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Créer et héberger son blog avec WordPress : Introduction

Créer et héberger son blog avec WordPress : Introduction,2-88.html

Twelve Blog Post Writing Tips From 2012 I made a concerted effort to write more and better blog posts last year. Here are a dozen things I learned and/or put into practice that helped me do so. If one of your 2013 resolutions is to blog more, perhaps you'll find a few of these tips useful. Single topic post. Think of each post as a building block that you might use as a reference in some other post. The more your post focuses on a single point (or a closely related set of points) the more reusable/citable it will be, both by others and your future writings. htaccess Code for WordPress Multisite For the upcoming Digging into WordPress update for WordPress 3.0, I have been working with WordPress’ multisite functionality. Prior to version 3.0, WordPress came in two flavors: “original” and “multisite” (MU). Most designers probably work with regular, one-blog installations of “regular” WordPress. The htaccess rules for all single-blog installations of WordPress haven’t changed. They are the same for WordPress 3.0 as they are for all previous versions.

WordPress v Joomla: The Infographic Back in July and August last year, we published a series of articles by Mark Atkinson comparing WordPress and Joomla as content management systems. Each of five posts focused on specific aspects of functionality in direct comparison of the two CMS giants. That series culminated in Mark’s grand finale: WordPress v Joomla: The Winner The entire series generated a great deal of discussion, with general agreement with Mark’s conclusion that each CMS is a great choice with particular strengths that will appeal to users with differing needs, capabilities and situations. Mark and his team at Red Giant have since considered how this large stream of information could be presented in a way that is easy to absorb and digest, regardless of experience with either WordPress or Joomla.

10 simple responsive WordPress themes for small businesses and blogs Responsive design is one of the hottest trends in web design at the moment as it’s seen as the most effective way of creating a consistent user experience across all devices. For blogs that rely on social to promote their content it’s very important to have some sort of mobile optimised site as it’s inevitable that a large proportion of social referrals will come through mobile devices. For small businesses or amateur bloggers a responsive WordPress theme is an excellent option as it allows the site owner to offer users a mobile experience without spending loads of money. There are many responsive templates available either for free or for a very limited outlay, so I thought it would be useful to round up a few of the more impressive options. To clarify, I haven’t tried out all of these themes but I’ve opted for examples that offer a decent user experience and have scored high reviews from site owners.

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