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Le cycle du changement de Hudson

Le cycle du changement de Hudson

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Great Performers Make Their Personal Lives a Priority Common wisdom holds that to enhance well-being and reduce conflict and stress, you’ve got to ease up on work. Conversely, to have a significant impact on the world and be successful by prevailing societal standards, you’ve got to put work above pretty much everything else in your life. This is zero-sum thinking, and it runs counter to what I have observed in three decades of teaching, practice, and research on the possibilities for achieving success in all areas of life. There are many truly successful people in our midst who have achieved greatness not by forsaking their families, communities, and private selves, but, rather, by embracing these parts of their lives.

No-Sew Tote Bag From A Pillowcase I was inspired to make this DIY tote bag after I took a trip to the farmer's market and realized I needed a comfortable and lightweight bag to carry all my goodies. I love the way this DIY project turned out and, more importantly, there was no sewing involved! A pillowcase already has all the stitching you need to create this easy and stylish tote bag.

Building A Purposeful Brand As part of our ongoing work on #ProjectReconnect with the WFA, we recently explored the premise that all brands today must be ‘purposeful’. They’ve been kind enough to let us share our findings here too. Purposeful Brands In today’s competitive world, a great product is no longer enough for a brand to succeed. A great product is still critical of course; no-one would willingly buy a bad product twice. But as functional performance differences between companies’ offerings become ever more marginal, people increasingly rely on more intangible, emotional factors to inform and guide their choices.

Love Work Now – Career Design with Jana Schuberth You! For some reason you are at a career crossroads. And you have been looking and thinking and thinking and searching but you just cannot find a ‘job’ that ticks all the boxes. None of them light your fire. A change management checklist - Leading organizational change To improve your odds, use this change management checklist Organizations must become increasingly able to change quickly and easily. The business must be flexible yet capable of implementing and sustaining organizational change. Deciding what to change is one thing.

6 Illustrations That Show What It’s Like in an Introvert’s Head Dear Extroverts, We love your energy and your excitement. But as introverts, we sometimes feel misunderstood. We wish you could visualize what’s going on inside our brains—you might be surprised! Here are six illustrations of what it’s like to be in our heads. Drawing out the different voices within the three horizon methodology for Innovation We so often struggle to articulate our innovation activity and then can’t seemingly project our plans into the future in consistent and coherent ways. We often lack the framing necessary. If this rings true of the innovation activity in your organization, then it is in danger of being seen as isolated, one-off events, that fail to link to your organizational strategy.

10 Tips on How to Feel Beautiful Every Day This morning, I got a request for this post. I haven’t written much about the topic of beauty before, but I felt really compelled to write this post immediately. Beauty it is such a complicated concept because we all have such different views on what beauty feels and looks like. My idea of beauty might be completely different from yours. Slide Makeovers: Buffer’s Social Media Guide Given the popularity of the last Slide Makeover, I’ve decided to offer up another example for your learning and education. This one comes to us from our friends at Buffer, and their guide for how often to post on social media. The deck has gotten more than 38,000 views, but we think it could have gotten more with a more powerful design. Consistency & Logo The original slides were dark with the exact same background, which can quickly lose a viewer’s attention.

5 Ways Introverts Can Become Wired for Leadership Presence In my last article, The Introvert’s Guide to Leadership Presence, I wrote about some of the physical skills you can implement to enhance your leadership presence. But leadership presence is more than just physical: You also need to prepare yourself mentally if you want to exude gravitas. I’ve developed five principles to think about as you grow your leadership presence. 1. Get to the point Under pressure, you may feel you need to tell your audience everything so they really understand.

Boids How do you make birds flock in pursuit of prey and in avoidance of predators? And how do teams within an organization help the organization adapt to change? Flocking is a complex group behavior. Birds aren't taught how to flock and there is no centralized command structure telling them where and how to fly together.

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