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National Education Technology Plan 2010

10_17.pdf (application/pdf Object) Contents Executive summaryBackgroundResults of consultationNext stepsAnnex A Question-by-question analysisAnnex B Revised principles and objectives for quality assurance in England and Northern IrelandAnnex C List of abbreviations Executive summary Purpose 1. 2. Key points 3. 4. 5. Principles and objectives of the quality assurance system 6. 7. Characteristics of institutional audit 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Maintenance of standards 13. 14. 15. Judgement terminology 16. Judgement on information published by institutions 17. 18. Summaries of institutional audit reports 19. Further suggestions 20. Action required 21. Notes 'Policy statement on standards', available from

Da Vinci Charter Academy: Welcome to Our School Website Science, Research and Innovation | News & speeches Over the next few weeks and months, major decisions will be made on Government spending priorities as part of a wider move to stabilise the country’s finances and rebalance the economy. They will help to define what we value as a nation and the direction in which we want to head. Investing in science and research is a critical part of that. I cannot prejudge the outcome but I know that my colleagues, including at the Treasury, value the contribution of UK science. I have been arguing for years my concern over the way the British economy was distorted. It was clear to me and my colleagues that the British economy was becoming increasingly unbalanced in the short term, as the mountain of household debt built up. One of the unhappy by-products of the burst bubble, banking crisis and recession is a massive budget deficit that we inherited. We know that the Labour Government was planning deep cuts of 20%-25% in the budget of that department. Some countries are acting on that advice.

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