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Graffiti Analysis

Graffiti Analysis
sdfg A digital graffiti blackbook designed for documenting more than just ink. Graffiti Analysis is an extensive ongoing study in the motion of graffiti. Custom software designed for graffiti writers creates visualizations of the often unseen gestures involved in the creation of a tag. Motion data is recorded, analyzed and archived as Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) files, a specifically formatted XML file designed to be a common open structure for archiving gestural graffiti motion data. GML files are saved in an open online database,, where writers can share analytical representations of their hand styles.

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35 Really Amazing Street Arts It would not be a lie to say that art is found everywhere. Street art is basically visual designs that are located in public spaces for the viewing of all those who pass by. Street art includes a wide array of artworks which include graffiti, sculpture, wheatpasting, street installation and street poster art. Street artists find their motivation from the growing field of urban art.

IP to ASN Mapping - Team Cymru - Vimperator The whois daemon acts like a standard whois server would, but with some added functionality. It accepts arguments on the command-line for single whois queries, and it also supports BULK IP submissions when combined with GNU's netcat for those who wish to optimize their queries. When issuing requests for two or more IPs we strongly suggest you use netcat for BULK IP submissions, or DNS since there is less overhead. As a measure of speed, queries of approximately 100,000 IPs should return in less than a minute given a moderately sized Internet link. WARNING: IPs that are seen abusing the whois server with large numbers of individual queries instead of using the bulk netcat interface will be null routed. If at all possible you should consider using the DNS based query interface since it is much more efficient for individual queries.

A Comprehensive List of Top Resources on Instructional Design Instructional design is one of the most important and hottest topics in education today. With the diversity of technologies, audiences, and modes of teaching continuing to grow, it’s essential to stay up-to-date. We’ve compiled a list of our 37 favorite resources on instructional design. Ghost Billboard Erected on U.S.-Canada Border By Duncan Geere, Wired UK A U.S. art studio called Lead Pencil Studio has created a sculpture on the border between the United States and Canada that consists of a blank space in the shape of a billboard, surrounded by tangled metal. Titled Non-Sign II, the piece was commissioned by the U.S. government. The artists behind it are Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, who’ve won numerous awards for their work over the last decade. The pair carefully twisted metal to give the appearance of a ghost of one of the billboards that populate the area. Han and Mihalyo told The Stranger that they hope the sculpture will add a bit of awareness to the signage landscape in the border zone, as it flies past the inhabitants of passing cars.

IRAN - STREET ART UTOPIA On Facebook. By Icy and Sot: Homepage / On Facebook. Click on a photo to make it bigger or to post a comment on it. BIO: “ICY (born 1985) and SOT (born 1991) are stencil artists from Tabriz – IRAN. they started their professional career in 2008 they had uploaded previous works as early as 2006 and they influenced and dragged their friends to street art. Their works are about peace, war, Love, hate, hope, despair, children, human rights and the Iranian culture. The two brothers have held numerous exhibitions and un-official street works in Iran and foreign countries.”

Data Visualization and Infographics Resources Advertisement Data visualizations and infographics can make complex datasets easier to understand and comprehend. By creating a graphical represenatation of data and statistics, complicated concepts and information can make more sense in less time. Many visualizations focus on representing a specific set of data or statistical information. Others focus on less-concrete topics, providing a visual representation of abstract concepts. Generally speaking, the first type appear more like graphs or charts and the latter are often more creative and imaginative.

106 of the most beloved Street Art Photos – Year 2010 More info. More info. More Banksy on Street Art Utopia. More info. 3D Printing with Kinect « MakerBot Industries - Vimperator EmailShare 44EmailShare 80 mm tall scan, printed with a Thing-O-Matic I’ve been working with 3d scanning for over two years now, building my own 3d scanners and writing code to work with commercial scanners like the Kinect. When I started my artist residency at MakerBot, I knew I had to combine 3d scanning and 3d printing. One of the first ideas we had was to set up a 3d photo booth at MakerBot to scan visitors. So I wrote an app called KinectToStl which first launched at the MakerBot NY user group.

10 badass social media visualisations When it comes to social media you might be busy trying to separate the opportunity from the bullshit, such are the interstellar levels of hype and associated jargon that are plaguing this space. Nevertheless, I for one believe that a solid social media strategy can make a real difference to your business, helping you to drive engagement in order to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and profits. But that's not to say it will be easy: there's a lot to figure out and each company has different needs (and challenges to overcome). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I'd aggregate a few of the social media visualisations I've spotted in the past few weeks to help you make some mental leaps of faith, or use in your internal pitches, or otherwise determine that it's all a bunch of hot air, as you see fit. Caveat: some of these are more badass than others!

Japanese manhole covers 24 Oct 2007 Here are a few links to photo collections of Japanese manhole covers. - Okachin Manhole Cover Gallery: This collection of 1,000+ manhole cover photos is organized by prefecture. Use the links on the left side of the page to navigate the site. - Flickr Pool -- Japanese Manhole Covers: Over 400 great photos here. In Pictures: Egyptian Street Art The creativity of the Egyptian revolution – often marked by a sort of national humor, viewed by many Arabs as a local specialty – has made the city its theater, with Tahrir Square the centre stage. The activists have taken over the urban space, in the truest meaning of the term, writing their slogans and pictures on the walls of public places. It’s a battle field, with activist artists organizing themselves into commando units, generally working at night, to install their creations in strategically selected locations. (They choose) places that are particularly popular, but also places that delineate the boundaries of the area that’s “under the control” of the insurgency. Security forces decide whether or not to turn a blind eye, depending on the situation. The beginning of the first wave of mobilisation in January 2011 was marked by a piece of work by the artist Ganzeer that payed tribute to Islam Raafat, one of the first victims of the revolution.

20 awesome examples of street art If you still need a proof that art can be found anywhere, those awesome examples of great street art should convince you. diewald_CV_kit - Vimperator diewald_CV_kit A library by Thomas Diewald for the Processing programming environment. Last update, 13/12/2012. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this library contains tools that are used in the field of computer vision. its not a wrapper of openCV or some other libraries , so maybe you are missing some features ( ... which may be implemented in the future). its designed to be very fast to use it for realtime applications (webcam-tracking, kinect-tracking, ...). also, it works very well in combination with the kinect-library (dlibs.freenect - )... which i basically built it for ... to track blobs, generate contours from 3d-data, and else. it should work in combination with other libraries too, since the blobdetection is very flexible and works with any given data-arrays.

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