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DIY Paper Gardenia. It seems that every time I create a new paper flower template it becomes my new favorite.

DIY Paper Gardenia

Well my dears, it has happened again. This paper gardenia is simply gorgeous and just in time for Mother’s Day. Even if you don’t have time to make a full bouquet, just one on top of a wrapped gift will add that “gift-on-top-of-gift” that I love to do when I do my own gift wrapping. These gardenias would also make a perfect Mother’s Day corsage to pin onto her (or your) top or tie at the wrist. The possibilities go on. For this flower I printed a simple line template onto one of my favorite paper types, a metallic, iridescent, frosty paper, that gives such a beautiful dimension when curled and sculpted. DIY Crepe Paper Peonies. UPDATE: I now have a full video class for this paper peony.

DIY Crepe Paper Peonies

You can find it in this post: I have a lot of beloved flower favorites, but at the top of that list is the peony. There are so many varieties in colors and form that I could design another dozen version of peonies in paper quite easily. You may remember the peony I posted last fall using the watercolor design onto printer paper, or this version where I make them from simple cupcake wrappers. These are both very pretty and fun for different uses. Working with floral crepe is fun and quite simple. For these peonies I used the 180 gram florist crepe that you can find here at the online Crepe Paper Store. I am so excited about these peonies as the crepe has given me the look I was wanting to that large lush wedding style of peony. Perpetually Engaged: paper flower shower. Whenever I see photos of other bloggers homes they always have fresh flowers in a pretty vintage vase on their dining room table.

Perpetually Engaged: paper flower shower

I'm sure a majority buy themselves a bouquet just for the shot, but I always find myself saying "I wish I did that more often". The other day I was thinking of buying myself a weekly bouquet of fresh flowers and then I remembered how cheap I am. Instead I decided I would make myself some monthly paper flowers. Still haven't done it...perhaps I"ll start in May ;) After the group effort of baby shower onesies, I was thinking about projects for bridal showers. Thank you for all your kind words on my Sister's baby shower. I can't wait to meet my new niece!

33 Shades of Green: Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial. A while back I posted a similar tutorial, but it's such an easy way to wrap a present, I thought it was worth posting another one.

33 Shades of Green: Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

Not to mention, it's wedding shower season. Have you noticed? Top your present with a flower like this - the bride will love it! Tissue Paper Flower Supplies: - (5) sheets tissue paper, cut to 7" x 12" - 1 piece floral wire, 12" long. DIY Tutorial: Birthday themes / DIY Girls Birthday Themes - Bead&Cord. Tissue Flowers Tutorial, No.2 - gingerandgeorge. A couple of months ago, Jenny - the very lovely editor of PaperCraft Inspirations - asked me to work up a feature on different ways to use tissue paper.

Tissue Flowers Tutorial, No.2 - gingerandgeorge

You can see the results in the September issue (on sale right about now), and alongside ruffles, twists, layers, buttons and twirly skirts, there's a miniature version of an old tissue-paper favourite. I made these flowers for Halloween a couple of years ago, and although the large scale can look fantastic on card projects, it doesn't leave room for very much else. By scaling it down, you create a much more versatile embellishment and your tissue supplies will stretch a little further, too. This is especially useful if you're using patterned tissue (e.g. Decopatch), which is more expensive. Tissue paper (plain or patterned) Scissors Ruler Pencil Thin wire (e.g. fuse or jewellery wire) Small button or circle of card PVA glue Measure and cut out two strips of tissue paper, each around 20cm long and 5-6cm wide. X. Paper Roses. How to DIY Easy Crepe Paper Rose. Crepe paper flowers look like natural flowers but last longer and won’t wilt or droop.

How to DIY Easy Crepe Paper Rose

That’s why they are very popular for decorations. There are many creative ways to make gorgeous crepe paper roses and here is another example. I can’t believe it’s so easy. Just cut out the petals and leaves according to the templates. Then do some twisting and pasting and here you go! Materials: crepe paper of various colorswirewooden skewerscissorsgluefloral tapetemplates source: Martha Stewart.