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Cloth Pad Tutorial. As promised, here is our cloth pad tutorial:) I have taken plenty of photos so you can see exactly how Jen made her cloth pads.

Cloth Pad Tutorial

It was lovely to work together on this project with my Jen. She drew the designs for this pad herself and is so happy to share her creative process with you:) Materials:Flannel material (we recycled some pyjamas that are no longer worn)Towelling material for the inner padSewing machineScissorsCottonMetal press studs and gadget to attach the press studs These are the drawings for the towelling inner pad on the left and the outer flannel pad on the right.

Jen drew both of them on an A4 size piece of paper. This is the pad base diagram, 9 inches from top to bottom and 8 inches from side to side at its widest in the middle. Cloth Pads (free patterns!) Yesterday I was talking to a friend that was looking for a good cloth pad pattern.

Cloth Pads (free patterns!)

I offered to help, and because I am frugal – I wanted free. Thread - 100% linen. Sewing Classes - Free Sewing Classes Index. Drawing Fashion. Fashion Drawing Tutorial Tips The Basics of Fashion Sketching This section is for those nervous of fashion drawing.

Drawing Fashion

The hints and tips appear as more detailed information in my ebook, the first Fashion Drawing Figure Templates ebook on the web. You may have to do some fashion drawing as part of a course or you may simply want to sketch out an idea you have for a special evening dress, ball dress, wedding dress or bridesmaid's dresses. With a little technique most people who insist they cannot draw can achieve a satisfactory fashion drawing. Layout Paper Layout paper is a fine semi opaque paper that allows you to faintly see an image beneath it. Fashion Silhouette Templates The easiest way to draw fashion when you have limited skill is to use a template.

If these are not suitablewhy not purchase my new ebook on Fashion Drawing Figure Templates ebook in a range of over 40 different poses with 5 sizes to each pose. Posture, Poses and Template Silhouettes. Is there any good fashion design software for free. Sewing Essentials Online Video Lessons. Online clothing course researching and planning.

This part of the clothing course covers what is discussed in section one of the Start A Clothing Line ebook.

online clothing course researching and planning

I begin by discussing who is your target market and who you will be selling your products, clothing to. I then go into detail about understanding your customers and your competitors. The section is then concluded with an insight into the 'design calendar' and takes a look at what a typical clothing company will be doing in the year ahead. Identifying the market area The first thing you need to do before planning your clothing line is to know who your customers are.

Knowing your customers. Natural Linen - 10 YARD BOLT - LINEN18. Welcom to China Silk - Silk - Fashion Fabrics. Silk Fabrics : Purple. Silk fabrics by the yard and at discount prices.

Silk Fabrics : Purple

We search the world over for the highest quality silk fabrics from the top designers and mills. Wool Peddler: Recycled Silk & Banana Silk Yarns, Handpainted & Handspun Yarns. About Recycled Sari Yarns: Recycled Silk yarn is undoubtedly the most unique yarn you will ever encounter.

Wool Peddler: Recycled Silk & Banana Silk Yarns, Handpainted & Handspun Yarns

Silk thrums from India's weaving mills are handspun by women's cooperatives and cottage industries into gleaming silk skeins. Using their traditional skills they are able to create vibrant, textured yarn in a endless array of colorways. Each Recycled Silk skein is handspun creating natural inconsistencies and a rather scrappy nature; to make any project, no matter how simple in design, instantly charming and unique. We import the finest yarns available, direct from Nepal. The colors are vibrant and it is spun evenly. If you compare yarns to vacations; then most yarns are a family road-trip or perhaps a luxury cruise. One thing that sets this yarn apart from most others is the connection to women on the other side of the globe, living in a different world. The Red Sari. Recycled Used Silk Sari Fabric for Fiber Arts, Saree Fabric in Bulk. Recycled silk Saree fabric for fiber arts projects.

Recycled Used Silk Sari Fabric for Fiber Arts, Saree Fabric in Bulk

This ten kilo or 22 pound lot of silk sari's has endless possibilities. From spinning into yarn, cutting into ribbon, using it for weaving rugs or making rag rugs, Jewelry artists love them too. Many customers buy them for recycling into scarves, or clothes, even household decor. Most lots come with approx 40 sarees, give or take a few. And at 5 meters per sari thats over 200 yards of fabric to play with. If you do have a color theme request please let me know I will try to accommodate you as best as possible. These are used sari,you will find stains and holes , but since the sari generally come 5 meters long there is plenty of fabric to play with. They are shipped directly door to door via a courier from India. I can also sell the sari by piece. Shipping costs vary from country to country if yours in not listed please contact me I will ship worldwide.

3/8 Inch Metallic Velvet Ribbons - May Arts Ribbon. Lula Louise: DIY Tutorial – How to Make a Tassel. When you think of tassels you probably think of winter ski caps or heavy window coverings.

Lula Louise: DIY Tutorial – How to Make a Tassel

But they can be used for many more things, even in the summer! Tassels can be used as part of a boho cool necklace, on the corners of a tablecloth, as a keychain or zipper pull. Fun right? Lucky for us they're super easy to make. You probably already have all the materials you need. How to Make a TasselSupplies: Embroidery thread, yarn or material of your choice Pencil, small dowel or knitting needle Manila folder or cardstock Large eye sewing needleInstructionsStep 1: Cut a piece of manila folder on the fold, the desired height of the tassel. Step 2: Starting with end of thread at folded edge, wrap thread around template to desired thickness. Step 3: Make a temporary hanger for the tassel. Step 4: Carefully slide the thread off the template and tighten hanger thread. SWAROVSKI HOT FIX RHINESTONES ~ Lowest Price on the net with FREE SHIPPING. Stencil Maker - design & create your Stencil today. T-Shirt Printing - New T-Shirt Printing Stencils!

Free Online Stencil Maker. Hot Fix FlatBack Swarovski Rhinestones, Crystal Beads, Pearls : Purple Velvet Swarovski Rhinestones Hot Fix ss20 (144) The Fabric Fairy Kiki Pads Downloadable Sewing Pattern. Business Card Holder Pattern. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

Business Card Holder Pattern

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Any individual or entity that wants to use the Service must accept the terms of this Agreement without change. 1) Eligibility. 2) Definitions. 3) License Grant for Materials. 4) Removal of Materials. 5) License for Name, Trademarks and Likenesses. 6) Specifications and Guidelines. 7) Representations, Warranties and Indemnities. 8) Restrictions. Archaeological Sewing. Potty Training Pants Tutorial. Okay, so I realize that this tutorial will only be interesting or useful for a few of my readers, but since I really love this idea and it has worked out great for us so far, I thought I would share with the few who care!

Potty Training Pants Tutorial

If you like it, then spread the word about these things! They are money-saving and great! Online Discount Drapery Fabrics and Upholstery Fabric Superstore!: Checkout: Customer Login.