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The Gents Closet. Fashion East. L'appart PR - International PR Agency. IRAKLI Paris. Boy's 1860s Victorian Clothing. Официальный интернет магазин Sanahunt Luxury Department Store. Untitled. List of Fashion Designers By Country, New York, Milan, Berlin, Paris. The fashion design by shgo_design. How to Hire a Pattern Maker – Fashion-Incubator. It’s difficult to hire qualified pattern makers because there are no established standards that will assist a company owner in making a good choice.

How to Hire a Pattern Maker – Fashion-Incubator

In this section, I’ll explain some generic characteristics of qualified candidates to assist you in making a good decision. First of all, what is pattern making? Pattern making is a simplistic term that describes a very complicated job function. Pattern making is complex engineering and not the creative art that most people think. Pattern makers are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process and have more control than any other single person to produce a quality outcome.

For example; let’s assume you want to build your dream home. This is exactly what a pattern maker does, only they design for sewn products rather than buildings. Education Education doesn’t necessarily mean formal schooling, although it is strongly preferred (some learned on the job from Masters). The most important concept of all is sewing skills. Color coding. Litmind, the model photography network.

CONOCIMIENTOS BÁSICOS DE TRAZADO. Ralph Lauren France - La boutique en ligne officielle de Ralph Lauren. Madrid-Meets-Japan With Pepa Salazar - OPENING CEREMONY. For Spring/Summer 2016, Madrid-based designer Pepa Salazar channeled her love for Japanese artistic concepts—anime, in particular—into a collection adorned with silky sheer off-the-shoulder tops, asymmetrical tops, and barely-there transparent skirts.

Madrid-Meets-Japan With Pepa Salazar - OPENING CEREMONY

“This collection is a study of volumes, where geometric forms mix with more feminine shapes to reach a certain maturity,” says Salazar. Below, we chat with the designer about inspiration, high school style, and the coolest place to visit in Madrid. Shop all Pepa Salazar here. Maryam Nassir Zadeh. Modaoperandi. Women's designer clothes, shoes, bags & accessories. La tienda online de lifestyle líder en el mundo. 0 items CarNavAL In Guinea Bissau NYFW AW16 highlights from one of the most refreshing New York Fashion Weeks for quite some time ExodusRapper Riky Rick and director Kyle Lewis release the short film Exodus.

The leo is all in the mind. Show Your Collection During New York Fashion Week – Couture Fashion Week. Twentieth-Century Fashion. Women's fashion at the beginning of the twentieth century was largely a matter of status.

Twentieth-Century Fashion

The stylish silhouette was defined by the narrow sans-ventre corset, which squeezed away the belly and gave the body an S-shaped line; by the long, sweeping skirt lengths; and by high rigid collars. Textile designs took the lead from art nouveau plant ornamentation. Parisian couturiers, such as Jean-Philippe and Gaston Worth (sons of the first celebrated grand couturier Charles Frederick Worth), the Callot sisters, Jacques Doucet, and Jeanne Paquin, were at the forefront in such society dresses. This style was diametrically opposed by the "health dress," propagated by advocates of women's rights, artistic women, and doctors.

This design hung loosely without a corset. Sonia Carrasco - Diseñadora de Moda - Fragments. One Crucial Lesson About the Fashion Manufacturing Industry. {r}evolution apparel Whenever anyone asks me, What’s your one piece of advice for new designers?

One Crucial Lesson About the Fashion Manufacturing Industry

I always have the same answer. I’ve worked with dozens of entrepreneurs over the years, and I warn all of them of the same mistakes that I made when I was first starting out in the fashion industry. Let me take you back to the summer of 2012. The saint: Yves Saint Laurent. Taken from Dazed & Confused issue 63, March 2000: Trouser suits.

The saint: Yves Saint Laurent

Black leather biker jackets. Skinny sweaters. No living designer has had such an impact on how women dress as Yves Saint Laurent. Historical Influences in Fashion. One of the great excitements with each fashion cycle is deciphering the collections and picking out of the mix of historical details that most influenced designers.

Historical Influences in Fashion

Fashion History. Iris van Herpen Debuts Wearable 3D Printed Pieces at Paris Fashion Week. Minneapolis, MN; Rehovot, Israel; Leuven, Belgium – January 21, 2013 – Stratasys Ltd.

Iris van Herpen Debuts Wearable 3D Printed Pieces at Paris Fashion Week

(NASDAQ: SSYS), a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and production systems for prototyping and manufacturing and Materialise, a Belgian-based pioneer in Additive Manufacturing software and solutions, today announced the unveiling of 3D printing collaborations on the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week as part of Iris van Herpen’s Haute Couture show, ‘VOLTAGE’. Dutch designer van Herpen’s eleven-piece collection featured two 3D printed ensembles, including an elaborate skirt and cape created in collaboration with artist, architect, designer and professor Neri Oxman from MIT’s* Media Lab, and 3D printed by Stratasys. An intricate dress was also designed in collaboration with Austrian architect Julia Koerner, currently lecturer at UCLA Los Angeles, and 3D printed by Materialise, marking the second piece created together with Koerner and the ninth with Materialise.

3DPrinting: 3D printed fashion, textiles. Archives for the category: 3D printed fashion, textiles December 15, 2014 MoMA adds '4D' printed dress to its permanent collection The Kinematics dress created by design studio Nervous System using a 3D printer has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.

3DPrinting: 3D printed fashion, textiles reports. 3D printing fashion article from Print Shift. Even though 3D-printed haute couture garments have been gracing the catwalks, the real breakthroughs in printed clothing will come from more practical and subversive quarters, reports Claire Barrett in this article for our one-off magazine Print Shift.

3D printing fashion article from Print Shift

Above image is by Petrovsky & Ramone. Despite resistance, 3D printing is infiltrating the world of fashion – and it’s tech-savvy youngsters who are setting the pace. “It’s funny,” laughs fashion designer Iris van Herpen, “I was raised without television, we didn’t have a computer and I think we were the last people to get the internet.” Today, van Herpen is the poster girl for 3D printing in the fashion industry. She creates incredible designs that have had Björk and Lady Gaga’s stylists reaching for the phone. What you need to know about laser-cut clothing. Laser cutting is a method of manufacturing that (surprise, surprise) uses a laser to cut materials. All of the advantages -– extreme accuracy, clean cuts and sealed fabric edges to prevent fraying -– make this method of design very popular in the fashion industry.

Another benefit is that one method can be used to cut many different materials, like silk, nylon, leather, neoprene, polyester and cotton. Also, the cuts are made without any pressure on the fabric, meaning no part of the cutting process requires anything other than the laser to touch a garment. There are no unintended marks left on the fabric, which is particularly beneficial for delicate fabrics like silk and lace. Easy Online Laser Cutting. Laser cutting fabric & engraving textiles service for fashion industry. Laser cut fabric – leather sample Showcases The use of lasers has exploded within the fashion industry! Laser cutting fabric has become increasing popular. Intricate details can be cut and engraved on a huge range of fabric including latex, rubber, leather, cotton,silk, polyester and other synthetic weaves. Key benefits laser cutting fabric Test samples – No minimum orders. Don’t forget about engraving fabric! Uomo Classico - Brands. Gianfranco Ferré began his fashion career in 1970 by designing accessories, then worked as a raincoat designer in 1972 74.

He started his own company in 1974 (Baila label) and launched his signature collection for women in 1978. His first men's collection appeared in 1982, followed in 1986 by his first couture collection in Rome. Ferré became Stylistic Director of Christian Dior in Paris in 1989, when he was chosen by owner Bernard Arnault to replace Marc Bohan. In 1996, it was announced that Ferre would end his engagement with Dior with the Spring 1997 collection for the label. His own label is more relaxed and practical than Dior, with functional pockets and no big hats. Gianfranco Ferré - Catwalk Yourself. Born: Legano, Italy, 1944Died: Milan, Italy, 2007 Image’s credits & copyrights: Courtesy of Gianfranco Ferré Foundation. Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré / Gianfranco Ferré / Production. Lines. Brands. It | en Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré Gianfranco Ferré / Production. Lines. 1990s in fashion. Head Over Heels.


So you want to work in fashion? If you are someone who wants to work in the fashion industry, you'll know it. You'll read the magazines, you'll follow the blogs and your love of fashion will be part of who you are. But working out how to actually get there can be difficult. Find Internships. Cristóbal Balenciaga at Ornament Magazine - Jewelry, Fashion, Beads. Punto de encuentro. Se describen los tejidos de mayor uso. No se han incluido marcas ni técnicas de acabado y decoración novedosas, que solamente se refieren a la muestra de la tela. Historia del Traje. Acá les dejamos lo que vimos en clase sobre Grecia y Roma. Historia del Traje. Historia del Traje. La nueva silueta luego de la crisis del 30 retoma una cintura marcada y el largo de la falda vuelve a los tobillos. El accesorio cumple un rol importante en el armado de conjunto. La sastrería es el rubro más utilizado tanto por hombres como mujeres. Los textiles de la época aparecen con motivos florales pequeños y expresivos.

Fashion-Textile Design Info. 25 Women Designers Who Changed Fashion Forever. The upcoming Costume Institute exhibit and Monday's Met Ball honors two of fashion's most beloved women designers: Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. But what about the other female names that have helped to change fashion forever? WILD THING. Renaissance 1450-1650. Once again I shall make a glossary of clothing terms, this time from the Renaissance.

Some of the terms I defined for Medieval clothing were also used during the Renaissance and I will most likely use some of those terms in current posts, so their definitions can be found here. basquine — boned bodice made of whalebone and leather, gave the appearance of wider shoulders tapering to a tiny waist (women) beret— thin, loose hats that usually tilted towards one side of the head. Renaissance Fashion: The Birth of Power Dressing. At what point did it begin to matter what you wore? Ulinka Rublack looks at why the Renaissance was a turning point in people’s attitudes to clothes and their appearance. History Of Fashion - Medieval. The Middle Ages are commonly dated from the 5th century fall of the western Roman Empire until the end of the 15th century.

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of Montehermoso, Cáceres Province, Extremadura, Spain. Leyre Valiente. Los 16 documentales que tienes que ver si te encanta la moda. My textile discoveries towards a degree in Creative Arts, Level 1…. Free Online Fashion School. Paris Fashion Week circa 1951. Fashion Design: Safari Books Online. Fashion Glossary - Fashion Resources. Fashion design illustration. Fashion technical drawing. FASHION SIZZLE. - The Projects of Steven DeGraeve.

Products. Fashion Designers. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. 10 Things You Learn During Your First Semester as a Fashion Design Major. It’s 3D Printed, and It’s Flexible. How to sun dye fabric. Fashion Design - tips and tricks for making and modding clothing « Wonder How To. Eneefe.


Directory of Fabrics & Materials. Color Scheme Designer 3. DIY No Sewing Oversized Envelope Clutch Part 1 (Gift Idea) DIY TRANSPARENT CLUTCH BAG. IAMJENNIFERLE. Zara Style Spiked Clutch Bag ❘ DIY Fashion. Purse/Case/Envelope. Fashion Books, books on fashion, fashion design books. Red Carpet Fashion Awards - Part 4. Fashion Magazine: Fashion, Luxury, Art, Beauty. Your stop for cool stuff updated daily. ELIE SAAB - Haute Couture - Spring Summer 2012. This is the world of fashion. Category Archives: FASHION DESIGN CLASS ROOM. PORTFOLIO. CONSTRUCTION. ILLUSTRATION. INSPIRATION.