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(1) Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor Ideas. (1) Giant Tissue Flower Tutorial. (1) 【折り紙】[難]×2 再び「1分ローズを折ってみた」【Origami】1minute Rose. Six paper flowers. It got into my head that I needed to make some paper flowers.

Six paper flowers

I don’t know why. But I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal because the Internet is a veritable smörgåsbord of craft tutorials, and all I had to do was fire up Lappy 5000 and pick one out. About 300,000 search results later, I was no longer any more confident in my ability to make a paper flower than I was in my cat’s ability to retrieve his stupid mouse instead of staring at my hand after I throw it. There were just too many choices and although I could compare the photos, they didn’t reflect (1) how good each tutorial was, (2) how closely my flower would resemble the picture, or (3) which flowers would look nice together.

It was terribly overwhelming. Then again, I thought, if anyone is supposed to try every single one, it might as well be me. After some consideration, I decided that 300,000 might be a few too many to take on, so I narrowed it down to the six most promising and got to work. That’s all there is to it. Make a Birthday Card with Pop Up Watercolor Flower {Free Designs} House box template. How to Make a Paper Box. 21 Free Printable Gift Box Templates – Tip Junkie. I’m blown away at the creativity of these Box Templates!

21 Free Printable Gift Box Templates – Tip Junkie

These adorable box designs are free printable templates gift boxes that can be used as party favors, invitations, gift card and money holders. You can even string a bunch up for a bunting or count down calendar. Learn how to make cool box designs using many different box templates like pillow box, rectangle box, folding box, origami, popcorn box, cake and cupcake holders, and even favor box templates that will blow your mind. Sky’s the limit on what you can make with such amazing box templates. Box Template 1. 2. 2. 3. 4. Free Gift Box Templates to Download, Print, & Make.

Make your own gift box in 5 minutes with one of my free gift box templates.

Free Gift Box Templates to Download, Print, & Make

Heart-shaped, cube-shaped, bag-shaped, and more. Free Gift Box Templates - Blank Make a box using your own craft paper and card stock. Print one of these templates onto the blank side. ✂︎ HOME. Paper Mache Clay Recipe - The Easy Original Recipe. (3) Paper roses and butterflies. (3) Великолепная шкатулка-ларец из картонной коробки. (2) DIY Beautiful cardboard / Papier-mache box. Weaving. This easy project is made from materials that you've probably already got laying around!


Since I recently finished making a new batch of mini-comics, the leftover paper scraps were more than enough to cover some cardboard I would've otherwise just recycled. Instead, these throwaway items became my pretty new journals! DIY Paper Cherry Blossom Branches. Fastest & Easiest Way To Make Gift Bags from Any Paper. Make Your Own Genesa Crystal. Make Your Own Genesa Crystal The Genesa Crystal is a sacred geometric sculpture that can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation.

Make Your Own Genesa Crystal

Because its shape is perfectly aligned with nature, it generates an energy vortex that amplifies the intentions of those in its presence. In effect, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, balances, and finally amplifies energy. Programming a Genesa is as simple as sitting it in a room or garden. No special instructions are required as the frequency of your subconscious intent is automatically picked up by this powerful antenna.

10 Cute Paper Boxes You Can DIY. Automaton - papercraft - liontamer - dutchpapergirl. 33 EASY LAST-MINUTE GIFT WRAPPING IDEAS. Gift Wrapping in Japan! Explained w/ Multiple Camera Angles: Easy SLOW Speed Wrapping Instructions! Twirl star ball (EzyCraft) - How to make a ball of starfish and star rose - EzyCraft. How To Make Eco Prints or Boiled Book Pages. Instant Toilet Paper Pumpkin Decorations - A Piece Of Rainbow. #1026 Мастер-класс с Ниной Корзинка из газет DIY Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Easy Holiday Cards. LET'S GET FOLDING by synconi on DeviantArt. Amazing Papercut Art by Parth Kothekar. THE MAGIC MOMENT - Peter Dahmen The Amazing Artist!

Guy Builds Miniature Single-Cylinder Engine Out of Paper and Revs It Up. Aliaksei Zholner built this incredibly small, single-cylinder engine entirely out of paper and it works!

Guy Builds Miniature Single-Cylinder Engine Out of Paper and Revs It Up

For those interested, Aliaksei shared his build process on the Russian forum, Specs below: LxWxH: 18 x 13 x 22 mm Shaft diameter: 0.5 mm Piston stroke: 3 mm Cylinder diameter: 3 mm “Swept volume”: ~ 21 mm3. How to DIY Leftover Pie Boxes. 6 DIY Paper Flower Ideas. Paper Starburst Pendant Light. So I had a different project that I was going to post today, an update version of my Book Pages Pendant Lantern from Project 19, but then I started working on this light idea, and I am so excited by the results I just couldn’t wait to show you guys!

Paper Starburst Pendant Light

My inspiration and guide was this light from Design*Sponge, that I spotted on Pinterest. DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers // Tutorial - Pure Sweet Joy. Cupcakes are cute, but who can beat cupcakes with a DIY touch?

DIY Paper Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers // Tutorial - Pure Sweet Joy

I’m all for DIY’s that are quick, but add loads of detail. Servietten-Häschen - Love Decorations. Vor einigen Tagen habe ich die Linkparty Happy Ostern ins Leben gerufen und schon komme ich mit meinem ersten Beitrag passend zum Motto.

Servietten-Häschen - Love Decorations

Keine Sorge, ich werde ab jetzt nicht nur noch „Oster“-Post schreiben – die anderen Themenbereiche werden ebenfalls weiterhin verbloggt! Wenn die Familie und/oder Verwandtschaft an den Ostertagen so zusammen kommt, dann gibt es meistens auch etwas Außergewöhnliches zu essen. Zumindest bei den meisten. DIY: Paper Maché Birdy Penny Bank. My friend Tara is a paper maché inspiration.

DIY: Paper Maché Birdy Penny Bank

A couple of years ago she made a couple of piggy banks that were so amazing I decided I needed to make a bank of my very own. A birdy bank. I love that papier maché gives you the opportunity to make basically anything out of recycled materials. Origami Chinese Takeout Box. As most of you probably already know, I’m a huge fan of themed parties and decorations. I’ve used chinese takeout boxes for past events and activities, but never really got around to making them from scratch. I always used store-bought ones, and just decorated them as needed. As usual, I sat down and tried to figure out how I could origami my way into making it. I kind of did! Read on to learn how. Origami Square Envelope. This origami square tutorial does double duty. Not only can you fold your letters into a square, but you can also use it as a simple square envelope.

For this tutorial, I used a sheet from the Colorbök Beach House Signature Collection, one of my favorite double-sided paper stacks. Cut a perfect square. The finished square size will have an edge length 1/3 of the original sheet. Keep that in mind if using the square as an envelope. How To Make An Origami Heart. In craft, diy, origami, paper crafts Here's a quick little project that's fun to make for Valentine's Day, pretty patterned paper origami hearts. Each one only took me a few minutes to make and can be made with any decorative paper you have on hand.

Traditional origami. Gonzalo Calvo Folds Beautiful Origami Artworks (9 photos) Origami artist Gonzalo García Calvo not only folds some of the most challenging origami designs but he skilfully stages the finished results; taking great care to enhance the subtle beauty of the origami artworks with thoughtful backdrops and strategic lighting. On his Flickr page you will find over 160 stunning works, all lovingly folded and beautifully photographed. Below you will find a small collection of the Sifter’s personal favourites.

Boxes, bags, baskets. MAGAZINE ENVELOPES. 18K+ Well I got this idea from our friend Nina. She was making these super cute envelopes out of scrapbook paper and I really wanted to make some! So I came home and made some! They are so so SO simple and add a personal touch to your envelopes. You will need: An old magazine, scissors, an envelope, a glue stick and a Sharpie. Tear out some magazine pages that you like. Carefully pull the envelope apart. How to make gift bags from newspaper. When I bought something at a store recently, the clerk handed me my purchase in a bag made from a newspaper.

I liked it very much and had to make some more—thus today's DIY recycled newspaper project: gift bags made from the Wall Street Journal. You can vary the dimensions, of course, but here's what I used to create a bag that's 5" tall, 4.5" wide, and 3" deep. Stack two sheets of newspaper on top of each other. This will be a two-ply bag for extra sturdiness. Lucky Wishing Stars Tutorial. Make flowers. Kusudama Tutorial part 1. Gift box tutorial - so simple to make. Page corner bookmarks. Luminaria de jornal - luminaria newspaper - luminaria hechas de periódicos. Paper Weaving.. ..for DIY Gift Box ..part 1.

DIY - How to make Paper Basket. Mosaic Made from Upcycled Junk Mail — Upcycle Magazine. Home » Feature Stories Tuesday, February 15, 2011. How to: Make Your Own Gift Bows — Upcycle Magazine. Recycled magazine coasters. Heart Basket: How to make a Danish woven heart basket, with illustrated instructions. Here is a simple paper craft so traditional, you probably made it in 2nd grade. Our Heart Basket is dressed up with silver and gold metallic paper, some satin ribbon, and a vintage Valentine "scrap. " Add some fancy chocolates, and this is the perfect “door knob” gift from the office Valentine Fairy. A Victorian "scrap" is a small illustration, usually color lithographed, embossed, and die-cut. As you guessed, they were sold to decorate scrapbooks! Quilling, Art and Expression.

Quilled Flowers. The Art of Quilling. More Paper Piecing. Paper Piecing. Paper University - Art Class. Fine Arts - Papier Mache Paste Recipes. Paper Mache Projects: Make Stuff, It's Fun!. Paper Mache Projects. Card Inspirations an introduction to iris folding. Iris Folding @ Learn a New Card Making Technique. Parchment Craft. Purely Parchment - Free Patterns. Parchment Craft Supplies ~ Wedding Services ~ Printing&Binding ~ Isle of Wight Business Index. Card-making with easy to follow projects, and video tutorials. HANDMADE PAPER ARTS. 3D animated origami instructions to make a peace crane, flapping bird, and football shirt. Origami and paper crafts. All About Papercrafts and Origami. Origami. Learn Origami Crafts. Origami Crafts Project Ideas Online: Crafts · Free craft projects, ideas and tutorials using on Cut Out.