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Christine Thresh's Paper Piecing Primer. Christine Thresh's Paper Piecing Primer Print these pages (or download them) and then make several photocopies of the numbered, full-size (3" x 3", plus 1/4" seam allowances) arrow foundation piecing block below.

Christine Thresh's Paper Piecing Primer

Use the photocopies to follow the instructions. Once you have made one successful paper pieced block you can take on any foundation pieced project. The first one is the hardest. Later, you can work on getting grainlines going in the right direction and all sorts of other things, but right now make this simple arrow block. Primer Copyright (c) 1996 Christine Thresh Now that you know how to do it, Paper Piecing Patterns for a Cup and a Piece of Cake.

ButterflyCharmBlocksV1. Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart Block. Paper Piecing Tutorial. Whirling Star Quilt Block. Split Hatchet Paper Piecing Quilt Block. Free Paper Pieced Patterns eBook. Free Paper Pieced Patterns eBook #2. Never Tear Out Stitches Again! How to Make Paper-Piecing Easy. Hi there!

Never Tear Out Stitches Again! How to Make Paper-Piecing Easy

Lee here from Freshly Pieced. As anyone who’s ever taken one of my classes can tell you, I love foundation paper piecing. I love the accuracy, and I love the complex, interesting designs this technique allows you to create. In fact, it’s one of my missions in life to convert the whole sewing world to my paper-piecing ways. So I’m here today to give you my absolute favorite paper-piecing tip ever. Okay, so now that I’ve probably totally oversold it, are you ready for my favorite paper piecing tip? For the purposes of this post, let’s say you’re making this unit (which is part of a traditional Wheel of Fortune block).

Here’s what it looks like from the back, with the paper-piecing template still on. Now let’s say you’ve already pieced the first three pieces in your four-piece unit (as shown above). But check out that where that next little piece needs to go. But guess what? First, fold back the paper template along the line you’re about to sew. It’s true! Quiltcon blocks! Today my QuiltCon challenge block is one of many being featured over at the Modern Quilt Guild!

quiltcon blocks!

Mine fell in the category of traditional motifs. be sure to check out the previous posts too, there are some amazing blocks! I can't begin to imagine the quilt she's going to make with all the cool blocks she has to choose from! If you don't know what i'm talking about, there's a great description at their website. 20 blocks will be chosen to go into a raffle quilt, and the remaining will be made into quilts for 46 beds at the austin children's shelter. won't that be so great?! Final-FS. White-chocolate-coffee-cake-and-coffee-cup-block-freebie. 12656933_mobileh264.mp4?rhihttphost=allpeoplequilt.ramp. Teapots, Cups and Mugs Blocks - free paper foundation pieced quilt blocks - Quilting.

Teapots, Cups, Coffee MugsFree quilt blocks to paper foundation piece I get a lot of email from quilters looking for teapots, coffee cups and mugs and decided to play with my Electric Quilt 4 program (which does a great job helping to make foundation patterns) and make some blocks to share with you.

Teapots, Cups and Mugs Blocks - free paper foundation pieced quilt blocks - Quilting

I've made 2 teapots and 4 different cups. The blocks are all made with strips for them to sit on so you can combine them to look like real shelves. For my samples I used a light background with light blue patterning that looks like sky seen through windows. I thought it would be fun to give the appearance of looking out through a window with shelves of cups, mugs and pots. For each block I've numbered the parts for sewing and included a reversed block (with no numbers) so that you can make your cups and pots face in either direction for more variety. ButterflyPattern Tutorial. June 2000 blocks - Patterns. Paper Pieced Kitchen Aid Mixer Pattern. Paper Pieced Mixer Pattern and Tutorial Paper Pieced Kitchen Mixer by Erin @ Why Not Sew?

Paper Pieced Kitchen Aid Mixer Pattern

How to Paper Piece: A FREE Tutorial for Beginners. Tip Tuesday: 7 Paper Piecing Tips. Paper Piecing Using Freezer Paper Templates @ Cali Quilter. Mar I love paper-piecing.

Paper Piecing Using Freezer Paper Templates @ Cali Quilter

I like the precise points and seams that align. What I hate about paper-piecing is tearing the paper foundation off the back of the block when it is finished…pulling tiny bits of paper out of stitches, hoping the seams will hold. A couple of years ago, I learned how to use freezer paper as a foundation for paper-piecing and it revolutionized this technique for me. It is fast, does not require removal of the paper foundation, and the foundation can be reused at least a dozen times, saving time and paper. SugarloafCampground.pdf. QM1306PF_WildGoosey.pdf. Paper piecing quilts: tips + tutorial download. (“Mariner’s Compass” quilt pattern (right) by Tricia Lund and Judy Pollard, $4.99.)

Paper piecing quilts: tips + tutorial download

You’ve seen how accurate, how precise—how perfectly pointy! —paper-pieced quilts can be. Traditional patterns that were once thought of as intricate, complex, or even downright difficult (like Mariner’s Compass, right) become friendlier when you know how to paper piece. Whether you need to sew 4 or 104 pieces in a block, the idea behind all paper-pieced quilt patterns is the same: you simply sew on the lines. Deb Karasik - quilting tip - Quilts with Attitude.

Free Paper Piecing Quilt Block Patterns from Piece By Number. Charise Creates. Free Patterns. Gnomeling and Fancy Mushroom Gnomeling and Fancy Mushroom Mini Gnomlette Pattern Gnomlette Mini Witch Pattern Original.

Free Patterns

Celebrate Christmas: Starry Night Quilt Block Tutorial. For the last several weeks, Michele (Mishka) over at Quilting Gallery has been featuring a Celebrate Christmas blog party.

Celebrate Christmas: Starry Night Quilt Block Tutorial

Each week three bloggers share tutorials for new quilt blocks. And today is my day! You can read my interview here. 5_in_7pointstar_ofenjen. Free Paper Piecing Templates. AQS-pattern-240. Easily Remove Papers From Foundation-Pieced Projects » All People Quilt – Tips of the Day. Paper Pieced Kitchen Aid Mixer Pattern. Free Quilt Patterns. Click on any photo to see larger version in a new window.

Free Quilt Patterns

Click on pattern name for printable PDF patterns. Click on to go to the pattern on Craftsy. For best result, set scaling to “none” when printing. Holidays, Events & Causes Animals Plants People, Places & Things Stars, Hearts and Shapes Patterns by Catherine Magraith Cat is a good friend of mine and has given me permission to post her patterns here. Find HUNDREDS of free patterns designed by fans, for fans on my other blog, Fandom In Stitches. Like this: Like Loading... Quiet Play: Tutorial: Red Herring Paper Pieced Block. This little paper pieced block was inspired by the clutch pedal in my car – truly! It’s amazing where inspiration strikes. The pattern and tutorial is thanks to those lovely readers who encouraged me and requested it.

Paper Piecing for Beginners: A Tutorial! The Littlest Thistle: Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified - Week 1.