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Tips to Achieving the Bathroom of your Dream

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Choose only high quality bathroom materials. Know the different types of vanity basins that fits well on your bathroom. Useful Tips For Achieving Your Dream Bathroom. These days, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home.

Useful Tips For Achieving Your Dream Bathroom

Not only is it the first room you and your family use on a daily basis but it’s also used by your guests when they come to visit. Therefore, you’ll want it to be as sleek and stylish as possible. As well as being a place to wash, brush your teeth and carry out other personal hygiene tasks, it’s also an ideal space to relax and unwind. Imagine slipping into a gloriously hot and soapy bath with a good book and a chilled glass of wine. Or stepping into a rejuvenating shower on a cold, dark morning when you need to feel motivated to begin the day. These days, the bathroom is an extremely versatile room and that’s why so many homeowners are taking the time to choose the perfect bathroom for their household.

Think Practically as well as Aesthetically. Crimson Design & Construction. A bathroom has the potential to be a sweet escape and place of serenity where you can let your worries of the day slip away.

Crimson Design & Construction

Because a bathroom may be the only place in your home to use as your ideal place to retreat, creating an atmosphere that makes you feel comforted and at peace is essential. How To Achieve Your Dream Bathroom Bathroom remodeling is a highly popular room for remodeling. Whether your bathroom is older and in need of a makeover, or perhaps you simply desire to refresh the style or add new features such as a tub or flooring, we are here to help! Because there are so many options when it comes to bathroom remodels, we have listed a few important features to consider, so you are not overwhelmed. Choose Your Favorite Escape Your bathroom should reflect your personal style and be a retreat that you can escape to and relax. Wash Your Worries Away Clawfoot tub3-wall alcoveDrop-in bathtubCorner bathtubUndermount bathtubFree standing bathtub Fabulous Flooring. Get Your Dream Bathroom by Upgrading Your Fixtures - Cool Today. Blog / Get Your Dream Bathroom by Upgrading Your Fixtures Did you know that a year and a half of your life (over 13,000 hours) will be spent in the bathroom?

Get Your Dream Bathroom by Upgrading Your Fixtures - Cool Today

(Assuming 30 minutes/day and a lifespan of 75 years). Top 20 Elements That Will Create A Luxurious Bath of Your Dreams. Of course, you can find a luxurious bathroom with a glance at her.

Top 20 Elements That Will Create A Luxurious Bath of Your Dreams

It differs unusual decor, expensive materials, original design solutions. Yet there 20priznakov, knowing that you can arrange in an apartment and the bathroom of your dreams. Play The spacious bathroom will look elegant despite the design. But it's not just in square meters. Panoramic view Since most of the bathrooms can not boast a large footage, huge windows in them simply are not provided, so the views are limited. Marble walls The luxurious bathrooms for walls and floor uses natural materials and marble - one of them. Finishing Finishing and texture plays an important role in creating the overall atmosphere in the bathroom. Ornament Even if the bathroom clearly boasts of its kind, some ornamented elements can rectify the situation. Expensive materials The combination of onyx and marble in the bathroom looks amazing, creating an elegant and stylish way. Contrasting textures Deeper Tub Accent lighting Freestanding bathtub. Designing Dream Bathrooms.

By CustomHomes on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 When it comes to the bathroom, functionality and aesthetics are the two factors that every homeowner strives for.

Designing Dream Bathrooms

Besides the kitchen and the bedroom, the bathroom is one of the most trafficked rooms in the home. While the main purpose of such a space is to aid in hygienic applications, the room is often also used as an area of solace and retreat. It really doesn’t matter the size of the room; as long as the space reflects you style and suits your family’s needs while also being beautiful to look at, it can become your dream bathroom. Design Your Dream Bathroom. Top Trends to Turn Your Bathroom into an In-home Retreat (ARA) – As winter arrives, Americans will find themselves cocooning in their homes and dreaming of a nice, warm, relaxing retreat.

Design Your Dream Bathroom

One way to “get away,” and at the same time enhance a home’s value is to turn the bathroom into an in-home retreat. In fact, making the bathroom a place of retreat is one of today’s most popular home remodeling projects, according to, as homeowners look for relief from hectic lifestyles and choose to spend more time at home. As the country faces tough times, homeowners are focusing their spending on the home to make it a secure, comfortable environment according to a Unity Marketing study. According to the American Standard Bathroom Habits Survey, Americans revealed that they would spend between $2,500 and $7,500 to remodel and decorate their bathrooms.

Krengel and Uhl suggest homeowners consider the following five trends when turning their bathrooms into a personal, relaxing retreat. 1. 2.