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Be Prepared for Anything With the Trucker's Friend Rugged Multitool. Craighill Jack Puzzle. Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack. Amazon. SCORKL Handheld Scuba Tank. Even before Bond put a high-tech rebreather in his mouth during the classic Thunderbolt, people have been trying to come up with clever ways to stay underwater longer and with less equipment.

SCORKL Handheld Scuba Tank

After all of these years of development and testing, the SCORKL may be exactly what we were looking for. This reusable tank is relatively simple to use. To fill it with air all you need to do is attach it to either a high pressure hand pump, or your more standard scuba tank. When totally full, the tank can then provide up to 10 minutes of uninterrupted diving.

Thanks to the breathe-on-demand balanced single stage regulator, you can simply put this in your mouth and get to the business of swimming around under water. Purchase: $200. 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 X RS Turbo R. Kershaw Knives Gallery. Oakley Carbon Prime MotoGP Sunglasses. There’s only one thing that could make this pair of carbon fiber Oakley sunglasses any cooler – that is if they came stock with a MotoGP sport bike they’re positioned to pay homage towards.

Oakley Carbon Prime MotoGP Sunglasses

It’s a one-of-a-kind collaboration between the two powerhouse brands, honoring the technical experience of each, in a pair of shades unlike anything we’ve seen before. The most immersive RPG to date lands on Oculus Rift this month. Among the Oculus demos we tried at GDC this past February was Mage's Tale, a role-playing game that uses Oculus Touch controls and full-body tracking to take the "role playing" part of RPG more literally than you're accustomed to.

The most immersive RPG to date lands on Oculus Rift this month

Today developer inXile Entertainment announced that the highly-immersive Rift exclusive launches June 20. The common theme I observed in this year's Oculus GDC demos was deep, first-person journeys: combining Oculus Touch controls with fully-realized gaming worlds. If 2016 VR games were about introducing the world to virtual reality, these upcoming 2017 Rift titles are more about pushing barriers of immersion and deep gameplay, showing us what it's like to "live inside" a full-fledged video game from a first-person perspective.

The really bad(ass?) Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker. In the latest edition of "crowdfunding campaign: cool or crap?

The really bad(ass?) Sound Heroes Bluetooth speaker

" comes Sound Heroes, a Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a humanoid robot. Apparently there are plenty who would place this one in the "cool" camp as the campaign reached its goal in only four minutes. Kuroi Hana Japanese Knife Collection - Edge of Belgravia by Edge of Belgravia. Front Runner Monsoon Duffel Bag. A roof rack storage container is a wonderful thing to have when you’re out traversing the great outdoors.

Front Runner Monsoon Duffel Bag

But, most of them are also eyesores. Concealed Carry: 10 Best Tactical Belts. Most gear heads bring a whole new definition to the table concerning everyday carry.

Concealed Carry: 10 Best Tactical Belts

Typically, these individuals are known to carry more heavyweight and tactical gear with them as opposed to lightweight and minimalist. Heavy-duty flashlights, multitools outfitted to last a lifetime and get the job done swiftly, and maybe even a bit of firearm protection to boot. These are the guys who don’t mess around with the small stuff and certainly don’t sweat it either. So, in accordance with carrying reliable gear, you can bet these guys favor reliable belts to keep everything intact. - Helping you decide which reviews to trust. Slowly making my new place feel like home. : battlestations. 10 Best Fidget Spinners For EDC. In the 90s, there were a few toy and oddity trends that, when looked back upon, actually fit into the realm of everyday carry.

10 Best Fidget Spinners For EDC

Sure, these items were not necessarily going to help you start a fire in a survival situation or even assist you with tightening the screws on your bike like a keychain multitool might, but the fact remains that they were pocketable items that people would carry with them literally every day. We’re talking yo-yos, Tech Decks, hacky sacks, Tamogatchis, etc. None of them were necessarily game changers in any real way, but they were all fun little pieces of gear that would help get us through the boredom of the day. M550 Pro Paracord Bugout Frag Survival Kit. Any avid outdoorsman understands the potential pitfalls of spending extended time in the wilderness.

M550 Pro Paracord Bugout Frag Survival Kit

That’s why the wise man typically keeps some semblance of a survival pack with him when trekking through the backcountry on either foot or on wheels. However, survival packs can get large and cumbersome at times, reducing their utility in the process. It’s this inconvenience that Surf City Paracord had in mind when designing their M-550 Pro Bugout Frag. Outfitted to fit in the palm of your hand, the M-550 is a miniature survival pack shaped like a frag grenade but made from 45 feet of 550 paracord. Don’t let its size fool though. Gravity Weighted Blanket. Text messages, push notifications, endless scroll, cat videos – it seems like everything digital is conspiring to steal away our precious hours of sleep.

Gravity Weighted Blanket

Even after you put the phone down and close the laptop it can be hard to just get your brain to shut off. Thankfully there is a solution in the Gravity Weighted Blanket. This brilliantly simple blanket is engineered to help you switch your brain off and fall asleep faster. Designed to be 10% of your bodyweight, the blanket evenly distributes pressure across your whole body triggering the release of serotonin, melatonin, and decreasing cortisol levels in the body. Review: Held Air n Dry – one motorcycle glove to rule them all - New Atlas. I'm not sure I can remember the last time I discovered a revolutionary product in motorcycle gloves.

Review: Held Air n Dry – one motorcycle glove to rule them all - New Atlas

I mean, the first time I saw some with metal on the knuckles, I thought that was cool. Benchmade 87 Balisong. You may or may not be aware that knife manufacturer Benchmade actually started off in the 1970s as Bali-Song USA. The name was a reference to the fact that, when they began, they made only butterfly knives. While their catalog has significantly evolved since then, they still like to stay true to their roots – as is evident with their upcoming release, the 87 Balisong.

While some folks think that butterfly knives are merely a novelty, Benchmade has taken this one extremely seriously. The Complete Guide To Knife Handle Materials. For most casual knife enthusiasts, pocket knives are all about the blades. But people seem to forget that there’s an entire other side to every knife and it can be just as, if not more important than the sharp end. The knife handle is the part you hold onto in order to operate it. And in the instance of folding knives, it acts as the case in which the blade is housed when it isn’t in use. It even houses and protects the mechanisms that deploy and lock a knife into the open position. The point is, knife handles deserve more respect and attention than they are given. One of the things that can make or break the quality, style, durability, and longevity of a knife is the material out of which its handle is constructed. Bison Rolling Camp Grill. While we’re not opposed to cooking on a spit, there’s just something all the more satisfying about searing meat on a real grill.

But it’s hard to take an unwieldy grill with us when we head out on the trails, so usually we have to settle for less than perfect. Except now we don’t, thanks to the Bison rolling grill. Shun Premier 7-Inch Asian Cook's Knife. If you appreciate cooking on even the basest level, you should know the value of a good kitchen knife. Truly, it can mean the difference between a perfectly sliced piece of meat and a mangled inedible hunk. Sony A9 targets sports snappers with 20 fps shooting. Plenty of manufacturers bill their new compact, mirrorless camera as "DSLR-killers," but very few can actually live up to that tag. Duo AI Smart Mirror. Straight from the movie screen and into your living room, the Duo AI Computer hides in plain sight as a 1.9mm thin mirror.

That’s right, the device allows you the privilege of deciding upon the preferred watering hole for the evening and simultaneously checking yourself out before the night begins. X27 Reconnaissance Ultra Low Light Camera. For humans, pretty much half of our life is spent in darkness. Once the sun dips below the horizon we’re therefore reliant on artificial lighting to keep us awake and alert during these dark hours. Worst Case: 10 Best Bug-Out Bags. Sharpal 6-In-1 Knife Sharpener. FreeCast High Quality Video Transmitter. Sometimes getting that desired shot just takes a bit of spontaneity and patience.

SOG Camp Axe. While you can get by in an urban environment with just your average pocket knife, different venues sometimes call for something a bit more rugged. For example, long-form camping and/or hiking necessitates a tool with which you can cut wood to make a fire. 10 Best Multi-Tools. Set For Set Steel Mace. In the 13th century, the steel mace was used as a deadly weapon by warriors throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia. Serge Knives Coin Claw. Here at HiConsumption, we have a tremendous respect for custom designers, especially when it comes to everyday carry gear. And we get even more excited when an exceptional designer comes up with a truly unique idea.

The 8 Best Tactical Wallets. Macallan x Urwerk Whiskey Flask. Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Dog Vest. Council Tool Double Bit Saddle Axe. The 10 Best Hiking Vests. 2017 Can-Am Maverick X3 Max. Desktop tube amp promised to sound as good as it looks. 12 Best EDC Carabiner Keychains. Icon 1000 Basehawk Motorcycle Jacket. Beefy Blades: 8 Best Bowie Knives. Under Armour Infil Tactical Boot. SOG Baton Q4 Multi-tool. Outdoor Research Infiltrator Tactical Jacket. Rampage Fuel Can Tool Box. CRKT Chanceinhell 18" Machete. Matador Beast Packable Technical Backpack. Torbe Custom Knives Jangle-Buster.

BMW S 1000 RR Turbo By Motokouture. Tops I.C.E. Dagger. Essentials: Best Winter Hiking Gear. Tops I.C.E. Dagger. Razer Project Ariana. Escape & Evasion Gun Belt. The 10 Best Hunting Boots For Men. Hardcore Hardware Compact Tactical Tomahawk. Powerful, intriguing and mind-bending off-road vehicles of 2016. .30 Caliber Mini Pocket Cannon. 15 Best Men's Style & Fashion Gifts Under $50. Columbia Canuk Titanium Boots. Teles Taxídi Levitating Coffee Table. Survival Hacks Book. 20 Best Automotive & Motorcycle Gifts For The Gearhead. 15 Best Travel Gifts Under $50. XO 6.2 Waterproof Backpack. You spent $110 on a keyboard? What's so great abo- : woahdude.

Exploring the best camping trailers of 2016. The Muncher Titanium Multi-Tool Spork. The Muncher Titanium Multi-Tool Spork. BotFactory Squink is the All-in-One Desktop Circuit Printer - SolidSmack - The $379 reMarkable Tablet Just Might Be the Best Digital Sketching Tool to Date - SolidSmack - Cyfie Multi-Functional Grappling Hook. Sean Woolsey Studio Waterfall Desk. Scoured: Best Gear On Amazon. Ruckbug Outdoor Adventure Backpack. Woodman's Pal Military Fixed Blade Knife. 10 Best Reflective Running Jackets For Men.

The 50 Best Men's Gifts Under $100. Uncharted Supply Co. SEVENTY2 Survival Kit. Base Camp X Wendigo. XM556 Microgun — Empty Shell llc. Thisiswhyimbroke. LightMode S-Series Helmet Kit. Tops M4X Punisher Knife. Essential Shooting Range Gear - Pew Pew Tactical. Wera Koloss Hammer-Ratchet. The No Bake Tent. Colfax SDP_01 Standard Issue Backpack Review. 2017 Peugeot 3008 DKR. Snugpak Cocoon Hammock. Multi-Threat Shield Bulletproof Briefcase. Best Handgun/Pistol for Beginners & Home Defense - Pew Pew Tactical. Hide a bunk bed - GIF on Imgur. Hydrophobia: 20 Waterproof EDC Essentials. Hydrophobia: 20 Waterproof EDC Essentials. Colfax SDP_01 Standard Issue Backpack Review. Everyone Needs A Hydraulic Robot Claw In Their Life.