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Graffiti News France

Graffiti News France

Street Artist Interview - Ibie Artist name: Fat IbieCity of Birth: BarcelonaCity of Choice: MexicaliHow many years have you been painting: En el colegio me llamaban el rallajero, nuncan entendieron mis dibujitos y me ponian insuficiente en dibujo y plástica. Espero empezar a pintar algún día.Website: & Likes: Regreso al futuro, Star wars y Mallrats Dislikes: Bety al fea y los Serrano What do you want to express at the time you are painting? What about your relationship with Barcelona? Do you think there is a Barcelona style? What do you think about the legal situation for painting in the streets of BCN? Where do you think is the street art capital now, if there is one? What impact do you think the Internet has had on graffiti styles? If graffiti is a fight for the freedom of expression…do you think every kind of graffiti is able to exist, or do you think some types are bad and inappropriate? What do you think is the soul of Barcelona street art if it has?

la cuisine du graphiste Graffiti Research Lab Archive Cuisine JeanBulbe Textile Museum of Canada Mark Jenkins // Street Installations Kristiansand, Norway London, England Montreal, Canada Cologne, Germany Besançon Rome Rio de Janeiro Tudela London Dublin Moscow Winston-Salem Seoul Royan Bordeaux Puerto del Rosario Barcelona Malmö Washington DC Washington, DC design et typo - Blog Victor Ash, introduction, pictures selection, latest works plus interview! Decorative Arts: The grammar of ornament: Contents The grammar of ornament Source: Jones, Owen, 1809-1874. URL to cite for this work: [Front cover] Grammar of ornament [Frontispiece] The grammar of ornament [Title page] The grammar of ornament Preface to the folio edition, pp. 1-4 General principles in the arrangement of form and colour, in architecture and the decorative arts, which are advocated throughout this work, pp. 5-8 List of plates, pp. 9-12

20 Examples of Graffiti & Street Art-Europe #1 In this post, the first of a series, we show you 20 top street art and graffiti artworks around the world. Today we start with Europe – next post: South America! > Asia > South America > North America France – Paris authors: c215 Austria – Vienna authors: Wurstbande Portugal – Lisbon authors: Tosco Finland authors: Soma – Paju Holland – Amsterdam authors: Roa – Morcky Denmark-Aarhus authors: Randomfomation England – Sheffield authors: Phlegm Holland – Rotterdam authors: Onesto Germany – Berlin authors: Mymonsters-Astre-Vagabundos England – Bristol authors: Kimmings – Upfest Spain – Valencia authors: Interesni-kazki – Escif authors: Horoiwa Belgium – Ghent authors: Hartos – JeanSpezial – Resto – Pest – Roa Bulgaria authors: Fars – Mouse – Varna Spain – Zaragoza authors: unknown France – Montpellier authors: Captain – Rouget – Dran_ England – London authors: Blu Italy – Milan authors: Berse – Cruz Ukraine – Kiev authors: Aec