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UK Government Web Archive Since 2005 the collection and preservation of the Danish part of the internet is included in the Danish Legal Deposit Law. The task is undertaken by the two legal deposit libraries in Denmark, State and University Library and The Royal Library. cannot be accessed by the general public.The archive is only accessible to researchers who have requested and been granted special permission to use the collection for specific research purposes. This website,, is designed to inform researchers, website owners, and other interested parties about the Danish web archive. For the time being most of the website is in Danish. You can find information about: If you want to know more about NetarchiveSuite, the open source software developed and used by the institutions behind Netarkivet, please check the NetarchiveSuite website. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at

Swiss National Library NL -FAQs on web archiving WHY CAN'T I VIEW THE ARCHIVED WEBSITE FROM HOME?The availability of the websites is governed by the law. Websites are subject to copyright and can only be consulted in the public rooms of the Swiss National Library. CAN I PRINT OUT WEBSITES? WHY IS THE SWISS NATIONAL LIBRARY COLLECTING MY WEBSITE? WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES FOR MY COMMUNE IF OUR WEBSITE IS ARCHIVED BY THE SWISS NATIONAL LIBRARY? The International Churchill Society - WebCite NLA Australian Government Web Archive The Australian Government Web Archive (AGWA) is a web archiving initiative of the National Library of Australia which complements the Library's long established PANDORA Archive. The AGWA public interface was released in March 2014. The AGWA is a collection of Commonwealth Government websites. Initially content collected specifically for the collection commenced in June 2011. However earlier content sourced from other web archiving activities is progressively being added (see 'Latest updates' below). Selected older government web content along with some state and local government material may also be found at in the PANDORA Archive. Latest updates: A new harvest of 877 seed URLs was commenced on 5th January 2016 and is expected to run for around 1 week from that date. A new harvest of Parliamentary Papers was conducted on 4th January to pick up papers published online over the past 10 months. Browser note: The AGWA was developed using HTML5. analysing and documenting British Battles from the previous centuries Webarchivierung Das World Wide Web hat sich seit seiner Entstehung zu einem unverzichtbaren Massenmedium entwickelt. Dort publizierte Inhalte gehören mittlerweile ebenso zum nationalen Kulturgut eines Landes wie Printmedien. Aus diesem Grund wurde der Sammlungsauftrag der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek um den Bereich der Online Medien erweitert (Mediengesetznovelle BGBl I 8/2009). Ziel der Webarchivierung ist die Sammlung und Archivierung des gesamten nationalen Webspace. Das Web@rchiv Österreich ermöglicht LeserInnen und WissenschaftlerInnen in Zukunft noch Zugang zu Webseiten, wenn sie längst aus dem Live Web verschwunden sind. Für den Zugriff in der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek stehen spezielle Terminals zur Verfügung, die den rechtlichen Bestimmungen angepasst sind (z.B. kein E-Mail Versand etc.). Im Rahmen der Webarchivierung werden Webseiten mit so genannten Webcrawlern automatisiert gesammelt. Weitere Informationen In Kooperation mit

Digital Bodleian Dreamers and Dissenters How do people respond to the world they live in? When they disagree or dream of change, do they act within society's rules or against them? This site introduces some of the visionaries, dissenters and rule breakers of past centuries. Through a selection of sources from the British Library's collection, you can learn how these people have presented themselves and how they have been represented by others. Language is also an important aspect of citizenship. When you look at the sources... Think about the reliability of this evidence from the past (Who tells the story? Utopia Can utopian ideas ever be realised in the real world? The struggle for democracy In 1928, men and women were given equal voting rights for the first time. Counter Culture Explore countercultural pamphlets, handbooks, fanzines and underground newspapers that helped to promote action, gather support and inspire change. Concerns about crime How do we treat people that break the rules? Our language Filth and Fever ShareThis

Hanzo Archives - Website Archiving and Social Media Archiving for E-Discovery, Compliance, and Information Management