in January 1998 Farthingales on-line store was the idea of Linda Sparks, buyer for the Stratford Festival Theatre in Stratford, Ontario for eight years. We are pleased to offer an extensive line of corset making products that will appeal not only to the theatrical costumer but the professional dressmaker and creative home-sewer as well. Farthingales great product is available in the U.S. The role of the Fashion Designer with regard the emergence of Smart textiles and Wearable technology. Part 1 - fashion design. Study abroad in Italy - PHOTOGRAPHY FASHION COURSE - Fashion summer study abroad program - Summer 2014. Conductive Thread Overview. Back in 2004 when I first became fascinated with e-textiles, there were virtually no resources to purchase conductive thread commercially.

Conductive Thread Overview

I was fortunate enough to be a graduate student at the time and convinced manufacturers out of my sheer curiosity to mail me samples of their spools of conductive thread. Now in 2009 there is a growing number of threads available commercially and if I have my way :-), soon your local craft and hobby stores will be carrying small affordable spools. I get a lot of questions regarding which conductive thread I prefer or use. Unfortunately there is no ONE ideal thread — it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

That being said, I have diligently created a review of all the threads I have tinkered with to share with all of you. I hope this answers most of your questions. Everything you ever wanted to know about conductive thread! Silver Plated Nylon 117/12 x 2ply Thread Specs Resistance: ~ 75-85ohm/foot (when stretched/sewn) 1.2 -1.8K loose. Home - Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance. Textile Design. The thread starts here.

Textile Design

In the textile design program, you will learn how to turn innovative ideas into actual printed, woven and knitted products. Through our proven curriculum, you will be trained to blend aesthetic and creative skills with the latest technologies. You will take studio and technical courses in weaving, knitting and printing, dyeing and finishing, and materials technology. You will be taught by active members of the textile design field, including artists, design directors, authors and researchers. Visiting artists and guest lecturers expand the educational experience, bringing real-world applications to the classroom experience.