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Unusual stairs

Unusual stairs
Unique and creative designs of stairs from around the world. Not all of them are beautiful and practical, some of you will like, others – no, but they are unusual and interesting.

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XO 6.2 Waterproof Backpack Waterproof and water resistant bags, you are on notice. The bar has just been raised something serious. Introducing the X0 6.2 Backpack. Essentially the submarine of backpacks, this 6.2 liter IPX 8 rated bag is made from an ultra durable and thick PE HT _ 1100 Dtex material, padded with neoprene, and featuring a screw-cap closure made from PVC – it can literally go anywhere and do anything. Whether you’re a serious day-hiker who trudges through all kinds of wet terrain, a sailor who wants to keep precious documents and gear safe from the water – or just a beach bum looking to keep your phone safe from the salty seas – this pack will not let you down.

50 Four “4” Bedroom Apartment/House Plans Advertisement After having covered 50 floor plans each of studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments, we move on to bigger options. A four bedroom apartment or house can provide ample space for the average family. With plenty of square footage to include master bedrooms, formal dining rooms, and outdoor spaces, it may even be the ideal size. The home plans included in this article give us plenty of wonderful ideas as to how to best arrange and even decorate this type of home.

15 Best Travel Gifts Under $50 As any jet setter understands, a stress-free travel experience is directly related to the amount of preparation done beforehand. Now, we all know procrastination is more desirable because -honestly – who wants to spend their waking hours packing and purchasing items that they may not even get to use. However, anyone who’s been in a bind abroad can attest that it’s when we need these items most that they’re often nowhere to be found. Don’t make the novice travelers mistake of allowing this to happen. Instead, help those in your life who spend a sizable chunk of their waking hours or work week in and around airport terminals, jetting across one of the seven continents, constantly adjusting to a new time zone. This list of 15 travel gifts under $50 is for them.

“P’s” to Consider While Choosing Kids Bed – Wooden Street – Wooden Furniture Store A child’s room plays a significant role in his/her life. It is a place where they grow, they play and spend most of their time. So the room should be designed in a way that it instills the child with positive vibrations. At this growing stage of a child, the interior of room should encourage them to play. 20 Best Automotive & Motorcycle Gifts For The Gearhead Performance Tool Magnetic Tray When there’s work to be done in the garage, nothing’s worse than misplacing a key nut or bolt. Thankfully, Performance Tool has developed a magnetic tray that keeps all the miscellaneous hardware in one place. It measures 9-1/2” x 5-1/2” and is built from stainless steel. Purchase: $13 GearWrench Drive Gimbal Ratchet

Methods To Accommodate A L-Shaped Sofa In Your Living Room! Finding the right corner sofa for your home can be a perplexed task. There are hundreds of aspects to consider and refer to just for an instance whether your sofa should be wooden or fabric? It should be small or big? Or In how many parts should that L shaped sofa be divided into? Survival Hacks Book For those who are unfamiliar, a life hack is a strategy, technique, or mechanism by which one can more efficiently manage their time and activities. You can think of them as clever shortcuts to make life easier. Well, if you extrapolate those concepts beyond the trials and tribulations of everyday life, you might end up with some of the things in the’Survival Hacks’ book. This clever and helpful text contains over 200 tips and tricks for making surviving the outdoors both more convenient and simple.

Upkeep Your Sofa Set - Why Spend More? Do It On Your Own! Sofa sets are the most used piece of furniture in your house. Whether it may be your guests or your family members, the first thing they reside onto is your sofa set. A Sofa set being the centerpiece and most used piece of your living room gets dusted frequently. And if you have a fabric sofa then you would definitely know what I am trying to say! Appointing a maid who can assist you in maintaining a healthy environment in your home is fine but depending for every cleaning and all the maintenance on somebody else is not good.

Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table Add a bit of magic to the living room. This coffee table levitates nearly two inches above its base. It’s glass, constructed using the latest in engineering feats, and works to tie the room together with more class and flair than any rug found at your local Bazaar. Dubbed the Teles Taxidi (Perfect Journey) and developed by Siren Design Studios, it’s all made possible thanks to two rare earth magnets. In harnessing the strength of these powerful magnets, the upper part of the table floats as the two magnets are balanced perfectly over one another. They’re held in place by 1,000lbs test Kevlar cord and the cable system allow the magnetic forces of the metal to be leveraged against the glass top. Shoe Racks - For The Management Of Your Space Efficiently! Whether you want to enhance the life of your shoes or make your room clutter free, buying a shoe rack is the best solution for it. With the wide varieties and styles available of it, you can either display your collection of your footwear or store the pricey assortment safely. With the increase in advancements, the designs of shoe racks have been extensively modified. The best designs and advancements in shoe rack that has taken place in the ongoing era can be found online. There are designs which can work as a sofa as well as a shoe rack or the one that can work as a display unit with providing an enclosed space to store shoes, etc.