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English Paper Piecing...aka Hexies

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Jen West - Interesting way to make hexies as seen on... 2" Hexagon Printable Template. Tumbler Template English Paper Piecing. How To English Paper Piece Hex TUTORIAL. Hexagon graph paper. Hexagon Graph Paper. All Points Patchwork Project Excerpt: Making Templates for English Paper Piecing. All over the crafty internet right now, it seems like everyone is quilting.

All Points Patchwork Project Excerpt: Making Templates for English Paper Piecing

Hexagons, triangles, and all manor of fabric-fuelled geometry abound, and right at the center of all of that quilt-y goodness is the rise in popularity of English paper piecing! English paper piecing—EPP for short—is a hand-quilting technique that allows complete beginners and master quilters alike to use geometric paper templates to create crisp points and sharp edges in fabric, resulting in beautiful, consistent shapes that are easy to match and easy to piece together.

Just in time for all the fun, All Points Patchwork, a new book from author and long-time friend of CRAFT Diane Gilleland, brings a wealth of EPP knowledge together in one amazing book that’s part detailed reference guide, part dazzling project inspiration portfolio, and entirely delightful! And now, thanks to Diane and Storey Publishing, we’re able to share an excerpt of this recently published book with you!

About the book: Adventures In Hexagons. I tried just about everything I could think of with these hexagons.

Adventures In Hexagons

Different papers, different stitches, different methods of attaching… So I wanted to share all of this with you to let you know what I thought of each method. And, this would be a great post for all of you to share your insights, too! Flossie Teacakes: English paper piecing: where to begin. This week two people (one of whom was Kate, so expect to see goodies from her in the near future!)

Flossie Teacakes: English paper piecing: where to begin

Wrote to me about English paper piecing (EPP) asking for some quick-start tips about where to begin, so I thought I may write a whole post about it. The summer holidays are here and EPP is a deliciously sociable and portable way to fit in some sewing while still spending time with family and friends. I'm relatively new to English paper piecing, but my learning curve has been made shorter and less painful by the kindness of people like Ruth, Katy, Lynne and Kerry, so I hope that they won't mind that some of their guidance is bound up within this post and being passed on.

I write not as an expert, but someone who is relatively new to this and so remembers all the tiny things I had questions about myself. Try it today: Easy English-paper-piecing tutorial (+ sale!) Hexagon patterns are as popular as ever, and we think we know why.

Try it today: Easy English-paper-piecing tutorial (+ sale!)

Not only are the results beautiful, the process of sewing them, a.k.a. English paper piecing, is seriously addictive. Projects are easily portable, and you can create many interesting shapes that stretch beyond what traditional machine piecing can do. LPQ_hexagons.pdf. English Paper Piecing, From Beginning to End. View All Articles » English Paper Piecing, the creation of a quilt block or entire quilt using fabric wrapped around paper patterns, is a terrific skill to add to any quilter's "box of tools.

English Paper Piecing, From Beginning to End

" Since fabric is "wrapped" around the paper cut to the exact size, precision in piecing can be achieved. The technique works well with traditional or modern fabrics, giving all quilters a useful technique for hand piecing. A wide variety of shapes may be used when using this technique; however, the hexagon shape is the most common. How To: Hexagon Table Runner. I’ve used an ingenious but easy construction technique to assemble this rainbow hued Patchwork Hexagon Table Runner.

How To: Hexagon Table Runner

After making hundreds of Paper Pieced Hexagons, and sewing them all together, I thought a table runner was a nice project that would to show them off to their full potential and that I could see and enjoy every day. Hexagon project edges can be tricky to work with, I didn’t like the idea of squaring off the sides, as I’d lose the beauty if the zig zag edges, and binding all those corners wasn’t an option, so it took me some thought to devise my construction method.

I like to imagine all the steps in my mind, truth be told, I wasn’t even sure it would really work until the final stages when it all came together perfectly. I’ve share some tips to keep your hexagons organized as well as a few methods of stitching them together. You could also make coasters and place mats with the same method. You will need: How to: Next comes the fun but time consuming part. Hexie Love: Tips for Making Hexagon Quilts. Hexagon quilts are definitely trending today.

Hexie Love: Tips for Making Hexagon Quilts

With their versatility, both modern and traditional quilters alike are finding ways of making hexagon quilts in a wide variety of styles. Here are some easy tips for creating heirloom quilts with this classic shape. Photo via Camille Roskelley Let’s explore quilting with this versatile six-sided shape! While hexagon quilts and projects appear difficult to piece, there are actually many simplified techniques that can help make the process of creating with hexagons a whole lot easier.

Specialty pre-cuts Specialty fabric pre-cuts such as the “Honeycomb” pre-cut hexagon fabrics by Moda come in packages of 40 pre-cut pieces in a coordinating fabric collection. Not only are these pre-cut hexagon collections a huge time-saver when working on a project, but they also come with a ready-made plastic template that can be used for cutting additional hexagon shapes.

Learn More About Quilting With these Articles On Craftsy. Machine Stitched Hexagons. Hi friends!

Machine Stitched Hexagons

Super quick post here sharing a project that I was inspired to make after coming home from Quilt Market – a mini using the awesome free mini charm pack that Carolyn Friedlander was handing out at her booth. Michael ann made.: Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial. Remember these little hexies I made a while back from that free Creativebug class?

michael ann made.: Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Well I'm finally here to show you the little wallet I made with them, complete with a tutorial for you to make your own Quilted Zipper Pouch! I used my Free Big Bow Zipper Wallet pattern as the pattern for this wallet, you can download it here to help you through this tutorial. Now let's get started! FIrst, you will need something to make your wallet out of. English Paper Piecing, Hexies Part 1. Got fabric scraps?

English Paper Piecing, Hexies Part 1

Get quilting! Jumpstart your hexie obsession with my free 1" hexagon template and part one in my English paper piecing tutorial series! As you all know, I’ve been making hexies nonstop since last month’s trip to Portland. And, because so many of you have asked questions or expressed an interest in learning how it’s done, I decided to put together a series of posts on the basics of English paper piecing. The first post (this one) will show you how to make a hexie, the second post will take you through the process of joining your hexies into a quilt block or geometric pattern, and the third post will show you how to incorporate a finished hexie quilt block into a project. Beyond quilts, what else can you make with hexies?

English Paper Piecing, Hexies Part 2. Welcome to part 2 of my English paper piecing series! In this tutorial, we’ll be joining seven of the hexagon pieces that you made in the first part of the series into a flower-shaped quilt block. Why flowers? They’re pretty, eye-catching, and delightfully versatile. (And really easy to make.) Paper Pieced Hexies + Template. As you all know, I’m a big fan of using up every little scrap of fabric I have. My ‘affliction’ can be a bit of a burden sometimes especially when I’m tripping over big bags of fabric scraps on my sewing room floor. So a few weeks ago I decided to start making paper pieced hexagons using the smaller pieces, with no particular end project in mind, but as a way to start to reduce my overflow and busy my idle hands at the same time. Making hexagons is quite addictive it turns out, and the fact that it’s a portable project had me making them during Emma’s swimming classes, and even in bed! Star Hexies Tutorial + English Paper Piecing.

Julie Zaichuk-Ryan from Button Button embroiders, knits, makes lace, sews and she loves English paper piecing! Today she’s here to tell us more about paper piecing, and she has a new project to share as well. Take a look at Julie’s embroidery design shop Little Dorrit & Co. (where they are currently having a Valentine’s Sale!) And her knitting patterns too.