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Blueberries: Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Blueberry Bushes. 24 Uses for Oranges - Never Waste Another Orange. Easy Gray Water Harvesting Techniques - The Permaculture Research Institute.


How To Harvest And Use Sassafras. For more potent roots, you normally should harvest it in mid to late February, or early March.

How To Harvest And Use Sassafras

The Incredible Edible Eggplant - The Permaculture Research Institute. Any tips for a beginner that wants to try growing any of these plants? : gardening. 25 Chickens - 25 Cents a day (and they make TONS of compost!) Eat Really Well on a Tight Budget – Walkerland. I still acutely remember being the girl that carefully rounded up and kept tally as she bought groceries, praying that I had enough cash to pay for it all.

Eat Really Well on a Tight Budget – Walkerland

There was nothing worse than having to remove items from the bags and hand them back to the cashier. Times were tight and it felt like I was always anxiously waiting for the next paycheque. I don’t have these same worries today but if I could tell my younger self a thing or two I would have saved her from a world of suffering. The fact is, no matter how things are in your life today, it can all change in an instant. The way to be sure that you can always provide the essentials for your family goes back to learning basic essential skills. Geoff Lawton Online Training. Growing Chicken Fodder. Lexicon of SustainabilityLexicon Of Sustainability. The Birth of a Wooden House: Carpentry and Resilience in Latvia. In this video Jacob Neeman shows us an account of the building of his house in Latvia.

The Birth of a Wooden House: Carpentry and Resilience in Latvia

What do you need to build a wooden house? Jacob starts at the beginning, with the forest. From a permaculture perspective this is very interesting; he is clearly engaging with the local ecosystem and uses mainly natural and local resources, with “Lime, sand and concrete mixture [used] only in small amounts”. Every step of the process is done by hand which is impressive especially when you see the finished product! The house is made following a traditional Latvian design. As a showcase of the techniques and styles used in the construction this video is very inspirational and there is easily enough information provided to explore further if you wish to do any of these things yourself.

References 1. 2. Related Popular. Awesome Off-Grid Handcrafted Life On An Oregon Farm & Workshop… Brian is an “obsessive craftsman” who believes he can build most anything in his life.

Awesome Off-Grid Handcrafted Life On An Oregon Farm & Workshop…

On his Oregon farm he has built, or renovated, 5 tiny structures. After being told by the county that he couldn’t erect a yurt, he built a code-approved main house “to give us a place to legally stay”. Once the main house was built, he created several smaller structures (less than 200 square feet) on the property from 90% local materials. The farm is completely off the grid and Schulz points out that this doesn’t mean they rely on propane or lots of photovoltaics. Nearly all their tools for living have been adapted to fit the off-grid lifestyle. For his prototype solar-powered bathhouse Schulz used recycled solar hot water panels, salvaged hot water tanks (from the dump), a solar thermal window and a recycled soaking tub. If you like this idea, be sure to share it with your friends and inspire someone you know. The Texas college where students grow into workers. Edible Wild Food Blog » Eating Garlic Mustard is a Win-Win. Garlic mustard is a wild edible that has earned the title of being invasive in many geographical areas.

Edible Wild Food Blog » Eating Garlic Mustard is a Win-Win

This nutritious weed even made headline news in the Green Bay Press Gazette: “Invasive species get jumpstart from warm weather, DNR warns.” Hmmm… The March 31, 2012 story makes this edible plant sound like a wanted suspect. “DNR plant specialists say people should especially keep an eye out for garlic mustard, a plant that smells like garlic and has four small white petals. The plant can completely take over entire forest floors, displacing trilliums and other wildflowers.” Garlic mustard greens are very nutritious as they have substantial amounts of vitamins A, C, E and some of the B vitamins. Alliaria petiolata (garlic mustard) has European ‘roots’ and was inevitably introduced to the U.S. by early settlers. Check out the health benefits from eating this amazing wild edible: The Incredible Soap Nut: A Sustainable Laundry Solution - Living Echo. “Soap nuts?

The Incredible Soap Nut: A Sustainable Laundry Solution - Living Echo

What are those? How are broken bits of shell supposed to get my clothes clean?” All good questions you should be asking after your first exposure to this special nut. Permaculture design and education southwoods homestead sustainability. Geoff Lawton Online. How to Make a Straw Mattress (natural fibers and materials forum at permies) Hey everyone!

How to Make a Straw Mattress (natural fibers and materials forum at permies)

So a couple of years ago I posted in here about trying to find some mattress alternatives. I was fed up with the process of buying a big, stupid mattress every few years that was impossible to clean, ridiculously expensive, and made, of course, of toxic gick. It was maddening. I felt trapped by the consumption and expense, and the stupid sheets, and the memory foam pillow top crap that I could never truly clean.


Unbelievable House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle (tiny house forum at permies)