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Think Kit, crear gráficos y presentaciones en Paper será más fácil a partir de abril. The Best iPad Sketch App, Paper, Is Now Completely Free. Paper, the preeminent iPad sketching app, has always been free to download, but its advanced brushes and clever color mixer have cost $5 via in-app purchases.

The Best iPad Sketch App, Paper, Is Now Completely Free

Today, all those tools go free, making one of the best pieces of software developed for the iPad completely free to use. But how? Why? What drove Paper’s parent company FiftyThree to make this business decision? Talking to Georg Petschnigg, CEO and co-founder of the company, he gave me a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that their Bluetooth stylus Pencil is carrying the business right now—leading FiftyThree to release a new gold version for $60 today.

The long answer is that by making Paper free, they also hope free tools will get more people using Paper’s social drawing platform, Mix—what we called "an Internet you can touch"—which FiftyThree plans to offer as a subscription-based enterprise product later this year. "For us, the mission is still clear. "We have to give credit where credit is due. POP, el motor de animación detrás de Paper ahora es Open Source. Paper es posiblemente una de las mejores, o la mejor aplicación publicada por Facebook.

POP, el motor de animación detrás de Paper ahora es Open Source

Algo que ya no extraña cuando ves que gente como Mike Matas está detás. Tal y como pudimos ver en nuestra prueba, la aplicación es una delicia en todos sus aspectos y la interfaz y animaciones están a un gran nivel. Ahora, POP, el motor de animación detrás de Paper se publica como Open Source. En la web de Facebook code podréis leer más acerca de este motor que, en esencia, permite nuevas opciones de animación frente a Core Animation. Así gracias a spring, decay y custom, las tres nuevas animaciones que ofrecerá POP, los desarrolladores podrán mejorar la animación de sus apps. En el repositorio de GitHub podréis encontrar documentación y todo lo necesario para poder comenzar a trabajar con él. Instagram. The Psychology of Waiting, Loading Animations, and Facebook « Mercury Intermedia. Last Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at Renaissance, an iOS developer conference in San Francisco, about the heightened importance of animation in iOS 7 and how animation can be used to improve usability1.

The Psychology of Waiting, Loading Animations, and Facebook « Mercury Intermedia

One of the points that I discussed briefly was the use of loading animations to indicate status. Before I dig in, let me start by saying that the significance of load time and speed cannot be minimized. Marissa Mayer pointed out in 2006 at Web 2.0 that just a half second delay in load time resulted in a 20% drop in traffic to Google’s search page. We should all be striving to have our apps load as quickly as possible. However, perception can be just as important as raw speed. It was from this perspective that I noted that custom loading animations can be valuable to distract and entertain your users while content is retrieved. The slide about this, which appears at the top of this post, was tweeted out during my talk and sparked a lot of conversation (over 4,500 retweets).

Facebook Paper's gestural hell - Scott Hurff. Facebook's release of Paper yesterday on the App Store breaks a string of uninspired releases outside of Instagram, and has many believing it's a glimpse into the future of mobile interaction.

Facebook Paper's gestural hell - Scott Hurff

But there's one problem: if this is the future, it's going to hurt. And I mean physically. There's no doubt that Paper is a fresh and innovative take on content browsing. But while Paper may not ask much of us when we sign up to use the app — it asks a lot of us when it comes to the app's default interactions. So much so that the Paper's heaviest users might need to start popping arthritis medication in a few years. Paper's biggest problem is one if its nicest features: the physics-driven, inertial carousel at the bottom of the screen. But take a closer look. This means that for the ~90% of right-handed phone users, the default thumb position is a hook. Ow.

I don't know about you, but I try and prevent my thumb from making contortions like that. Many people won't think twice about this. Nope. Facebook’s Paper photo tilt feature in HTML5. Stories from Facebook.