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Dries Van Noten Interview. Mr. Van Noten, when your father retired, he preferred to close his company rather than sell it. Can you imagine your eponymous fashion label going on without you? I hope that my company could live without me because I have the responsibility for people who work with us – those in the company in Antwerp and those who produce our clothes, who print our fabrics, who embroider. We have nearly three thousand people in India who embroider all our things by hand. It would be a pity if the moment I say, “I’ve had it, I’m stopping,” all those people would be kind of unemployed. And especially the knowledge that we have tried to keep alive in small villages in India or a small mill in Cornwall that’s still doing hand-woven fabrics. So, I really hope it’s possible and I’m convinced that we’re structuring things so that if something would happen, the company can live without me. Yet your vision is crucial.

Apparently you also open your shops somewhat by coincidence as well. Yes. Which is nice. French Journalist Parodies High Fashion By Showing How Average Women Would Look As Models. How does it feel like to be in a high fashion photo shoot? French fashion stylist Nathalie Croquet decided to find out by putting herself in front of the camera. Along with Photographer Daniel Schweizer, she recreated photos that had previously featured the likes of Kate Moss, Edie Campbell, and others. As for the meaning behind Croquet’s work? “Women, consumption, retouching, cosmetics, aging, beauty, those all come to mind, but truly those issues are up for debate,” she told Buzzfeed.

“I feel people need a more spiritual approach to life, and good fun,” she said. “I’m happy to give them that, even if I’m just making fun of myself.” More info: nathaliecroquet | FB | Instagram (h/t: demilked, designyoutrust) Eleven Paris Lancome Etam Voltaire Eric Bompard Paule Ka Lanvin Gyvenchy Sonia Rykiel Isabel Marant Acne Studios. Mode et textile - Dries Van Noten. Dries Van Noten - Inspirations - Présentation.

Dries Van Noten, défilé Automne/Hiver 2009 Initié par tradition familiale à la culture textile, Dries Van Noten étudie la création de mode à l’Académie Royale des Beaux-arts d’Anvers et obtient son diplôme en 1981. En 1986, il crée sa propre marque indépendante, soutenu par Christine Mathys et Patrick Vangheluwe. Sa première collection homme est présentée à Londres en 1986 avec Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs et Marina Yee : « les six d’Anvers » constituant un groupe informel de jeunes créateurs belges devenu synonyme d’avant-garde de la mode. Le vocabulaire esthétique de Dries Van Noten est identifiable immédiatement.

Le couturier, en s’appuyant sur un brassage d’images d’hier et d’aujourd’hui et de cultures venues d’ailleurs ressuscite à travers ses collections, toujours une mémoire, un souvenir ou la trace d’un voyage intime. Gerhard Richter, Mohn, huile sur toile, 1986 Collection Maramotti, Reggio Emilia, Italie © DR © Marleen Daniels. Dries Van Noten - Inspirations - Entretien avec Dries Van Noten par Pamela Golbin (texte) Pamela Golbin : Qu’est-ce qui vous a le plus surpris (…) dans le montage de l’exposition ?

Dries Van Noten : L’exercice a été très intéressant, parce qu’il nécessitait de prendre du recul par rapport à mon propre travail, de me confronter aux incertitudes tout en essayant d’être aussi objectif que possible. (…) Mon travail est-il même digne d’un musée ou d’une exposition ? Mes créations vont-elles tenir à côté des vêtements exceptionnels qui composent la collection du musée des Arts décoratifs ? Les gens ne vont-ils pas être déroutés par ce parti de placer des vêtements que j’ai créés à côté d’œuvres d’art majeures ? Et si la réponse à ces questions était… oui. (…) Aujourd’hui, les visiteurs d’une exposition sont tellement variés et véritablement avertis que cela peut être intimidant.

Cette exposition est un travail d’introspection, une réflexion sur moi-même, sur ma façon de travailler en tant que couturier, ainsi que sur ma relation à l’art et à d’autres domaines qui me passionnent. The Haunting Fashion Illustrations of David Murray « The WILD Magazine. By: Haris Giannouras October 14, 2014 Let’s play a mind game. What do Frankenstein, Pennywise, Hannibal, and a bunch more creepy movie serial killer have in common with the fashion world? Ok, sure, one could argue that their murderous looks, sharp teeth, and blood lusting eyes create a rather bizarrely avante garde fashion feeling, but the real answer is that they all star in the Fall 2014 illustrations of David Murray. Murray has created an intriguing, witty presentation where creations by Moschino, Rick Owens and Walter Van Beierendonck are matched with some of the most emblematic figures in the world of horror flicks, including the likes of Leatherface and Michael Myers.

Pennywise is a perfect match with the pop art inspired McDonalds prints for Moschino by Jeremy Scott that dominated the Fall’14 runway, Frankenstein looks unbelievably chic in a Juun.J deep emerald coat, and last but not least, Leatherface pulls of an oversized Rick Owens coat with aplomb. Launch gallery. Lailo: testimonio, vestuario y barrio. Jordi Vizcaíno, joven barcelonés muy inquieto culturalmente, tras varios viajes se dio cuenta de que la ciudad no tenía espacios de encuentro para artistas jóvenes alternativos.

En 1989 encontró el actual local, un antiguo restaurante de productos macrobióticos que estaba absolutamente arrasado y quemado. Tras acondicionarlo, Lailo empezó a funcionar como un lugar de cultura y arte único en su época. Había exposiciones, danza, obras de teatro, tertulias y organizaban todo tipo de encuentros de filósofos, poetas, pensadores y creadores, siendo incluso de los primeros sitios en practicar capoeira. Un espacio atractivo y dinamizador sin los horarios rígidos de un centro cívico o un casal. Amparo Guillén Pero los vecinos empezaron a quejarse del ruido y desde el Ayuntamiento les llovieron los avisos de cierre y las multas. Vestuario y bandoleras originales Liceu Lailo tiene toda una historia compartida y con su apertura nació la calle Riera Baixa como quien dice.

Vestido único de Pertegaz. Want to get ahead in the fashion industry? then know your lingo. Fashion talk is a potential minefield, but thankfully i-D’s on hand to demystify the often-ambiguous words bandied-about within our topsy-turvy world. Read our A to Z of contemporary fashion terminology. Tear it out, pin it to your wall, memorise it by heart and drop it in to conversation like the fashion expert you truly are. Word up. A is for AVANT GARDEA term occasionally applied to the challenging work of the latest ‘enfant terrible’ of fashion, whose radical design vision - a work of art to some, a dog’s dinner to others - is unlikely to make them immediately rich, but will make them immediately infamous. B is for BANG ONAs in, Bang On-Trend! K is for KILLERAs in, Killer Heels: stillies with heels so tall that the wearer - a lady (or tranny) who aspires to skyscraper-like style statements - risks life and limb while teetering about on them.

Hipsters from Spain - Mindy Kaling Visits the Vogue Closet, Hilarity Ensues. IWTB Interview: Cesar Casier - Journal - I Want To Be A Roitfeld. Cesar Casier is the total package — a strikingly handsome model, he is also hardworking, upbeat, gracious, multilingual, and he can cook! Monsieur Casier recently published a cookbook titled MODEL KITCHEN which takes as its subject the beautiful people in the fashion world and the food they eat. Yes — models eat! Here is the proof!

Several of the recipes are contributed by models including a recipe for roasted chicken and quinoa prepared by Julia Restoin-Roitfeld which appears below. Congratulations on the publication of your intriguing book, MODEL KITCHEN! The inspiration came from my personal bucket list. My a-ha moment came right after I signed my contract! The biggest challenge for me was to make the book not an ordinary cookbook but something more special. The challenge is to make it as good as possible and to make sure that a lot of people will like it and of course buy the book.

I've also put in my favorite hot spots of the fashion cities Paris, London, Milan, and New York. Watch Vogue Original Shorts | Lena Dunham and Hamish Bowles star in "Cover Girl" Fall Fashion 2009 - How Could Annie Leibovitz Be on the Verge of Financial Collapse? Annie Leibovitz clearly hated what a lifetime-achievement award implied about her—that the best days of her 40-year career were behind her.

“Photography is not something you retire from,” the 59-year-old Leibovitz said from the stage, accepting the honor from the International Center of Photography last May at Pier 60. She was turned out in a simple black dress and glasses, her long straight hair a little unruly, as usual. Photographers, she said, “live to a very old age” and “work until the end.” She noted that Lartigue lived to be 92, Steichen 93, and Cartier-Bresson 94. “Irving Penn is going to be 92 next month, and he’s still working.” The 700 friends and colleagues who had come to share the evening with her knew about the “tough times.”

Despite being a compulsive perfectionist whose shoots cost a fortune to produce, Leibovitz was very much in demand. Lately, however, Leibovitz’s life had taken a decidedly dark turn. Leibovitz was born in 1949, in Waterbury, Connecticut.