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Do it yourself, 3D hand - Binnit

Do it yourself, 3D hand - Binnit
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From all become snowflakes - Part Three Само шепот, само бледи стъпки, заслушвали ли сте се колко е тихо когато вали сняг. Колко кротко въздиша земята. После слънцето прокъса перлените облаци, и един лъч изпъва златните си ръце за да изплете елмазена дантела върху всяко клонче. Така беше днес когато отидохме навън, миг слънчице и замръзнания мъх заприличва на килим изтъкан от сърма. За нея са ви нужни няколко празни ролки от тоалетна хартия. След това шест от тези сгънати ленти слепваме и прихващаме с щипки. След като първоначалната звезда е готова, може да изберете как да продължите. Или може би така, с още един кат сгънати ленти на V. Слeд като съм подредила и втория ред V-та, слагам в тях крилца. Получава се така. Там където са щипките след махането им съм добавила още едно V и над него едно крилце. Прекрасна нова седмица от мен. Поздрави.

Photorealistic Pictures Drawn With a BIC Pen EmailEmail At first sight they may look like some pretty sharp blue photographs, however all those pictures are actually hand drawn with a simple Bic ballpoint pen! Spanish artist Juan Francisco Casas uses up to four 14p ballpoint pens to create his incredibly photorealistic drawings, measuring up to 10ft (3 meters) high. The use of penballs makes Juan’s drawings even more original, which certainly has played a big role in his way to success, and his works are already a sell-out at exhibitions. His source of inspiration comes from his own photographs of nights out with his friends, so you can only imagine how wild his parties are, as half of his drawings include girls that forgot to put on their clothes. Website:

Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light & Cat in water Artist Rashad Alakbarov from Azerbaijan uses suspended translucent objects and other found materials to create light and shadow paintings on walls. The best part is that you can easily create something similar at home – all you need is one or two lamps and some items from your desk. The stunning light painting below, made with an array of colored airplanes has found its way to exhibitions like the Fly to Baku at De Pury Gallery in London. Rashad adds, “Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light. Comments comments 亲子育儿百科:轻松画樱花,这个主意不错吧家… 来自totogirl在堆糖网的分享 堆糖网 分类 首页 热门 最新 良品购 特卖惠 家居生活 美食菜谱 手工DIY 时尚搭配 美妆造型 婚纱婚礼 设计 古风 插画绘画 壁纸 头像 文字句子 旅行 摄影 人文艺术 影音书 人物明星 动画漫画 植物多肉 生活百科 搞笑萌宠 搜索含 的内容 搜索含 的商品 搜索含 的专辑 搜索含 的糖友 新浪微博腾讯 QQ 淘宝腾讯微博豆瓣 关联账号登录: 登录 注册 totogirl 发布到 手作 DIY 借鑒 专辑中 2012-03-05 14:25:42 亲子育儿百科:轻松画樱花,这个主意不错吧家长陪喜欢画画的小朋友们玩玩吧! 关注 查看完整专辑11061076 来自: 咖咖咖的采集 - 亲子育儿百科:轻松画樱… 查看来源 收集 腾讯微博 豆瓣 人人网 赞6 评论 5 添加评论... 评论 BeBeTimes03-19 11:08 很有创意,可以废物利用回复 芊芊郡主08-14 这个创意好,学习了回复 冯UU04-10 这个太有才了啊回复 荷怡09-24 赞一个! 公仔思乐冰03-06 心思真系细啦! 你可能感兴趣 还被收集在 > 默认专辑600DIY2710默认专辑2301 标签 廢物利用DIY手工手作 活动 晒晒你最想做的小清新手工教程 截止日期:2014年04月16日 春暖花开,晒晒你的种植日记! 标签集帮助中心关于我们加入我们免责声明堆糖收集工具 ©Copyright by 堆糖 2010-2013, all rights reserved 备案 沪ICP备10038086号-1 确定要删除? 确定取消

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Abstract Doodles Here are some more fun abstract doodles to print out and enjoy. They are great fun for people of all ages and work well at school and home. Just find the picture you like, click on it, download and print. Have fun coloring! This is page 2 of abstract coloring pages. If you love these fun abstract doodles, there are so many more to print out and enjoy. They work great at home as well as school. I think everybody will enjoy my pictures, from small children to the young at heart. If you have any suggestions or requests feel free to contact me. Return from Abstract Doodles to Coloring Pages Bible Verses Coloring PagesCircles Coloring PagesCountries Coloring PagesLandscape Coloring Art Ebook I love providing free coloring pages for all of you and am always trying to add more, along with activity printables and Ebooks of all kinds.

Drawing the nose - drawing lesson. portrait tutorial Portrait art tutorial - how to draw the nose, step-by-step drawing lesson. | << Page 1 | << Page 2 | << Back | A quick overview of the nose in profile: The original drawing is on the left (click to see larger view). Notice the purple nose. Another important thing to remember: be sure to observe the length of the nose. Not all faces will have the same proportions, of course. | << Page 1 | << Page 2 | << Back | | Home | Color | Portrait & Drawing Basics | Attitudes and Inspiration | Anatomy, Digital Art, & Misc. | Study & Lessons | About | Contact | Portfolio | | Search | Disclaimer | What's New | Site Map | Blog | The book! Copyright © JR Dunster 2002 - 2013 All Rights Reserved No permission is given to use the information, (graphics, text) on this site in any other way other than for individual use. Back to Top part 4 Mummy: “Hey! Watch where you put those!” Frankenstein: “Hey, that’s my best jacket!” Here’s two seasonally spooky Halloween cutouts to end my short break from blogging. Oh, and while you are in the kitchen, how about decorating the fruit bowl with some yucky bugs made from recycled materials? How to make your own spooky Halloween cutouts for your kitchen knife block These spooky Halloween cutouts are very easy to make, but if you’d like to use my artwork you can download it below. Download printables and instructions› Includes: 1) Colour versions of the Mummy and Frankenstein artwork488 downloads so far, thanks everyone! [display_adsense ad_type="300x250"] The ‘craft’ blogging community is a very generous one. So, with that in mind I’d like to give Mini-eco a big shout out.

Crosshatching Crosshatching is the layering of planes of parallel lines on top of each other in order to create a gradient or texture in a drawing. Crosshatching has an "old-fashioned" stigma, probably for good reason: drawing lines side-by-side, and then on top of each other, is a great solution to a problem inherent in pen & ink drawing and printmaking: How do you make a drawing tonal if all you have to work with is black and white? With digital tools at our disposal, as well as relatively new products like Zipotone, Craftint and DuoShade, it's easy to see why crosshatching isn't considered cutting edge. However, I don't personally believe that a technique in itself can be old-fashioned; I think that comes out of how the artist uses the technique. Below is a primer on crosshatching for the beginner or for those who want to hone their craft. Styles of Crosshatching1) Tight, accurate lines. GradientsTwo kinds of gradients below. Consistency Consistent line weight. Labels: Tips and Tricks

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